Privacy and Security Are Crucial in Today’s Business World

Updated on May 21, 2020
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Cybersecurity threats are regularly mishandled by businesses all around the world. Attacks directed through digital channels often result in permanent closure for affected businesses. Here are three things you should know about cybersecurity in today’s business world.

Businesses Large and Small Should be Protected Digitally

Hitting large corporations will always be commonplace among cybercriminals. Although campaigns to attack these major companies will always consume lots of time, be less likely to yield fruit than their low-key counterparts, and require advanced knowledge to pull off successfully, the potential payoff of cracking into corporations’ infrastructures is high enough to attract cybercriminals.

Most serious, invested cybercriminals have shifted their focus from corporations to small businesses. Even though small businesses offer less value if their veils of security are breached, cybercriminals can generate a more reliable stream of income by targeting small businesses rather than their large counterparts.

One survey suggests that roughly half of all small businesses in the United States have undergone at least one cyberattack in the previous year. As time goes on, this statistic is certain to increase. Small businesses should strive to beef up their digital defenses as part of an industry-wide security measure if they want to decrease the likelihood of being targeted by digital criminals.

Small businesses should keep their digital footprints as small as possible without sacrificing revenue. The larger an entity’s digital infrastructure is, the more likely they are to succumb to a breach of security.

Most Threats Are Aimed at the Companies’ Websites

Recent statistics indicate that the two leading types of attacks are routed through business entities’ web pages and those that spread through malware.

One of the most popular web-based cyber security threats is that of the distributed denial of service attack. Also known as a DDoS attack, these types of digital attacks utilize botnets, or networks of infected computers that cybercriminals have access to, to overload the servers that host companies’ web pages. To protect your business from these threats,  it is important to secure your internet privacy to protect sensitive and private data, communications, and preferences.

Of all threat or incident response solutions to cyber security issues, one of the most effective is that of trusting a cloud-based provider of web domain hosting to keep your business’ website up and running on the World Wide Web. If you outsource your domain hosting needs to a provider that isn’t a large, cloud-based service provider, your website is more likely to go under because their bandwidth capabilities will be clogged more easily. Larger cloud-based service providers also generally have stronger security measures in place than their smaller counterparts.

Another effective choice of all the available threat response solutions is that of regular operating security. Some of these practices include regularly changing administrators’ passwords, making those passwords lengthy and complex, instituting basic protections against phishing, and constructing firewalls that largely keep traffic from unverified outside sources from gaining access to your business’ website.

Make Sure Employees Never Connect External Devices

Believe it or not, some cybercriminals have effectively gained access to companies’ IT infrastructures by dropping USB flash drives infected with malware in the parking lots and common areas of businesses. Curious employees unknowingly plug them into their devices in the workplace. From here, malware stored on these flash drives finds its way onto the computers they’re plugged into and often try to spread throughout businesses’ computer networks.

Regularly requiring your employees to undergo cybersecurity training is crucial. They should also be tested on such topics.

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