Are modern technologies the future of online relationships?

Updated on March 5, 2022

With so many advances happening in the world of technology, people are often left to wonder if it is going to change everything we know about online relationships. Presently, online dating apps are a great medium for helping to bring people together. The future could drastically change this system and help start better relationships. We’re going to take a look at where we’ve come from and where we could be going in the future in terms of tech and dating. 

How Has Technology Changed Relationships?

The first question that we must consider is how technology has changed our relationships? It’s simple enough to ponder, but looking at the last two decades, the change has been profound. Over half of adults have used online dating websites to start a romance. More people are comfortable with utilizing tech to find a match than ever before. Some people are completely reliant upon the surveys and questionnaires to match them up with a partner. There is no way to overstate the significance of the impact that technology has had upon relationships. To sum it up:

  • Tech has helped more people find relationships
  • More relationships are exclusively online
  • People are hosting more successful long-distance relationships
  • It’s easier to search for local dates
  • Websites have developed into a matchmaking service

These are just some of the major changes that we’ve seen in terms of online relationships in recent years. 

Real-world or virtual love?

Another element of online relationships that is important to examine in the context of modern tech is whether people have a preference for real or virtual love. While online dating has led to better outcomes for dating people in person, there is no replacement for meeting up with someone and having a real relationship. That is the feeling that most people have expressed concerning dating services. That being said, there are more people than ever involved in a primarily virtual relationship. Think about it- do you spend more time in the same room as your date, or do you spend more time chatting using text, videos, and pictures? For an increasing number of people, the truth is the latter. They have dates, they spend time with each other, but when they’re not involved directly in those romantic activities, they are mostly communicating by using the internet. Even now, more research is being completed to make online relationships feel closer to the real thing. Virtual reality and augmented reality are going to make virtual love feel as intense and personal as meeting up with someone. So, the question must be asked, will we want real or virtual love in the future?

Top technologies used in dating services

Mature online dating websites utilize many different forms of technology to make their clients happy. These forms of tech are meant to connect people in more meaningful ways. Right now, some websites are beginning to run pilot programs for a form of AI that is designed to help people find the match they didn’t know they want. Not only can that lead to better dating results, but it cuts down on the time that is needed to bring people together. Another form of technology that is popular is virtual reality. This is when people use video projecting goggles to see their date in a virtual space. VR is getting more and more support as people want the option to see their date in front of them in a place other than their home. More common forms of technology include location GPS tech and video chatting. These tools let people find partners, chat with them instantly, and meet with them in a short time. All in all, the future of online dating is looking incredibly bright in terms of the tech involved!

When you use an online dating site, you’re activating a service that was designed to amalgamate plenty of technological developments. From video chats to instant messaging, technology has made online dating services develop in very interesting ways in recent years. These apps and websites are not finished growing, though. The future is going to see new applications of AI, VR, AR, and several other novel technologies that will bring people closer, faster. 

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