The dental attributes that constitute the aesthetic component of your smile makeover

Updated on May 15, 2021

Many people are unhappy with their teeth if it hinders them from producing the million-dollar smile.  To create the most attractive smile by overcoming the limitations of your teeth, whether due to its poor setting or improper size and shape, you can consult a dental surgeon who specializes in cosmetic dentistry at the Bayshore family dental clinic. Dentists can correctly diagnose the problem and use advanced tools and techniques to improve the way you smile to regain your self-esteem. 

Cosmetic dentistry has several options for smile improvement, but the choice of the technique depends on finding the root cause of the problem. First, it helps to understand what kind of dental improvement will enhance the appeal of your smile. For example, even if you have a set of teeth with a perfect setting, you might yearn to improve your smile by removing the stains from your teeth.

Suppose the aesthetic components of your smile need some correction. In that case, the dentist will first evaluate various attributes of your teeth and smile to identify the fault lines and then take suitable corrective action.  What are the aesthetic components of a smile makeover will become clear ongoing through this article.

Smile line

If you draw an imaginary line along the edges of your upper teeth starting from one side and finishing at the other, then you can visualize your smile line.   Ideally, the smile line should perfectly overlap with the curve of your lower lip whenever you smile. Then, using the smile line as the benchmark, the dentist can determine the ideal length of your teeth and think about rectifying the faulty teeth to maintain the desired length. 

Tooth length

Long teeth help to maintain a youthful appearance. However, as people age, the teeth length reduces because of natural wear and tear, and the teeth appear shorter if you have a gummy smile where the gums are more visible.  The two frontal, central teeth are in focus when the dentist carries out treatment for shorter teeth. The dentist uses some techniques for extending the length of these teeth and reshaping it with the help of porcelain veneers or composite bonding. To address the issues that you might be facing with a gummy smile, the dentist will start some treatment to modify the gum line and use laser dentistry procedures for extending the length of your teeth. If crown lengthening is necessary, you must consult a periodontist.  

Besides improving your smile, tooth lengthening can impact the profile of your face, as a round face might look slim due to long and shapely square teeth.

Tooth proportions

Correct tooth proportions bring out the best smile and cosmetic dentistry has several solutions to address the issues of disproportionate teeth.  The best smile results from the two central teeth dominant with a width to length ratio of 4:5. It acts as the benchmark for the proportion of the other teeth in the aesthetic zone to produce a balanced smile line.

A cosmetic dentist can add some artistic touches to your teeth to lend some special characteristics to the veneers or crowns to create a more masculine or feminine appearance. 

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