Do Stylish Waterproof Men’s Boots Even Exist?

Updated on April 17, 2020

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When you hear of waterproof boots, I bet the image that comes to your head is that of a bulky, unfashionable pair of boots people only use when there’s a flood, a landslide, or some other form of catastrophe happening outside. Well, not all waterproof boots have to look that way – especially in this day and age when fashion is somewhat a major concern for all people.

For our article today, we are going to discuss whether it is possible for waterproof boots to be fashionable and if it is, where on earth can you find them?  First things first, let’s discuss the major upsides and downsides of wearing boots in general.

The Upsides of Wearing Boots

People generally love boots. Whether its fashion boots, cowboy boots, motorbike boots or hiking boots, we just love wearing them on any occasion and circumstances. Most styles may come bulky but still, come with plenty of benefits. They’re easy to wear and they come handy when the outside environment changes. When it’s too sandy, it prevents dirt from getting to your feet. When it gets snowy, it helps keep your feet warm. There are many reasons why people love boots and the fact that they are still largely used today is proof of how versatile and adaptable boots are to the changing times.

Men, especially, have grown very fond of boots as footwear since time immemorial. In old books and movies, you will see men wearing boots all the time – whether they’re out riding horses or attending a formal dinner party. From the gaudy Gatsby era down to the hip 70’s, and even to this day, boots remain to be a classic fashion statement worn by people of all kinds and in all places. Check out an entire bootsriffic timeline here:     

The Downsides of Wearing Boots

Before you get any wrong ideas, let me clarify this first: There is absolutely nothing wrong with boots. If anything, they’re heaven-sent footwear forged by geniuses for the whole world to enjoy. While boots are completely innocent, its material is sometimes not. How can I say this against our beloved boots? Let’s just say that I’ve had my own fair share of awful encounters with the wrong boots at wrong times.

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Take leather boots, for example. These boots are lovely and they’re strong. They can withstand most weather conditions and they don’t easily come apart. A quick shine and these leather babies will look good as new. Formidable as they are, however, leather boots aren’t so perfect under extremely hot weather conditions. During summers, wearing leather boots is comparable to having your feet inside the oven! Prolonged exposure of feet to moist (sweat caused by heat) can lead to disastrous foot health problems such as Athlete’s Foot and Eczema (read more).

Another example is felt-type boots. Now, felt looks really nice and gorgeous but I wouldn’t say the same under rainy conditions. It automatically looks soaked and wet – in fact, it is soaked and wet even on the inside! Felt boots are definitely not ideal for the rainy season, especially when they’re too thin. Although some countries use felt boots to keep out the winter cold, they make sure that it’s made of thick material. The felt boots you’ll find in shoe centers aren’t made that way. They’re mostly just for fashion. 

But then again, don’t blame the boots just blame the material – capeesh?

So, on to the main question:  Do stylish waterproof men’s boots even exist?

Yes, they do – they most certainly do.

Why Choose Waterproof?

Choosing waterproof boots may as well be the best decision you make for your feet. Waterproof footwear works well not just on rainy days but on winter season as well. When snow comes into contact with skin or footwear, it melts. So it’s technically the same as stepping on water. Having waterproof boots will keep your feet dry and clean no matter where you are, no matter where you go. Fortunately, not all waterproof boots are made bulky nowadays – take men’s discount steel toe work boots, for example.

Where to Find Fashionable Waterproof Boots for Men?

You may be men but we know that you want to look stylish too. Well, good news is that waterproof boots for men already come in sleek and fashionable designs – plus, you can buy them easily online.

The biggest online shopping malls have plenty of waterproof boots up for sale and they deliver almost anywhere in the world. You can choose what size, design, and material you’re comfortable with using their huge catalogue and read what other people have to say about the product of your choice. Add your order to the cart and BA-DA-BAM it’s delivered right to your doorstep.

If you don’t like having to go through so many brands to find what you’re looking for or if you already have a brand you like in mind, you can try searching for their online shop as well. In this day and age, almost all footwear companies have setup online stores to improve their customers’ shopping experience. I bet the brand you like has one too!

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