Finding the Right Drug Rehab Center in Southeast Texas

Updated on May 15, 2021

It’s probably an understatement to say that finding the right treatment for addiction can be an overwhelming and stressful process. Treatment centers have their own complex ways of operating… sometimes it might even be hard to get someone on the phone who is willing to answer your questions.

Whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself, a family member, a friend or someone else you know, you’ll want to choose the right facility for the person in question.

Do you need a drug rehab center that offers amenities and a relaxing experience or are you looking for a treatment center that is more focused on the work rather than providing plush environs? 

Of course, not all drug rehab centers in Southeast Texas are created equal. Below, we go over a variety of options in the area, which will help you narrow down your candidates and land on the right treatment center.

1.) Bay Area Recovery Center

Bay Area Recovery Center is a family owned and operated alcohol and drug rehab center that has several locations in Houston, TX. They provide services such as medical detox, inpatient and outpatient programs for men and women and have over 27 years of experience helping individuals overcome addiction of just about any sort. 

This facility also offers treatment for suboxone, heroin, Vicodin, and prescription drug addiction. They boast excellent self-pay rates and free one on one consultations.

2.) Recovery Council of Southeast Texas

Founded in 1958, Recovery Council of Southeast Texas is a non-profit organization that provides treatment and education for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

The facility offers a variety of programs including residential (where the average length of stay is 30 days), adult intensive outpatient, adolescent outpatient, and opioid recovery support services. The core of the Recovery Council of Southeast Texas is to bring fresh ideas to proven recovery methods.

3.) Franklin House South

The Franklin House South is a 59-bed facility that offers a residential program specifically focused on those who are impacted by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (adult males specifically).  This rehab center in Southeast Texas utilizes behavior modification techniques that will help their clients to grow spiritually, emotionally, and give them tools to finally start taking responsibility over themselves and their lives.  Franklin House South also offers outpatient treatment in order to meet their client needs.

4.) Woodlands Recovery Centers

Woodlands Recovery Centers promises their clients peace, serenity, and recovery. They offer outpatient treatment and adolescent support and are located in Beaumont, Texas with facilities offering a peaceful and serene environment where the focus can be put on getting well.

Their programs include partial hospitalization, supportive outpatient, intensive outpatient, and group family services in addition to adolescent support.

5.) The H.O.W. Center

The H.O.W. aims to provide a safe and structured living environment for their clients where they can help their patients develop the essential skills needed to live an independent, functional, and successful life. Taking a “Rediscovering Life Through Recovery” approach, The H.O.W. Center helps clients find new inspiration through sober living. Through practicing honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness, patients who choose this facility will take back their lives and begin to unify with a higher power.

6.) Melton Center

Melton Center is located in Beaumont, TX and specializes in substance abuse and mental health treatment, functioning as a private rehab center.

Melton has adult programs for both men and women, as well as young adult programs and particularly specializes in helping patients recover from opioid addiction, which is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. They also offer family therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy.

7.) Taylor Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Houston

Taylor Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Houston offers a sober living environment for those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. They offer a medical detox and rehab center for their patients as well as a variety of levels of care, including intensive outpatient rehab, partial hospitalization, residential, and sober living.

8.) ADAPT Programs – Beaumont

ADAPT Programs Alcohol Drug and Psychological treatment offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment, substance abuse assessment, and intensive outpatient programs that help their clients develop the tools they need to navigate the real world. They have a dedicated team of recovery specialists who go to work for you in order to help create the most productive recovery experience possible. 

9.) Kemah Palms Recovery

Kemah Palms Recovery Alcohol & Drug Treatment is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for patients and prospective patients seeking drug and alcohol treatment. They offer a variety of medical drug detox programs that combine comprehensive evidence-based treatment as well as personalized treatment that addresses the mind, body, and spirit.

10.) Great Oaks Recovery Center

Great Oaks Recovery Center offers addiction treatment services and detoxification services that will help individuals reach a place of emotional comfort quickly, helping advance the process of recovery. They offer residential treatment and continued care for both the individual who undergoes treatment as well as their family members. 

They also accept most insurance carriers, including Aetna, United Healthcare, Optum, TriWest, Cigna, Value Options, and more.

No matter how you’ve come to the place where you’re currently at, one of the rehabilitation centers above will have what you’re looking for in your journey toward getting well again. The drug rehabilitation centers mentioned above specialize in assisting individuals from all walks of life.

Remember that the sort of work required to get to the root cause of addiction can rarely be done alone. There are a variety of support options that will help you get back on your feet and living a happy, healthy life. You never have to walk the road of addiction recovery alone.

Make sure to check the client feedback for the drug rehab center you ultimately choose. When you choose the right drug-focused rehab center in the bay area of Texas, whether that’s in Galveston, Houston, or Beaumont, you’ll increase your chances of getting over your addiction.

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