Tips and Tricks for Any Girl Who Deals With Curls

Updated on November 22, 2022

Every girl with a head full of locks knows this fact: managing and maintaining curly hair can be a challenge. Curly hair can be dry, coarse and prone to frizz. Aside from that, anybody with curly hair knows how much patterns are formed on their heads.

However, no hope is lost. With the right tricks and the best products, the chaos going on for curly-haired girls can be taken cared of. 

Things to know if you have curly hair

1. Hair type

The first thing an individual must know to address the issues of their curls, if there are, is to find out what kind of hair they have. Knowing the hair type is very important so that the right products and methods are used

The type of hair is actually categorizing individual strands of hair based on its width. To be able to have an idea what this is, one must slowly pull a strand of hair from their head. When they can almost not feel a hair strand on their fingers, it indicates that their hair is healthy. If they feel a textured strand, that indicates they have thick hair. 

2. How your curls work

Wavy, curly and spiral are the three different types of curl patterns. 


These hair types are loosely defined and form an ‘S’ shape. It is neither straight nor curly, so the wavy hair types fall between the two. 


This hair type is a mixture of a variety of curl patterns. Some curls may be tighter or looser than the others. 


Spiral curls look like springy coils that tend to interlock with each other. People with this hair type may notice zigzag patterns forming close to the roots. 

3. The right hair products to buy

The products an individual uses on their hair is very crucial to the care and nurturing it requires. 

It is important that the best hair care products, depending on the individual’s needs, are used to both hydrate and repair their locks. Curly hair requires a lot of hydration, so it is important to choose the products that cater to this need. 

Helpful tips for curls

Below are a few helpful tips for better-looking and healthier hair. 

Time washes

Although it is important to hydrate curls, the state of curly hair also depends on how often it is washed. For a fuller and more defined head of curls, it may help to wash the hair at least three days before results begin to show. 

Be careful when applying hair-products

To ensure that every strand has a defined look, it is advisable that one smooths styling products through the hair in small sections. It is important to take care and time when doing this, because when it is done too quickly, the product may not cover the important areas. 

Regularly do a deep-condition

For those with very thick curly hair, it is important to always keep it moisturized. A regular deep-conditioning routine helps in keeping it healthy and silky. 

Only apply shampoo on the scalp

Not many people know this – in fact, it may apply for all types of hair – but it is important to focus the shampoo mainly on the scalp. Applying shampoo all over may risk drying out the ends of hair. Because of the cleaning chemicals present in shampoos, it is important to make sure it cleans only what is needed to be cleaned. 

Straighten It Sometimes

Some days you feel like you don’t love your hair at all. You may change your look and use a nice flat iron for fine hair. Changing styles from time to time not only gives you a great look but it also texturize your curly hair.

Dry hair when having it trimmed

Wet hair and dry hair have different lengths and textures. It is advisable to let the hair stylist cut one’s hair while it is dry as getting the desired style is much easier this way.

Wet hair when styling

While it is easier to cut hair with dry hair, it is easier to shape and adjust curl patterns while it is wet. The hair is not as flexible to reshape while it is dry, otherwise, it creates a longer-lasting style. 

Wrap hair before going to sleep

Before heading to bed, wrap roots with a satin scarf. Doing so will prevent flattening the curls during sleep and will result in bouncier strands the next day. 

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