How to Find a Reliable Invisalign Provider

Updated on May 23, 2022

Are you looking to fix your crooked or misaligned teeth and transform your smile? Invisalign is an excellent choice for you. Having helped over 12 million people around the world transform their smiles, Invisalign aligners are a great way to achieve straighter and healthier teeth. However, when getting Invisalign, you must ensure that you only go for Invisalign providers that are reliable and competent in order to get top quality services. Below are some helpful tips on how you can find a reliable Invisalign provider.

Proper certifications

Before you entrust a dental professional with your Invisalign treatment, ensure that they have had the proper training and certification to offer Invisalign. The Invisalign website has a list of certified providers that you can check for recommendations.

Free consultation

Reliable Invisalign providers usually offer free consultations with a qualified team of professionals to examine your teeth and answer any questions you may have about the Invisalign treatment process. A good recommendation would be for you to prepare a list of all the questions you may have about the treatment and schedule a free consultations before you choose a provider you feel is right for you. 


Another thing to consider when looking for an Invisalign provider is the level of experience that the orthodontist has with Invisalign treatment. Going for a provider with a good level of experience with Invisalign (for all ages and teeth problems) is the best way to ensure quality care.

Advanced technology

While the traditional method of using dental putty to get an impression of your teeth for your Invisalign aligner trays is still being used by many accredited dental professionals, it is always better to go for a provider that uses more advanced and up-to-date technology, like 3D digital scanners. These scanners offer precision and excellent accuracy, which ultimately shortens your treatment time.

Flexible payment options

If you’re uninsured or your policy doesn’t cover Invisalign, then it is important to look for a practice that offers flexible payment plans for your treatment. Many practices offer flexible payment plans to suit your budget. From interest-free options to payment spread over up to 5 years.

Read patient reviews and testimonies

When it comes to getting an idea of the kind of results and services a particular dental practice provides, nothing beats patient feedback. For local Invisalign Sutton treatment, read online reviews and testimonies from both former and existing patients to get a better sense of whether a particular Invisalign provider is reliable, certified and friendly towards patients.


This is also something to consider when choosing an Invisalign provider because you will need to book in-office visits to monitor your progress and change out your aligner trays when it’s time (usually every 8-10 weeks). To save yourself extra costs on transportation, it is better to go for a provider closer to you. Also, you will be less likely to miss your appointments if your Invisalign provider is close to your home or office.


A lot of factors need to be considered when it comes to finding the right Invisalign provider. From proper certification to patient reviews and costs, it is very important that you do your research, as choosing the right provider can speed up your journey to getting straighter teeth and improving your smile.

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