The Role of an Emergency Dentist and When to Call Them

Updated on December 23, 2020

Nobody likes to get in an accident. If you and anybody you know gets into an accident and loses a tooth, it would be a dental emergency. In such a situation, you would experience extreme pain and would be unable to wait around to meet with a regular dentist. Hence, you would need to see an emergency dentist. The emergency dentist would help you when you are in considerable pain and do not know where to go to find relief. A prompt appointment is just what you need to address the dental issue immediately.

Why Is Emergency Dentistry So Important?

As accidents and injuries can result in permanent damage to your oral health, it is crucial that you consider emergency dentistry. If you fail to meet with the emergency dentist as soon as possible, you risk permanent tooth damage or loss. When you lose one or more teeth, it would alter your physical appearance and even make it difficult for you to brush or floss your teeth. The best thing that you can do to preserve your oral health is by contacting an emergency dentist immediately for urgent treatment. Through prompt treatment, long-term dental problems are addressed before they occur. This makes it cost-effective.

When Should You Call An Emergency Dentist?

Emergency dentists play a huge role in promoting long-term oral care. According to My Dentist San Francisco, a prominent dental practice in San Francisco that offers emergency dentistry services, If you experience broken or cracked tooth/teeth, broken jaw, permanent tooth knocked out, object caught between teeth, or severe toothache, you should contact an emergency dentist immediately. The following provides more information on the symptoms that need an emergency dentist visit.

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1. Loose Tooth

If you have a loose tooth as an adult, you need to visit your nearest emergency dentists. Since adults should never experience wiggly or loose teeth, chances are that there is an underlying issue which has to be dealt with urgently. Our teeth are very important as they allow us to speak, eat, and live the best life. A loose tooth might be caused by an injury. As it can be extremely painful, you will need to see a dentist as soon as possible. Your teeth have to be strong and intact at all times. When you experience loose teeth, you will need to get the issue addressed. It is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Severe Toothache

Another situation where you would need to call an emergency dentist is if you experience severe toothache. The thing about severe toothache is that it prevents you from focusing on anything. For instant relief, you must see the dentist. Now, if the toothache is somewhat minor, you can do a few things at home. A proper diagnosis will be done by the dentist to determine the best course of action. Toothache prevention is ideal. However, it is not always possible. Therefore, when the going gets tough, seeing an emergency dentist is important.  

3. Bleeding Gums and Ache

When your gums start to bleed after you floss them, it indicates gingivitis or gum disease. If the gum bleeding is recurring and excessive, you should visit an emergency dentist. It is also possible for your gums to ache all of a sudden. In such a situation, you should never sit around. Make sure to follow preventive dental practices. 

To determine the cause of the swelling or aching gums, the dentist will examine your gums. It is always best to detect gum disease early on as if it is left untreated, you might end up losing your tooth.  

4. Swollen Jaw

In addition to the above, if you have a swollen jaw, you would need to call an emergency dentist. You never know what the cause might be. It is possible to get a salivary gland infection which would be coupled with bad taste, troubled breathing, and fever. The dentist will work to treat the problem immediately so that the symptoms are not left untreated.

5. Constant Headaches

Headaches are caused by all sorts of things such as stress, sickness, and eating something cold very quickly. But, if you experience recurring and chronic headaches, you might need to see an emergency dentist. There could be something else going on which is why you must get the issue addressed early on. Now, a common reason why people suffer from headaches is because they constantly grind their teeth which damages the enamel and increases sensitivity. It is possible for you to receive a simple treatment such as a mouth guard. 


An emergency dentist is just the person you need to meet when you experience any of the above. The earlier you call them the better. Make sure to discuss everything you have experienced for the best diagnosis. 

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