What are the Hottest Holiday Healthcare Products?

Updated on September 20, 2021

Looking for a creative gift in the health niche? Whether the intended recipient is yourself or someone else, winter 2021 is a good time to shop for items like home blood pressure machines, clarifying shampoo, posture bands, the latest water filter sticks, EKG devices that measure heart rhythm, and special clocks that mimic the rays of the rising sun. Since the pandemic of 2020, more adults are choosing DIY and at-home remedies for common problems like dry skin, minor aches and pains, awful tasting tap water, and poor sleep habits. In fact, the entire healthcare industry is in a state of transformation as millions of consumers now choose to treat themselves before seeking outside help. Here are some of the top selling products in today’s healthcare niche.

Home Medical Devices

When pandemic-related lock-downs became a thing, orders for simple healthcare devices like blood pressure monitors went through the roof. And, now that millions of people use video telehealth sessions to speak with their doctors, it’s becoming almost a necessity to have at least a few devices on hand to collect data about vital signs. Another new star in this category is the miniature version of the EKG machine. You place your index finger tips onto a small metal plate and switch the device on. The machine creates a visual chart of heart rhythms that doctors can use to evaluate your cardio health. Data transmission is achieved via a downloadable app that connects the EKG device to your phone of computer.

Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo

Long-term use of cheap retail shampoos tends to cause chemical buildup where hair meets scalp, as well as on the strands themselves. Fortunately, you can buy sulfate-free shampoos that work to eliminate that nasty buildup, no matter what kind of hair you have. For example, clarifying shampoo for dry scalps does an excellent job of resetting your hair health and the natural state of your scalp. Because they are sulfate-free, these specialty shampoos don’t add to the built-up gunk and chemical residue at the base of each follicle. Instead, they cleverly reverse the process by banishing the unwanted accretion and allowing you to start with a fresh scalp and like-new head of hair.

Posture Bands

Posture bands aren’t new, but their incredible popularity is. Most look like a set of two or three elastic bands that wrap around your torso below the armpits, near the waist, and crisscrossed from shoulder to midriff. Physical therapists and orthopedic doctors have been prescribing the bands for decades, but now the things are available everywhere. Still, if you want better posture, speak with your doctor so you know how to use the bands and how long to wear them.

Sunrise Clocks

The cleverest clock you’ll ever see, these little units feature a cone-like canopy on top that slowly projects light that perfectly imitates sunrise in both timing and ray frequency. If you live in an apartment where it’s hard to see the sunrise from the bedroom, the sunrise clocks are the next best thing to being there. Stick with name brands because some of the cheaper knock-offs are nothing more than time-rigged flashlights.

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