Sport in the Time of Coronavirus

Updated on October 19, 2020

The world has changed significantly in a short time because of the Coronavirus. One aspect of everyday living that the world has had to shed by and large is sports. Until now, people were able to get in close with each other and have a good time. Now, though, the world has changed. People are still finding ways to play their favorite sports, and we’re going to examine what sports look like now in the time of COVID-19. 

Sports in the world during a pandemic

The initial reaction regarding sports was to shut down all major events scheduled for this year, basically on a global level. The 2020 Olympics were supposed to occur this year, but they have been delayed until 2021, worrying that the preparation they went through was for naught. The professional sports in many countries were shut down immediately, too. The NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA were shuttered at the pandemic’s announcement back in March. These were followed internationally by soccer (football), cricket, rugby, and other leagues. The world was worried about players transmitting the disease to others, and then the ailment getting completely out of control. Even collegiate and high school sports during seasons were shut down so that students could lower the chances of transmission. Sports contracted rapidly during this time, but they have come back now. However, every league worked to isolate itself from its fans. MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL worked through the early stages of their season in isolation. The NHL and NBA, in particular, played in “bubbles,” away from everyone else. Yet, we have to consider whether or not these measures are safe and how to exercise well in the course of the pandemic, too. 

Some practical tips for exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic

Even though there is a pandemic, it has not put an end to people’s needs to get and stay healthy. That has led to many people finding practical methods of working out and partaking in sports. For example, many people decided to build a home gym as soon as the pandemic started. That means millions of weights were shipped to homes, treadmills were bought, and people began to learn how to get the best outcomes for themselves. More and more people sought out the great outdoors away from other people. There are a few ways that you can exercise and stay safe in the modern day:

  • Exercising outside and away from others
  • Building a home gym
  • Getting creative with bodyweight workouts and resistance
  • Older people can use to find a partner to track workouts with them
  • Finding home projects to use as san exercise 

These ideas were enough for the vast majority of people, though some still pined for sports. Fortunately, sports did come back after a while, but they came with new restrictions and guidelines. 

Several guidelines for the development of sports in the future

Following the worst of the outbreak, major sports teams got together with their players to establish safe working environments. These ideas can be placed at just about every level of sports to ensure safety. Some of the guidelines include:

  • Frequent testing of sports players, coaches, and more
  • Social distancing in crowds or no crowds
  • Use of face masks on sidelines
  • No physical interactions between teams or teammates before or after the game
  • Using “bubbles” in professional sports to contain the sports players 
  • Using contact tracing to find the source of any potential outbreaks. 

As you can imagine, there are several ways to help keep sports players safe in the future so that sports can happen at all levels. While it may be more difficult to maintain proper protocols at lower levels, professional sports have been, thus far, successful. 

Sports are coming back, and that is bringing people out of their homes and into the world again. Getting proper exercise during the pandemic has been difficult. However, there are ways that people can be careful and still get fit. Whether that involved building a home gym or just switching to an all-cardio routine, anyone can get healthy when they put their mind to the task. Just be safe as you take part in these activities! 

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