The Technology Making Mining A Healthier Career Option For All

Updated on November 28, 2018

As most other industries have expanded, mining has been left behind in terms of development. With hesitation surrounding new technologies and limited room for error, the health of those in the industry has been under question now for a number of years. Here we are going to look at some of the technology making mining a healthier career option for all those involved as the industry finally looks to be making strides toward the future.

Technological Advancements

In the past mining has been a very difficult career to go into. With a lot of health implications it can be a challenge to complete a job without falling ill. However over the years there have been technological advancements put in place to make the health afflictions that employees face, much less severe. With technology such as a drilling rig and other advanced innovations such as self-driving vehicles, there are efforts being made to help keep employees happy and help to ensure that they are not affected by any of the debris that surrounds them.

Self-Driving Vehicles

With vehicles now being self-drivable there is the opportunity to not only keep employees safe but also to expand the depths of areas that can be mined. This is perfect as this allows companies to mine in places that are not safe for employees and can reach materials that are hidden deeper in the ground. Therefore making the profession a healthier career choice as more elements of the job becoming automated this will reduce the amount of risk associated with mining. 


With software such as state of the art computers allowing miners to keep in touch with one another at various dig sites as well as ensure that the machinery that is being used correctly will help for the safe operation of many mining companies. Whether it is a desktop computer or a toughbook that can be taken down into the dig site, computers will help mining companies to not only keep track of what is going on but also report back to the respective business owners. This will help when looking at the health of the workers within the industry as all illnesses can be recorded on file and reported back to the business owner.

Time Management Systems

Although this is not the be all and end all when it comes to the health of employees when mining there is a large amount of time management that needs to be implemented to ensure that all jobs are completed on time whilst sticking to the health and safety regulations. With a time management strategy in place there is less likely to be accidents or health issues that present themselves. This will then help to ensure that the company can work at a consistent pace without any work injuries allowing you to meet deadlines.

As the mining industry continues to modernise, so too does the technology allowing miners to delve deeper for materials and mine where they need to without putting anyone at risk making them more money in the long term.

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