Start Fall Right With These Tips for Sustainable Living

Updated on September 20, 2021

As Fall settles in on us, it is hard not to start reflecting on the year that has been.

There have been ups, downs and some crazy curveballs we didn’t expect thrown our way. It is also a time where we tend to evaluate our choices and see if how we are choosing to live is healthy for us and for the planet.

Being sustainable certainly is the trendy thing to do right now—and for good reason. Sustainable living allows us to feel more connected to nature, more connected to ourselves and more connected to our communities.

To those that have never considered sustainable living until now, don’t fret. It is not as hard or as expensive as the stereotypes make it out to be. In fact, living a sustainable life is something every single person can achieve. That is why we have put together our guide that highlight the best tips for sustainable living and the products you need to invest in.

From what you eat to what you wear, small life choices will lead you to a more sustainable life for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Eat Naturally

When we eat clean, we are not only helping our body but also the planet. By choosing vegetables and fruits that are grown naturally, there is less congestion and waste for processed foods that we would otherwise be choosing. Eating naturally is as delicious as it is easy, especially when you stock up on the best green juice around. In general, the more colorful your diet, the better it is and the more natural it also likely is. So try to eat the colors of the rainbow for achieving sustainable living through your diet.

Feed Your Little One Clean Food Only

We get it, sometimes it feels near impossible to find clean, pure food for your newborn. But because your baby’s early stages are so important for their development, you should instead get freshly made baby food delivered to your doorstep every week with amazing brands like yumi organic baby food. Starting your kids off young with craving healthy and clean food will make it easier for them to crave healthy choices as they get older. They will ask for whole foods, not junk food. And that means they will be benefiting from sustainable living for the long run.

Going to Sleep the Natural Way

Ditch the over-the-counter drugs and instead opt for natural sleep gummies when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.  Sleep gummies are designed to get you dreaming quickly and formulated so that you wake up feeling refreshed and alert. Quality sleep is super important for your long-term health and your life choices. So when you choose to take a sleeping aid that is designed to be a more natural alternative compared to those drugs that can be harmful and addictive, you are enacting a sustainable living. Using melatonin, something that your body already naturally produces means that you aren’t putting any foreign chemicals into your body. Other natural ingredients include basil, lemon balm, chamomile and passionflower—meaning it also tastes as good as it makes you feel.

Go Natural for the Once a Month Period

This tip is for females. We all endure the monthly time of the month where we need to stock up on tampons, take extra care of our skin and deal with raging hormones. But up until companies like Rael offered a sustainable solution, period products were some of the most wasteful on the planet. That is because there really has been no good way to recycle used pads or tampons. But now, you have a multitude of sustainable period products that will help you get through this less than ideal period while also doing your part for the planet. Choose from organic and disposable period underwear, re-usable underwear designed for heavy flows and natural leak protection made from organic cotton and no harsh chemicals. You can also care for your skin sustainably during this time, getting skincare products that are made for raging hormones and stressed skin.

Upgrade your Skincare Routine

Speaking of skincare, we all have a skincare routine. But it is likely they all vary based on the type of products we are using. In general, a great way to have a more sustainable lifestyle is to make eco-friendly decisions with our beauty products. So upgrade your routine and use vegan skincare that is formulated to provide your skin with consistent and ethically produced support. The best sustainable skincare products are leading the industry in a revolution to change the way in which formulas are made and nature is used. From revival masks to overnight cream, your skin will instantly fall in love with your upgraded sustainable skincare routine.

Make Eco-Conscious Decisions for Your Pets

If you are a proud pet owner, then you will also need to make sustainable choices for your pets as well. For those that have furry friends in their household, choosing holistic dog food or cat food is a great way to ensure they too are reaping the benefits of sustainable living. The best type of pet food are ones that are human-grade and easy for you to stay stocked upon. They should be air-dried, fridge-free and all-natural ingredients. They deserve clean meals just like you!

Choose Sustainable Clothes

Another aspect of our lifestyle that we can make more sustainable is through the clothes we decide to purchase. The fashion industry is currently in the midst of a massive transformation, where brands like Mallary by Matthew are showing us that sustainable clothing can be curated for both comfort and style. Whether you are shopping for undergarments, outdoor gear, winter accessories or even winter bedsheets, you should always go with the brands that you are confident have been sustainably sourced and made.

Ditch the Plastic

Another great way to embrace sustainable living this fall is to ditch the plastic and go

package free. Brands don’t need to wrap their products in hundreds of layers of plastic anymore. Instead, the trendiest new packaging style is no packaging at all! This is great news for you, as it means you can make sustainable choices by simply buying necessary items like a dishcloth, food wrap or lip balm.

And Ditch the Paper

This one may sound a bit strange to some, but replacing toilet paper with a modern bidet in your toilet is a sustainable lifestyle choice that will prevent you from flushing unnecessary waste down the toilet every day. These modern enhancements not only give your tushy a thorough clean and keep it extremely hygienic, but it is also saving the planet! All you have to do is turn the dial when you want to finish going to the bathroom. And if you really can’t say goodbye to toilet paper altogether, try bamboo toilet paper that is a perfect alternative.

Living sustainably this fall is easier than you may think. From simply changing the way you eat, dress and even go to the bathroom, you will be able to enhance your wellbeing and protect the planet too. Of all these tips, what one will you be focusing on first? Whatever it is, just know that we are proud of you and the world thanks you for your efforts!

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