Puffy Mattress Review: Mattress You will Relish

Updated on June 27, 2020

Are you tired of sleeping on low-grade mattresses that wake you up with every turn you make? Do you wish to sleep like a baby in the clouds and wake up feeling refreshed and without any pains on your back or joints? 

Well, nearly every brand is marketed as the best mattress on the planet. 

Most people usually believe such manufacturers until they realize that the mattress they had purchased is never going to meet their expectations. But this is not to say that all brands are bad. 

Indeed, with a little insight, you can find very good brands that will meet most, if not all of your expectations when it comes to getting quality sleep on a good mattress. 

One such brand is Puffy Mattress. In this review, we will tell you why we believe it is among the best mattress brands, including a deeper look into the science behind its construction, who should use it, its durability, where to buy it, and if there are any other alternatives you may consider.

Puffy Mattress Review – About the Brand

Puffy is a relatively new brand, having been launched in 2017 in the United States. The company specializes in manufacturing all-foam mattresses and other sleeping products targeted at solving specific challenges that most people encounter when it comes to getting quality sleep. 

It is this their targeted approach in helping users solve certain specific sleep problems through the provisions of scientifically engineered mattresses that have made them so popular within a short period. 

Currently, they have two luxury mattresses – one of which you will be reading about in this review. In brief, if you are a side sleeper, or you need maximum relief from pains and aches on your joints when you wake up, then this is going to be a highly recommended brand for you.

Who should use Puffy Mattress?

As noted earlier, Puffy is keen on solving certain problems that some people usually encounter during their sleeping time. Consequently, these mattresses suite certain types of users than others. 

Here is a brief look at the categories of persons that will find the greatest value in this mattresses-:

Lightweight sleepers

The Puffy is made of medium firmness and extra-soft sleeping surface. This construction is designed to offer the best support and pressure relief to lightweight sleepers. 

Sleepers heavier than 130 pounds may still find it ideal, but it may be uncomfortably hard because of the little compression caused by the sleeper’s weight on the foam.

Side sleepers weighing below 230 pounds

Those fond of sleeping on their sides often develop pressure points on their shoulders and the hip region. 

The design and construction of The Puffy features high contouring memory foam that will get compressed at the potential pressure points while also offering support to the back and the waist region.

Those who need exceptional pressure relief

Through pressure mapping tests, it has been established that The Puffy can offer wonderful pressure relief to all kinds of sleepers. 

It posted very good results even when it was compared with memory foam mattresses. 

However, it is worth pointing out that heavier sleepers and sleepers of average weight may find it too soft for their pressure relief needs.

Back sleepers

The Puffy is an ideal choice for strict back sleepers. Sleeping on the back is generally recommended for a variety of reasons, but Puffy also does a very good job of offering incredible support to the sensitive areas on the lower back. 

It allows for even distribution of weight across the entire length of the body to ensure that no part gets more pressure than the other.

Combination sleepers

If you are the kind of sleeper who moves a lot on the bed at night, then this is going to be a highly recommended mattress for you. 

It not only makes movement easy, but the fact that it supports a variety of sleeping positions implies that you can roll and turn as much as you want and you will still be guaranteed the support.

Who should not use The Puffy Mattress?

Regrettably, the following category of persons may not find a lot of pleasure in using The Puffy Mattress-:

Stomach sleepers  

If you are fond of sleeping on your stomach, then this may not be the right choice of mattress for you. 

With such a sleeping posture on this mattress, you will realize that the hips will tend to misalign with the spine due to the softness of the foam. 

This will not only make your sleeping sessions uncomfortable but can potentially lead to stiffness of the spine and back pains.

Sleepers over 230 pounds

If you weigh more than 230 pounds, then again, this may not be the right choice of mattress for you. 

This is because it has a soft sleep surface that may not offer you the kind of support you need with such a weight. 

Additionally, the comfort layers of this mattress may be too shallow for heavy sleepers, given that the mattress is only ten inches tall.

The feel of The Puffy

The Puffy Mattress has a two-inch comfort layer made of low-density memory foam. This gives it a deep contouring sleep surface with a softer and a more cradling feel. It has a relatively softer feel compared to medium-firmness mattresses constructed of other materials. 

Also, when compared to some of its competitors, the feel of the Puffy’s memory foam is relatively more responsive. 

The only caveat, however, is that sleepers with mobility concerns may find it difficult to change positions. 

Those who don’t like the feeling of sinking into their beds may also not like the comfort levels they will get from this mattress.

The Design and Construction Features of the Puffy Mattress

The design of the Puffy features three distinct layers, each with a specific role to play in helping you get a great sleep.

The Cover

The first construction feature of The Puffy is the soft, stretch-knit cover. This is made of 100% polyester. It is thin enough to allow for free movement of air. It is stain-resistant, machine-washable and can be completely unzipped from the mattress. 

This is unlike most of the covers you will find in most of the competing products. It makes the Puffy a great choice for those concerned about their mattresses not getting stuffy as well as those keen on maintaining a clean and healthy cover.

Comfort layers

The Puffy features two distinct comfort layers. They are-:

The top comfort layer – this features the three-inch Cooling Cloud foam with gel-infusions. It is designed to give deep pillowy pressure relief and a soft feel owing to its low density. 

Its purpose is to pull the heat away from the body and to promote proper airflow so that the body of the sleeper doesn’t get too hot when sleeping. 

It is also designed to cradle the body so that you don’t feel any unnecessary pressure on notorious pressure points such as the shoulders and the hips.

The second comfort layer – the second layer features a Climate-Adaptive Foam which acts both as a comfort layer and a transition layer. 

This layer is made of a temperature-resistant polyfoam that is slightly denser than memory foam. 

The layer is made of temperature and humidity resistant materials which adds consistency to the heat regulation of the mattress throughout the night.

Support or Base Layers

The Puffy features 7-inch core support made of high-density polyfoam. Whereas this may be the standard construction for all-foam mattresses, its inclusion in the Puffy Mattress helps to stabilize the bed and stop it from sagging. 

Puffy also tried to make this layer slightly firmer than what you would find in normal foam mattresses, giving it the versatility to still adapt to the body’s shape so that you don’t wake up with pains and aches.

Puffy Performance Rating

Checking the ratings of a mattress is a necessary step if you want to determine if the mattress is going to suit the specific needs for which you are making the purchase. 

It easy for manufacturers to make outlandish claims about their products, but in the absence of solid test results, such claims can’t be verified and they may remain to be nothing but marketing gimmicks by the manufactures to improve their sales numbers. 

Luckily, for the Puffy, several solid tests have been done with the following conclusions-:

Puffy Mattress and noise

One of the reasons why most people love foam mattresses is that they are usually nearly silent. Noisy mattresses have the potential of interrupting your sleep every time you turn while sleeping. 

With the Puffy, however, sleep testers, as well as independent tests, have reported that it is an extremely quiet mattress. 

Whether you are climbing on the bed, coming down from the bed, or changing positions at night, the mattress will not make any significant noise neither will it be loud enough to draw your attention. 

The simple reason for this is because it lacks moving parts like coils. Besides, it is made of foam that has natural dampening properties. 

This is effective in muffling any small sounds or creaks that might be generated by the mattress.

Puffy Mattress and Edge Support

Tests reveal that Puffy comes with an average degree of edge support. Tests conducted showed that sitting on the edge of the bed caused the mattress to dip irrespective of the weight. 

This may cause some people to find it difficult to rise from the bed, and after some time, the mattress may begin sagging along the edges. 

It was also observed that the mattress offered very little support to those sleeping close to the edges. The manufacturer can make the mattress better by offering more edge support because as it stands, this mattress will never work for users looking for mattresses with strong perimeters.

Puffy Mattress and Temperature Neutrality

As far as temperature neutrality goes, most sleep testers found that Puffy sleeps warmer than most mattresses. 

It was also reported that Puffy comes with better temperature neutrality compared to most memory foam mattresses.

For testers who prefer sleeping very warm, it was reported that the mattress may sometimes become uncomfortably hot after several hours of sleeping. 

Others, on the other hand, reported that the mattress remained within comfortable temperature levels throughout the night.

It should be noted that memory foam absorbs and retains heat. Its cradling effects are also known to hinder free airflow. 

This implies that such mattresses can sometimes become very hot following several hours of sleep. The Puffy, however, features a temperature neutral polyfoam and a gel-infused memory foam. 

These two make the mattress have better temperature neutrality.

Puffy Mattress and Pressure Relief

Quite a number of sleep testers have been pleased with Puffy’s pressure relief capabilities. 

The inclusion of the memory comfort layer made it possible for the mattress to grant deep body-hugging support leading to no pains at pressure points such as the shoulders and the hip regions. 

This is a feature that most side sleepers appreciated about the mattress.

For stomach sleepers, however, most of the testers reported increased pressure in very few areas, and most of them also observed that they sank deeper into the memory foam layer of the mattress. 

During these tests, it was observed that the mattress distributed the weight evenly to avoid overburdening the pressure points. This allowed for a relatively more comfortable sleep.

Puffy Mattress and Motion Isolation

The Puffy gave very impressive scores for motion isolation. Most of the testers reported that they experienced very little referred movement whenever their sleep partners got out of bed or changed positions. 

Though the mattress dipped, sometimes significantly when one partner sat on the edge of the bed, the motion was isolated quickly enough not to disturb the sleeping partner, even for the very light sleepers.

These results were not surprising, however, because all foam mattresses usually have very good motion isolation owing to their high point elasticity. 

However, it was observed that Puffy performs exceptionally well compared to most of the memory foam competitors.

Puffy Mattress and the Bounce

Due to its impressive motion isolation features, the Puffy Mattress offers little to no bounce at all. 

This is a desired feature when it comes to doing the business between the sheets because it will remain firm, but soft during the action. 

As such, couples won’t have to withstand unnecessary up and down movement that may hinder the pleasures of the fun activity.

Puffy Trial, Warranty and Shipping

Every purchase of puffy comes with a 101-night trial period. If you feel that it doesn’t work for you during this time, then you are free to return it and ask for a refund of your money. 

In most cases, Puffy will always send a representative to your home to pick up the mattress which they usually end up donating to a local charity. 

However, the company implores you to try the mattress for at least 30 nights before you make the choice to return it and ask for a refund.

The mattress also comes with a lifetime warranty. The company offers a guarantee that the mattress will be devoid of material or workmanship defects for the entire time that you will own it. 

During the lifetime of the mattress, should you notice that something is amiss, you can always contact the company and they will give you a replacement. 

During such instances, the shipping fee will be waived if the company can verify that the defects are genuine.

On shipping, Puffy is compressed and then rolled in a box that measures about 19” x 19” x 42”. The shipping is for free and it usually arrives between two and five business days after purchase. 

Once you get the shipment, you should take it out from the box and free it from the vacuum-sealed covering to allow it to take its normal shape. Wait for about ten minutes for it to fully expand.

Which is better – Puffy or Puffy Lux?

Puffy Lux is the other luxury mattress by Puffy and what is normally seen as a close competitor to the Puffy. It is 12-inches tall. 

This is due to the inclusion of more comfort layering – one temperature resistant layer, two 1.5-inch polyfoam layers, and an additional inch of memory foam. In general, Puffy Lux is nearly the same as the Puffy only that it is an improvement of the Puffy and it has overcome some of the limitations that were observed in the Puffy. 

For example, it comes with better edge support, a thicker comfort layering, and it also doesn’t sink so far into the bed. Its additional comfort features make it ideal for heavier sleepers who couldn’t find a lot of comforts using the original Puffy.

Where can you buy Puffy Mattress?

Puffy Mattresses are available only online from the official Puffy website. Currently, no vendors or third parties are selling Puffy Mattresses online.

Conclusion: Is Puffy Mattress Good?

The quality of your sleep is not only a factor of how long you sleep. You also need better sleep accessories, chief of them being your mattresses. 

However, with so many brands to choose from in the market, most potential buyers tend to get confused by the marketing gimmicks of the manufacturers and then end up buying mattresses they never intended to buy. 

Truth be told, there are very good mattress brands in the market today, but you still need a little guidance so that you know where to look. 

We have tried to give our best in this review of the Puffy Mattress so that you can have all the information you need to make an informed choice. 

We believe that the Puffy is a solid mattress that will suit the sleeping needs of most users, given the science and engineering that goes into its design and construction. 

Besides, it is relatively affordable and comes with a better performance compared to most of its competitors you will be encountering. 

Therefore, have confidence while making the purchase, with the full knowledge that you are making a solid investment whose benefits you will enjoy for many years to come.

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