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Questions To Ask Before Getting Help from A Psychic Reader

If you are planning to hire a psychic reader, it is highly recommended that you start from deciding on which of the many psychics would you consider hiring. Apart from checking on their information and portfolio in detail, you may also want to ask them relevant questions that can help you assess how good a psychic is. 

Some are not as confident about asking questions, as for them, when they start to ask questions, they will automatically be obliged to hire their service. That should not be the case, as answering questions is a part of the psychic’s responsibility. 

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As long as the questions to ask are related to their service, there is nothing you have to worry about. To start, here are a few questions to ask:

  • How much do you charge?

One of the things you have to give huge attention to is their fees, hence asking the specifics about it is a must. You would not want the reading to start unless you completely understand their rates. 

You have to make sure that all questions are asked about charges to avoid misunderstandings and financial issues in the future. If the service is charged by the hour, it is highly recommended that you let the reader know your budget so he/she will not exceed to what you can only afford. 

  • What are your available ways of reading?

Do they allow reading over the telephone or do they require face to face? Do they have palm reading, card reading and so on. As someone who wants his/her future untold, it would be best if it is done on the manner that they are most comfortable with. 

You would not want to be forced on travelling if in the first place, you want your future to be unfold right at the comfort of your home. Also, the manner of reading should be done in a way you believe in, like cards if you believe in it, crystals and so on. 

  • Can I call you any time? 

There are some psychic readers who have customer service available to answer all your inquiries, 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week. If they have this option, well and good, if not, then best to know their time availability. Sure, when you call their customer service, you will reach their staff and not the reader itself, but needless to say, having someone to answer your questions is a lot better than waiting for a long time for your questions be answered. 

  • Can you offer me discount?

There is absolutely nothing wrong asking for discounts especially if you feel like the price they charge is too expensive. Sure, they have the right to say yes to your plead or stand with their rate, but needless to say, you have nothing to lose if you ask, actually, you will gain a discount in the event that the reader agrees to the discount you asked for. 

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