Easy Activities to Keep the Elderly Active at Home

Updated on May 15, 2021

One of the most difficult parts about caring for an elderly relative is keeping them active and engaged. You want to empower them to live their lives as independently as possible, but it can be hard when they don’t have enough stimulation at home. Fear not! You can do plenty of easy activities with your loved ones that won’t require any special equipment or even a lot of energy on their part.

Take a walk around the block 

Walking is a simple exercise that many elderly citizens can do with the help of family and friends. You will be surprised at how your loved one enjoys these walks, even when they feel tired afterward. They get to enjoy the fresh air and see the outside world while stretching their muscles in the process. You do not have to go far. A simple walk around the block will do.

Play games that involve physical activity, such as cards or bingo

The good game of cards never goes out of style and many families have built some of their best memories playing this classic. Drawing and releasing cards will not just exercise their hands but their mind too, which is an excellent way to preserve their mental well-being. 

Have them help you cook dinner and do other chores in the home

One of the events that bring family members together is meal preparation. Letting your loved ones participate in activities like preparing the family dinner will help them feel valued and keep them looking forward to every other day’s activities. Besides, you can learn new recipes from your grandparents and have something to cherish when they are gone.

Provide them with puzzles, crossword books, or word searches for mental stimulation 

Activities like filling puzzles or word games are great for mental stimulation. As people grow older, many experience mental disorders like Alzheimer’s and are prone to depression. Keeping their minds occupied can ward off anxiety, the major cause of depression and preserve their mental health.

Invite friends over for visits to provide company and conversation

One of the things that change over the years is the number of friends and family that visit. Some relocate to far-off places while others get too caught up with life. Inviting friends and family to keep the elderly company and share stories will surely keep them happier and young at heart. 

Set up Their Favorite Spot

Your elderly family members need an area of the home where they can do their own activities, like knitting, crocheting, or crafting. Giving them this kind of entitlement can boost their confidence and encourage them to continue doing what they have always loved doing.  

In a world where many of our grandparents live independently, it is important that they stay active to live the best life possible. These are some of the easiest activities you can do at home to keep them moving and feeling good about themselves. You can find assistance from ndis registered providers Melbourne to determine the best activities for your aging loved ones.

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