Eat The Fat Off Review – How Effective is John Rowley’s Diet Program?

Updated on July 18, 2020

Obesity is a complex medical condition that results from the excess accumulation of fat in the body. At present, a large population across the globe wrestles with this problem. From a poor diet to a sedentary lifestyle, there can be several reasons for it. 

Exercising and dieting are difficult to follow. So, people look for a solution beyond hitting a gym or living on a low-calorie diet. So, then, what is the solution to shed a few pounds and get back in shape?  

Read the Eat The Fat Off review below to find out more about how you can lose your body weight without breaking your back or compromising your diet.

Eat the Fat off Review: Product Overview

Most people who grapple with the problem of weight gain look for a quick fix. No proven method, which even includes hitting a gym or removing certain items from your daily, seems to work unless you know how to do it the right way.

While one can gain weight at any age, it is commonplace in the early 30s. At this time, most people experience a sharp decline in the testosterone levels in the body. As a consequence, it also diminishes the ability of the body to metabolize body fats.

Other than affecting one’s physique, obesity leads to several health complications. These include diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. In addition, obesity can also be the underlying factor for cancer.

I was a physically fit young man until my late 20s. However, I started gaining more weight in my early 30s, and then it spiraled out of control. In desperation to shed a few pounds, I started going from pillar to post, embracing one fitness program after the other.

This trend continued for a few more months until I realized that they were not yielding the results that I was expecting. Then came an unexpected turn in my life as I came across a “Eat The Fat Off” book.

I’ve never been a believer in the idea that you can lose weight by eating more. I was just doing the opposite as I had known that eating less was the sure-fire way to get rid of excess fat. However, the insights that I got from the book changed my perception. I’m sure; you too can benefit from it. Read on to find out what the book is all about in the “Fat Loss eBook review” below.

Eat The Fat Off Program – Essential Features

Diet plays an important role in keeping an individual fit. You may spend a long session at a gym or do your regular workouts. But you will not see the results until you correct your diet.

Unfortunately, at present most foods involve chemicals that are detrimental to the body. This is true both in the case of packaged foods and junk food. While these foods may be pleasing to the tongue, they are equally harmful to the body.

In most cases, people get into the habit of consuming unhealthy foods after knowing about them on the television or the internet. Once you acquaint yourselves with the habit of eating unhealthy foods, it becomes difficult to break it.

Eat The Fat Off has been designed for people who want to lost weight in a natural way other than doing exercise or workout. It tells how you can make changes to your diet in an effective way. Unlike the majority of other fitness programs that promise a lot but fail to deliver, this weight loss program is result-oriented. So, you can count it as a safe investment that will produce results.

Contrary to what most people believe, eating a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you need to leave out certain items from your diet. All you need to do is incorporate a few recommended foods in your diet chart and refrain from eating anything else. If you stick to this rule, you will be able to lose weight even without spending time in a gym.

Eat The Fat Off: What are the Advantages?

I find it difficult to even stand in front of a mirror due to a tight schedule, leave aside the prospect of spending quality time doing workouts or for going to a gym. Plus, I like to sleep and sleep a lot. So you can count me as one of the lazy people on the planet. After buying the eBook I realized that there are other ways to lose weight than exercising or dieting. The results were indeed mind-blowing.

What makes Eat the Fat Off the Leading Choice for Weight Loss?

The whole concept of weight loss by virtue of this eBook is centered on the Lipase-P-enzyme. Other than breaking excess fat, it also plays a key role in energizing the body. Apart from offering an insight into useful foods that can help you with weight loss; it also recommends healthy practices that can help expedite the process.

Given that physical fitness is linked to mental health, you will feel more youthful, energetic, and confident if you are able to maintain your body weight. Above everything else, it will help improve the quality of life.

A Note about the Creator of the Program

The credit for creating the “Eat The Fat Off “fitness program goes to John Rowley. He found that people shell out billions of dollars just to get in shape. However, the majority of those programs either turns out to be ineffective or do not produce any results at all.

John Rowley wanted to focus on something that would yield results without being exorbitant. That’s when he realized that educating people about a healthy diet can help them stay away from unhealthy food. Plus, it can also lend a helping hand in boosting the level of nutrition in the body. These objectives inspired him to bring out the “Eat the Fat Off” online fitness program in the form of an eBook.

Eat The Fat Off: Pros & Cons

At the initial stage, I was a bit skeptical about using the eBook myself as I did not get desired results even after trying out several other fitness programs. However, the positive reviews of verified users made me curious to go ahead and try my hand at this one. 

I’m happy to say that the eBook brought a number of positives to the table with regard to my weight loss objectives. At the same time, the product also has a couple of downsides. Here’s what I liked and what I didn’t like about the product.


● I felt more energized after using the product with an enhanced metabolic rate.

● My internal health problems, such as the effect of obesity on blood pressure and the heart, became a thing of the past.

● I realized that my joints weren’t stiff any more as it used to be before trying out the product.

● With glowing skin, I started feeling as if I was in my early 20s. I started feeling youthful with a healthy body and mind.


● It isn’t a pill that you take with water according to dosage. You need to go through the instructions and put them into practice to see the results.

● As is the case with most printed books, you cannot just order a physical copy of it. You can access it on a supporting device.

● You cannot buy it from any other website apart from the official website.

Eat The Fat Off: Bonuses

No doubt, Eat The Fat Off book provides guidelines on how you can lose weight effectively without compromising on your favorite foods. Alongside it, the eBook also offers several other added features in the form of bonuses. These bonuses complement the content in the eBook. If you have been looking beyond the simple and plain guidelines in an online weight loss program, then here’s what you can expect from the eBook:

●      The Eat the Fat Off grocery guide: You may have already come across foods that, according to health experts, are prohibited if you are on a weight loss diet. However, the grocery guide component of the eBook introduces you to foods that actually help you lose weight instead of doing it the other way around. Chances are you may get surprised after knowing about it.

●      The Eat the Fat Off meal planning blueprint: Eating balanced meals at the right intervals is the formula to stay healthy and fit when you are on a weight loss diet.

However, only a few people know what to eat at a given time. Not sure about it? Don’t worry. The meal planning blueprint bonus of the “Eat The Fat Off” eBook will guide you through.

●      Cheat your way trimRegardless of how dedicated you are for losing weight, you will sooner or later crave for foods that you have abandoned. Breaking the strict diet rule becomes important when you feel that way. It is highly imperative that you give yourself a calculated and planned permission to stay on course. “Cheat your way trim” will guide you on how you can accomplish this task with finesse.

●      60-day money-back guarantee: You may or may not achieve your goals after completing a weight loss program. If you are not able to accomplish your weight loss objectives even after following the “Eat The Fat Off” eBook, you can claim a refund. You can claim it within a period of 60 days from the day of purchasing the eBook.

After knowing about these details, several questions may cloud your mind. For instance, you may wonder how much you need to pay for this program. One thing to note is that you can’t purchase the eBook from any other source apart from the official website. It is not available on other websites

Though I was skeptical about using the eBook initially, the reviews of verified customers made me go for it. I value that decision for the current state of my fit body and healthy mind without waiting for too long. Therefore, I recommend this weight loss guide to all those people who wish to lose their weight by trying out the conventional methods. After all, nothing sounds better than shedding a few pounds of weight without compromising on your diet or hitting the gym.

With that said, the results may vary from one individual to the other. A lot depends on how well you follow the instructions given in the guide. You will see the results soon if you follow them uninterrupted and with discipline.


Q1. What is the “Eat The Fat Off” book all about?

A1. It is an eBook involving an online fitness program that guides you to consume healthy and nutritious food. The book serves as an awesome handy guide to select foods that are high in nutrition value and low in carbs and sugar.

Q2. Can the eBook help me lower my body weight without compromising on my favorite food?

A2. The book helps you achieve the desired results without any drastic changes in your diet. Thus, it helps you to lose your body weight effectively without compromising on your favorite foods.

Q3. How is Eat the Fat Off different from the other online weight loss programs?

A3. Most fitness programs focus on cutting down the body fat by prohibiting the consumption of certain foods. On the other hand, this book emphasizes eating the right way as the method of losing weight. As such, it is one-of-a-type online weight loss program that adopts a different approach to keep your body in shape.

Q4. What foods should I eat to keep my body weight under control?

A4. Fiber-rich foods are helpful in cutting down the excess body fat. Some such foods include leafy greens, berries, avocados, oatmeal, nuts, and eggs.

Q5. How can Eat the Fat Off book benefit me in burning fat?

A5. It is an eBook with guidelines to reduce excess body fat and, thus lose weight. By following the specified guidelines mentioned in it, you can reduce the body weight over a period of time. If you persist with the instructions and follow them without hesitation, you will eventually attain your weight loss goals.

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