Protecting Your Smile with Appropriate Denture Care

Updated on July 27, 2023

One of the treatment options for replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile is getting partial or complete dentures. These dentures can be removed and placed back into the mouth as many times as needed for either hygiene or maintenance purposes. 

Since dentures function to replace missing teeth, it is important that you care for them the right way in order to prevent bacteria and plaque build-up, which will not only damage the dentures but lead to other undesirable dental issues that can affect your overall oral health. So what tips can you use to appropriately care for your dentures? Keep reading to find out. You can also visit

Brushing your dentures 

This should be done twice daily and should not be confused with cleaning your dentures using denture cleaner. The appropriate way to brush your dentures is to use a soft bristle denture brush to clean the surface of each tooth in a gentle circular motion while you are still wearing them. Also, ensure to only use kinds of toothpaste that are specifically made for dentures, as most commercial ones can harm your dentures. If denture toothpaste is unavailable, you can skip using toothpaste altogether. 

Once you’ve finished brushing your dentures while it’s still in your mouth, proceed to remove them and brush the underside to remove any food particles, as they can lead to bacteria build-up. Make sure to brush your remaining natural teeth, gums and tongue with a soft-bristle toothbrush and toothpaste before reinserting your dentures.

Fix any chips or damages immediately

Chipped and damaged/broken denture clasps are a normal occurrence. However, when this happens, it is important that you do not try to fix them yourself with DIY denture repair kits. Always opt for a professional repair as the right mobile denture repair company will not only fix your dentures with the proper equipment, they will ensure that the new repairs fit comfortably in your mouth. Try searching for denture repair near me and reach out to local reputable professionals. 

Always remove and rinse your dentures after eating

To prevent oral hygiene issues, always remove and rinse your dentures thoroughly after eating. You can do this by cleaning them with warm water over a filled sink.

Soak dentures overnight

It is very important that you do not sleep with your dentures in, so after you’ve brushed and rinsed them at night, place them in a cup of water or in a cup containing mild denture-soaking solution and leave them there till you have to wear them again in the morning. This is done because dentures usually need to stay moist in order to retain their shape. Removing them also gives your gums the chance to breathe and minimise the risk of choking in case they dislodge while you are sleeping.

Practice good oral hygiene

Part of denture care is ensuring that your whole mouth is taken care of. Always brush and clean your whole mouth (tongue, gums and any remaining teeth) at least once a day to remove any plaque or bacteria build-up and encourage circulation in the mouth.

Schedule regular check-ups with your dentist

Natural changes can occur in your mouth over time and can affect the fitting of your dentures. Scheduling regular dental check-up gives your dentist the chance to examine your dentures and ensure that they still fit properly. You can also get overall oral health checks and professional denture cleanings during these dental visits.


Dentures are a great way to improve your smile and give your confidence a boost. The appropriate denture care will not only protect your smile but extend the lifespan of your dentures while maintaining your oral health. Ensure to regularly clean your dentures and consult a professional mobile denture repair company for any damages that need to be fixed.

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