Healthy-Living Tips for Patients Who Spend Long Hours on the Computer

Updated on February 20, 2019

Patients working at a desk job that requires long hours on the computer may find their health slowly declining solely because the nature of their work. However, this does not have to be the case. Many patients can live a healthy lifestyle despite having to work long hours on their computer or laptop. By following these helpful tips, patients will find that they are feeling happier and healthier during the day.

Schedule Exercise

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If a patient knows he is going to be sitting at the computer all day, he should schedule time to exercise. After a long day of sitting at a desk looking at a computer, it can be difficult to find motivation to go to the gym or take a long walk. By scheduling exercise, patients can commit themselves to a healthier lifestyle.

Some ways patients can achieve this is by waking up an hour earlier to work out before work. Or, if a patient has a particularly long break for lunch, he may be able to sneak to the gym in the middle of the day. However, if a patient really cannot find the time to exercise, it may be helpful to schedule a few times during the day where he can get up and walk around the block.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

A trend that has been sweeping offices lately is blue light blocking glasses. The blue light that computers emit can cause a strain on the eyes for many patients. After looking at a computer screen all day, the patient may experience sore eyes or a headache. By wearing blue light blocking glasses, patients can help reduce the negative health effects of staring at a computer for long hours every day.

Take Frequent, Short Breaks

Taking multiple short breaks while spending hours on the computer can actually benefit the physical and mental health of patients. People can do whatever they want during these short breaks, whether it be taking a quick walk around the office or writing some poetry. It does not matter whether the short breaks benefit your physical or mental health as long as the break benefits your health in general, so they are definitely worth taking.

Find Games You Like

Another great way for people to give themselves a mental break after spending hours on the computer is playing games as a break. Games are a great way to give the brain a quick respite from hyper-focusing on computer work. There are many mobile games that people can download to their phone or play on the computer. As for what to play, so many are available to play instantly online, from the most popular form of poker today, Texas Hold ‘Em, to the game that is conquering whole generations: Candy Crush. Check them out and find your favorite game so when it comes time to take a break from the computer you will have a go-to game to play during a break.

Meal Prepping

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If patients spend one or two nights a week preparing snacks and meals, they can improve their overall health even if they spend long hours every day on the computer. Often, when people sit at their desks on the computer, they find themselves reaching for unhealthy snacks or take out because it is easier. If patients prepare their meals ahead of time, these will be the meals that they reach for when they’re bored at the computer or need a break. Surrounding themselves with healthy foods will make it much easier for them to eat healthy despite their sedentary lifestyle.

Get a Standing Desk

A standing desk can be a great way to improve a patients’ overall health, especially if they are spending long hours on the computer. A standing desk will help patients to stretch their legs during the work day and can ultimately help reduce their risk of certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Try a Stability Ball

A stability ball can really help patients improve their abdominal muscles while also improving their posture if they sit on one while on the computer. Replacing a traditional desk chair with a stability ball can help a person who is on the computer all day make great strides with their health.

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