4 Huge Life Changes Caused By a Traumatic Brain Injury

Updated on December 23, 2020

If you find yourself the victim of a traumatic brain injury, you might experience a number of significant changes to your life. Your brain is a large organ located inside your head and protected by your skull. Unlike other major organs, your brain is not tightly secured by muscles. If you are hit hard in the head, fall and hit your head, or if there is a sudden impact to your head, your brain can hit the inside of your skull with serious force, which can lead to serious injury. Traumatic brain injuries can result from a wide number of incidents and over one million American suffer from this type of injury every year. Here are some of the main ways that it can change your life. 

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Memory Loss:

A brain injury to the prefrontal lobe may lead to short-term memory loss over time. This will make it more difficult for you to remember things such as conversations, phone numbers, names, and other details throughout your day. However, you are less likely to suffer from long-term memory loss since these memories are stored in various places in your brain, although you might forget about some things that happened in the past depending on the type of injury. 

Lasting Emotional Trauma:

The emotional aspect of a brain injury can be one of the most debilitating. People who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury are at a higher risk of suffering from depression, anxiety, unexplained sudden emotions, anger management issues, unusual irritability, and random outbursts. People who suffer a traumatic brain injury may develop conditions that cause them to suddenly feel extreme emotions for no reason. If you have suffered an injury to the brain through no fault of your own, an attorney for traumatic brain injuries such as Oresky Law can help you get the compensation you are entitled to for emotional damages. 

Physical Pain:

Most traumatic brain injuries will be physically painful and uncomfortable when they occur. Depending on the nature of the injury, victims may experience discomfort and pain for the rest of their lives. The impact of this type of injury may lead to constant bruising or bleeding, leading to migraines and headaches on a regular basis. A serious head injury can also affect other parts of your body leading to issues such as tinnitus, nerve injury, stomach problems, sensitivity to sound or light, fatigue, and fainting. 

Loss of Skills:

After suffering a traumatic brain injury, you may need to relearn some skills that once came naturally to you. Some people who suffer from this type of injury will need to relearn even basic skills like speaking, walking, or feeding themselves. This can make it particularly challenging to reintegrate into family life or back into the workplace, and the injury may also cause permanent damage to your motor functions. 

Traumatic brain injuries can be seriously life-changing, but the good news is that people who have suffered from these injuries can often live a relatively normal life with the right help and support. 

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