How Writing Helps Relieve Stress

Updated on January 15, 2022

Regardless of how educated and well-aware we get; mental health is still a stigma in many parts of the world. The invisible illness is not taken as seriously as it should be. People would rather pretend to be alright than to express how unhappy, depressed they are. Due to various factors such as lifestyle, gender and age, being under stress is pretty common. 

People deal with stress differently. For example, teenagers in schools often feel stressed out due to the load of their education. Due to their SATs and other academic assignments, the workload often loads to stress and they are unable to devote their attention to the fullest. In fact, sometimes you may experience stress headache when you are writing. During this pressure, you may also experience low levels of critical thinking when in stress while writing an essay.CjYtlKrWilSMzw5G4AeAP2jR8DkdqG6AoOYEcDN 9nb3BTPNmi6UtGyzJ8KwBsfWVrSkXaMicISRAf89h 0iUUvf BRHmRJNYqL4ECk1Km9XCAIg

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You might be too worried about the load of work on your shoulders that you may not devote yourself to the fullest towards the written assignment. For that, you may want to consider a reliable writing service that can take some load off you. This will also give you some time to focus on other activities that can help to rewind in your life. 

So, how writing can help you with stress?

Speaking of writing, this activity is said to be the one that can also allow you to relieve from stress. Depending on the coping mechanism you are most likely to indulge in, writing is said to help many out who face issues in life. If you are wondering how does writing reduce stress, here we will explain you everything you need to know. Also, if you need some motivation for your writing, check this article.

It is not just the academic pressure or some past experience that requires one to start taking writing as a stress reliever. The year 2020 has been a pretty anxious year so far. While the paranoia around catching the virus has struck too many, others are currently either facing overload of work or got fired due to the economic turnover. Either way, this year has not been the best for many around the world. 

Coming back to journal writing, ever watch a film or a TV show in which one of the characters is seen writing their thoughts in a journal? Journal writing serves multiple purposes. If you are wondering how writing journals relieve stress, let us get into some details.

Journal writing allows you to speak your thoughts out loud without sharing them with anyone else. If you feel you are not in any position to share your thoughts with anyone, writing in a journal may be the right choice for you. Why? Because writing is a stress reliever. 

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Through writing we can express our feelings, traumatic events and stressful episodes. This type of writing is what one may call as expressive writing. Expressive writing is a great option for those who are dealing with trauma and/or are facing an unexpected event in life such as a breakup, layoff and disease.  

Writing in such a case reduces the levels of stress in an individual. However, this technique may not ideally work for everyone, especially for those who are going through mental illness issues such as major depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In that case, you may want to consult an expert first. Additionally, however, experts later recommend keeping a journal to write down thoughts as well. 

The activity of writing a journal or writing in general reduces stress as it allows the individuals to process their emotions and thoughts by themselves. This is a sort of activity in which people, by themselves, critically review a certain situation and ponder at it. 

If you are not interested in journal writing, you may want to consider reflective writing as an activity to relive stress. This is the type of writing which allows people to think about a particular experience or incident, and extensively evaluate it. Because of this type of writings’ extensive nature, people tend to discover new aspects about themselves and regarding the situation as well. If you consider this type of writing, then you may also consider using social media. Is Instagram good for writers? Of course it is.

Start writing and get off stress from now on!

So, by now, we are hoping that you now understand how can writing help relieve stress. Go easy on yourself. Take this as a hobby and get to it. Hopefully, you will notice the much-needed change in your life and how you view things in life.   

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