Tips to make your website SEO friendly

Updated on February 15, 2021

“A good looking web page will draw me traffic.” – Well, if you are living under this perception, you need to learn and unlearn many aspects of SEO. A professional and attractive website isn’t the only key that draws traffic. To increase your customer base, you need to work a little harder.

One of the best ways to increase your customer base is to bring about search engine optimization. This technique will help in improving your website’s visibility and increases the search engine ranking.

As a result, to help potential businesses, several SEO companies, such as orange county CA SEO specialist, have come up in the market. It can boost your website’s online presence in no time. Implementing SEO techniques on your site correctly can do wonders in terms of driving traffic. If you want people to know about your site, you will need to work towards it.

When thinking of SEO, the people usually focus on blogs, web page content or articles, but they tend to ignore the most important aspect — the web design. Not many may realize, but an SEO friendly web design can bring a significant boost to your business. There are a lot of simple tricks and tips that can bring about a massive revolution in your store.

Tips to make website SEO friendly

Not many may realize, but even simple things can do wonders. Check some of the easiest SEO tips below:

  1. Integrate social media into web design

As a business, you have to increase your online presence, so you will need to integrate social media. This will help to improve your search engine ranking. Search engines favor social media just like your customers would. 

To make the web design SEO friendly, the social media account icons should be integrated while designing the website itself. This will help you to rank more than your potential competitors. 

2.    Make user-friendly URLs

Most website owners and designers do not focus excessively on the URLs. It might skip your mind or not be significant enough, but it an excellent tool for ranking.

You should have simple URLs designed for each page so that it can easily reach out to surfers. One small mistake can prove to be very expensive which is why you should be careful with it. 

3.    Prepare an accessible design

Any web page that isn’t accessible is of no good, neither to the owner nor to the user. If the web page isn’t available, it will hurt your search engine ranking and conversion rate. Your website should be visible in all the browsers. 

Moreover, the load time of the web page also has an impact on your ranking. If your website is too slow, the search engine rankings are likely to go down and vice versa. If you use images that take time to load, you should remove them. It is essential for your website to look accurate on all browsers. The SEO experts at Yeah! Local can help you out with such designing services.

4.    Place the keywords strategically

While you assume that keyword is an essential aspect of blogs and articles, you may skip other things. Keywords are not only crucial for the content but the website design as well. 

SEO experts have time and again explained the benefits of keywords in web design. The keywords can be used for optimizing an image. They can also be used in H1, slogan, metadata, bullet point, title on links, footer links, H2, H3 and more. 

5.    Develop all device friendly website

Mobile phones are dominating the era, and people are focusing more on their usage compared to computers. So, if you want to make your website SEO friendly and draw traffic, you should work towards making your site compatible with all devices. This will help you to attract more traffic.

An all device compatible website can offer the best user experience. Various tools are being developed these days to make the site friendly for all devices. You should work in combination with the SEO experts who can help you understand the best for your website. 

6.    Integrate SEO in images

Most of the owners optimize the text on their website but do not do the same for the images. Optimizing the pictures as well can help to improve search engine rankings. You should prefer choosing a model of optimal size, which is neither too large, nor too small. 

Large images usually make the website slow. You should integrate keyword in the alt text section. This makes the image SEO optimized. You should be very careful while placing the image on the website. The more relevant the picture, the better will be the ranking. 

Making the website SEO friendly can help improve the website’s visibility. A few moderate and straightforward changes can contribute towards bringing about significant changes to the site by increasing search engine rankings. Therefore, you should be careful while choosing the SEO and web design company. 

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