The Smoothie Diet Review: Does It Reduce Body Weight?

Updated on September 16, 2020

Despite being a chubby child in my childhood, I never thought of it as a problem. Instead, I felt happy about counting myself to be one of the cute chubby children. However, things started to change when I enrolled in a college after high school.

By then, I started realizing my bad habits, such as staying awake till late at night and eating excessive junk food to satisfy hunger pangs. Despite feeling the effects of these habits on the body and mind, there was no easy way to break them.

The traditional ways of reducing body weight were difficult to follow and turned me off soon after I tried incorporating them. Thereafter, something magical happened: I came to know about “The Smoothie Diet”. 

Read on to find out how it transformed my body and mind in The Smoothie Diet review below.

The Smoothie Diet Review: Is It an Effective Weight Loss Program?

Whether you stay indoors or go outdoors for your job-related commitments, sticking with a diet plan is imperative to stay healthy and fit. Unfortunately, most people overlook its importance and adopt unhealthy diet practices. 

No matter how many minutes you spend at the gym, you will not be able to keep your body in shape without a balanced diet. 

Typically, a diet schedule involves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most weight loss programs necessitate an individual to either skip meals or replace them with other dietary options.

The Smoothie Diet recommends replacing the first two meals with smoothie drinks. While it allows the inclusion of a solid meal at the time of dinner, it suggests a low-calorie meal for dinner.

In addition, the creator of the program also includes a cheat meal to prevent the cravings for other foods. Though skipping this aspect can yield better results, it is vital as people find it relatively difficult to distance themselves from the foods they love to eat the most. No matter how hard one tries to suppress the cravings, it eventually leads to more cravings.

As a result, an individual starts taking sugary foods, processed foods, and junk foods all over again. Not only does it negate the positive results but it also puts them at the risk of gaining back the lost weight. The rationale behind the inclusion of the cheat diet is to keep this situation from arising.

In a nutshell, you can break The Smoothie Diet into two parts: “The Detox Plan”, and “the 21-day plan”. 

The 21-day cycle also benefits the body in several other ways apart from weight loss. The vitamins, minerals, and the high-fiber snacks included in the diet not only energize the body but also helps you in flushing the toxins out of it. 

At times, it also allows you to break the usual diet rule and take two meals after taking the smoothie drink. However, it is important to follow the instructions and keep your actions in line with these instructions to achieve your desired results.

Despite being the best diet for weight loss, it is not recommended for those who have food allergies. If you’re allergic to some specific foods, especially the ones recommended in the program, you’d be better off consulting a doctor before finalizing your decision.

A Note about the Manufacturer of The Smoothie Diet

The credit for bringing out the weight loss formula in the form of The Smoothie Diet goes to Drew Sgoutas. He has been instrumental behind many fitness programs featuring the right diet plan and has written many books centering on the topic.

He believed that a drink involving fruits and vegetables could play a part in reducing the accumulated fat in the body. This idea served as the cornerstone behind the fitness plan.

The Smoothie Diet: Pros and Cons

A coin has two sides; likewise, everything else in the world has both positives and negatives. After adhering to The Smoothie Diet for some time, I found out that it is a mixed bag of both pros and cons.

Given below are the elements that I liked about the diet and those that I didn’t. If you are planning to invest in this weight loss program, make certain that you make your final decision only after considering both these aspects.


1. Break from the tedious task of counting calories

Monitoring calories is one of the important aspects of weight loss. The calories that you take get accumulated in the form of fats if those calories are not used up. The body gets calories from foods with higher calorific value.

The Smoothie Diet primarily consists of fruits and vegetables that are considered to be low in calories. The combination of veggies and fruits is a healthy diet that one can have and are highly rich in phytonutrient contents which is very good for our body. Thus, unlike other fitness programs, you can follow The Smoothie Diet without the need to worry about keeping an eye on the number of calories. If you are on the go, it can be a lifesaver for you as you neither need to spend time nor make an effort for it.

2. You get a clear idea about what you need to shop for

What I like the most about this fitness program is that it gives you a clear indication of the items you need to buy and include in your regular diet plan. The majority of the items listed in the e-book are available in the stores and local markets. Therefore, you do not need to run hither and thither to get them.

For the entire period of 21 days for which the diet program is made, you will find shopping a lot easier than it ever was.

3. Food tracking made easy

Like other diet plans, which forces the users to keep a count on the carbohydrate counts, smoothie diet frees you from any such tasks. You do not have to necessarily have a food diary to note down your calorie and carbohydrate consumption. Yes, it does advise you to have an eye on the calories that you consume in your diet, but that is not some hard and fast rule that you need to adhere to every day. 

The smoothie diet plan provides weekly meal plans and recipes, and thus anyone who is taking up the diet plan does not have to sit and count and track everything that goes down in their stomach. So having ease in tracking or no tracking at all is a beneficial factor that users love about this diet plan. 

4. Cheat day

Going on a diet is not easy, ask someone who is on a diet, and you will get to know the challenges. Skipping on one’s favorite food, saying no to everything that is not included in your diet in itself is a challenging task that can tempt you to cheat on your diet plan. But the good news is that the smoothie diet plan allows you to cheat for one day every week. This helps in the prevention of diet relapses and also frustration. Also, the diet plan lists down some awesome smoothie recipes so that you will never be bored of having the same thing time and again. 


1. You may feel the need to maintain the essential micro-nutrients in the body

Most smoothies focus more on calories and less on fats and proteins. Thus, including such a diet means that the onus would be on you to ensure that you identify the sources from which you can makeover for the deficit of proteins and fats. The case with this diet program is no different from this rule.

To make sure that you do not fall out, you need to make certain that you obtain fats and proteins from the other sources. It is a must if you follow this diet to get rid of unwanted fat from the body. A minimum intake of protein and fat-rich food is necessary for health as recommended by most dieticians. You need to take care of the level of lean protein for the development of muscles and the enhancement of metabolism in the body.

2. It has a high sugar content

Eating fruits is a core aspect of this 21-day smoothie diet program. Though it does not recommend the intake of honey, the inclusion of fruits translates into more sugar into the bloodstream. It may not affect you if you do not have any medical condition. But for those who have it, the smoothie diet can have a negative effect on the health of the body and mind.

Furthermore, you may find the smoothie to be a bit thicker to your liking, which may prompt you to add a juice to dilute its thickness. However, it can entirely defeat the purpose of taking the smoothie. One way of diluting the thickness of the smoothie without reducing its effectiveness is to add water to it instead.

3. Preparing the smoothie can be a time-consuming process

You need to have enough time to not just prepare the smoothie but also to clean the blender. If you lack enough time for it, then The Smoothie Diet is not the right choice for you. While those who stay indoors may not find it to be a problem, it can be an issue for working professionals.

4. It may not be a feasible long-term option

Most people make up their mind to incorporate a weight loss diet without thinking about long-term consequences. When it comes to choosing such a program, you also need to consider the length of time for which you can adhere to it. In this connection, the diet may not be a feasible option for you.

Though it works well in the short run, you may find it relatively difficult to stick with it for a longer duration. You begin by losing weight, and the process continues as long as you adhere to the smoothie diet. However, you start putting up weight as soon as you get back to eating all the foods that you abandon in the weight loss program.

Is Smoothie Diet a Scam or Is It Useful?

The usefulness of The Smoothie Diet stems from the fact that it works at the grassroots level and covers all bases. Weight loss goes hand in hand with detoxification; both complement one another to restore the health of the body and mind in a weight loss program.

The Smoothie Diet is not a scam, and the biggest proof of it lies in the fact that it works at the base and offers both the aforementioned benefits to its users.

Another aspect that makes The Smoothie Diet an authentic and useful product is its ability to produce desirable results without any undesirable effect in the body. In other words, it works without producing any side-effect.

The Smoothie Diet User Reviews

How useful is The Smoothie Diet? The Internet is replete with the reviews of users who have shared their views on the usefulness of the e-book. If you are not sure how it would help you, all you need to do is go through their reviews and make an informed decision thereafter.


In my case, I started seeing the results in a week’s time after incorporating the weight loss program. The e-book has been instrumental in helping me control my body weight without the need for a back-breaking session at a gym. It highlighted all the dietary mistakes that have been shooting up the level of fat in the body.

Also, it inspired me to include several antioxidants and other beneficial foods like kale and spinach. It told me why I should avoid artificial sweeteners and the creams that come with it.

Lastly, it also inspired me to change my lifestyle. Going through the book, I came to know how exactly I can lose weight by making changes to my lifestyle. Results may vary among individuals, but you will see the benefits if you put the contents of the pdf e-book into practice.


What does The Smoothie Diet entail?

The Smoothie Diet is an e-book in the pdf format that consists of a 21-day handy guide for using smoothies to cut down the accumulated fat in the body.

Who created The Smoothie Diet program?

Drew Sgoutas is the creator of The Smoothie Diet program.

Is The Smoothie Diet program effective for weight loss?

This diet program is designed to help you reduce at least two to three pounds of body weight every week. However, the effectiveness of the program will depend on how well you follow the dietary instructions listed in the fitness program. By adhering to the instructions, you can get rid of at least 50-70 pounds in a few weeks.

Will I experience any side-effect as a result of using The Smoothie Diet program?

Unlike other fitness programs, The Smoothie Diet program does not involve the intake of any pill or supplement. It is a planned approach for taking a diet that can help you keep the body weight under control and improve the quality of life. Furthermore, the diets listed in it are natural. As such, you can rest assured that you will not experience any side-effect as a result of following it.

Can The Smoothie Diet benefit me in any other way apart from reducing my body weight?

Though the fitness program is primarily designed for weight loss, it also has several other positives. It is also equally effective in helping you get rid of toxins. As a result, it makes you feel lighter and more energetic. In a nutshell, the program helps you with improving the quality of life.


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