8 of The Most Common Serious Injuries from a Motorcycle Crash (And How to Avoid Them)

Updated on October 20, 2020
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Did you know that over 5,000 people died from motorcycle crashes in 2017? No one ever wants to think about being in any type of accident but in the event, you are involved in a bad motorcycle crash, you should be aware of the types of serious injuries that you never want to overlook.

Keep reading to get familiar with the injuries that need immediate attention.

1. Neck Injuries

If you ever get hit on the rear side of your motorcycle it will cause whiplash, just like if you got hit on the rear side of a vehicle. If you are thrown backward off the bike during the accident this can also strike the back of your skull. 

Keep in mind that even if you are wearing a helmet you can end up with neck trauma because of the impact. A neck injury might even cause damage to your spinal cord and this can sometimes result in partial or total paralysis. 

If you are in a terrible motorcycle accident where you are left in total paralysis or even partial you want to make sure that you contact an auto injury lawyer right away. This is a very serious case that will require someone in your corner fighting for your rights and for what you deserve. 

2. Arm Injuries

Usually, when a biker is involved in a crash they are launched into the air and the first reaction is to put their arms in front of them to brace for the fall. This hard landing can lead to broken arms, wrists, elbows, or torn rotator cuffs. 

The arm can also end up with permanent nerve damage in some cases. 

3. Head Injuries

After some time many motorcyclists choose to not wear a helmet and this is the most common factor in fatal motorcycle accidents. Sustaining a head injury or head trauma after an accident is the number one reason that a driver is more likely to be killed when compared to hurting other parts of their bodies. 

Many states require helmets when biking, make sure that you are aware of the laws in your area, and even if your state does not have a law in place, it is a smart idea to do your part and wear a helmet no matter what. 

4. Road Rash

If you are involved in a car accident you will probably end up on the ground after swerving or a direct hit. This will cause you to scrape one or more body parts across the pavement. Even if you are driving at a low speed and are hit, the road rash can cause severe abrasions that will require skin grafting in order to prevent any nerve damage or infections. 

5. Torso Trauma

A motorcyclist that rolls after striking the road can suffer from pelvic fractures and dislocated hip joints. This can lead to very long recoveries because you will be immobile for a while.

You can also end up with fractured ribs which is very painful and you can even run the risk of suffering from internal bleeding while you have no idea that it’s happening because you can’t see it. 

6. Internal Injuries

If the accident causes a hard impact it can lead to internal bleeding and/or damage to internal organs. Even if nothing breaks your skin you might be bleeding inside and have no clue. This is why after a motorcycle accident you always want to get checked to make sure your internal body is not in danger.

You can also have penetration trauma which is a bit more obvious. This is when something sharp like debris or broken glass penetrates through your skin and causes you to bleed or break something inside your body. 

7. Foot Fractures

This is a common injury when you are riding your motorcycle and are involved in a car accident. Your feet and legs can end up broken or you can end up with fractures. If the bike falls on top of you, wait for someone to come help you if you are not able to get it off your body without causing more pain.

Common injuries when a bike falls on top of a rider include broken legs, broken feet, twisted ankles, and torn knee ligaments. In a more severe case, you might also suffer a laceration to the leg that will require a doctor to amputate it in order to stop the bleeding. 

8. Brain Injury 

If the head comes in contact with the pavement it can have serious consequences. You can end up with several issues that can last a long time. For example, it can affect the ability to speak or it can affect other functions that are vital to everyday living. 

If you suffer from a brain injury you might need extensive rehabilitation or long-term healthcare needs. 

Time to Take These Serious Injuries Seriously

Now that you are familiar with the most common serious injuries that can be overlooked you can do your part and before you ride your motorcycle know how to handle the brakes and the steering no matter the weather. You also want to practice as much as possible before you venture off into the streets. 

Unfortunately, you can’t control anyone’s actions and even if you take all precautions if you are ever hit do not hesitate to contact an attorney to help you fight for your rights. 

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