Power Pod Reviews – Keychain Phone Charger worth it?

Updated on October 18, 2020

What is Power Pod?

The Power Pod is a small portable helper that keeps the battery of your phone or other device charged wherever you are on the road. The small phone charger is portable as a keychain and by charging it you can use it like a mini powerbank for your phone or laptop anywhere. 

Smartphones often have the problem that their battery doesn’t last long, and if you’re in the middle of an important phone call or doing something important on one of your electronic devices, it will suck out the rest of your battery and the battery is completely drained. More and more often you need to recharge your battery and yet it never seems to be enough.

With the small phone charger Power Pod, however, this is no longer a problem because you charge it for a while, plug it into your smartphone when the battery begins to tilt, and you still have enough power on your phone to continue making calls. Visit the official site here to check current discount!

Power Pod Charger

What are the Power Pod quality features?

The Power Pod is a built-in micro high-speed charger that is compatible with virtually any electronic device. It is small and handy and can be carried on a keychain or stored in your wallet.

Power Pod Rating and Recommendation

Theoretically, it is an ordinary power bank, which the Power Pod embodies, and therefore nothing new or unusual. However, since this small telephone charger is very small and handy and can also be carried on a key chain, it offers handiness and durability in addition to the normal Powerbank function. Many normal and bulky powerbanks often don’t last long either and their battery life is usually quite similar to that of smartphones. Large and short-lived, they come along and are usually of little use. 

The Power Pod, however, as a phone charger, offers long lasting battery life for several hours and you don’t need to charge it for hours before it is functional. When not in use, the Power Pod is an eye-catcher as a sporty accessory on your bag or an instant help in your wallet. 


Information about the telephone charger

Telephone chargers are often called power banks and are usually bulky black and rectangular devices that require hours of charging before they can be used as a power substitute for smartphones and other electronic devices such as laptops or notebooks or iPads while on the road. 

Power Pod reviews

Those who have already tried out some Powerbanks for their own cell phone and have all been disappointed by them, have now found something with this small phone charger that is small and practical and durable. It does not take several hours before the device can be used on the road. It is also small and handy so you can attach it to your key chain or bag as a pendant. It is compatible with almost any device and can be used for several hours at a time, if not days and weeks without recharging. Most of these chargers don’t last long and their battery is quickly running out. Frequent recharging will eventually break the phone charger and it will no longer work properly. In addition, the bulky and rather bulky appearance of these Powerbanks is a problem for many, so the Power Pod is now a real innovation.

One user of this small Powerbank reports that she has been looking for such a small device for a long time and she was surprised that such chargers always have to be so big and bulky. These large chargers are less suitable for travel, especially when they have to fit into a small bag. This small telephone charger has now delighted her very much and she is completely satisfied with it. But she stows it well in her pocket and not as a pendant on her bag or somewhere in her purse, because she is worried that it might get lost or stolen, but otherwise the idea with the key chain and using the phone charger like a pendant on her bag or key ring is very good.

One Power Pod user writes that it was really time to bring a small Powerbank to the market, as the previous ones looked more like it was still in development and more like an invention from the 1980s. Now the small version of the Powerbank is something much better and much more functional than the big bulky parts. He no longer had to wait for hours and hours until the Powerbank was fully charged, only to find out on the road that it was no more powerful than the smartphone’s battery. What is the point of a powerbank if it can do no more than the rapidly sinking battery of the cell phone? With the Power Pod, he finally got what he had wanted for a long time and no more empty batteries on the road, neither in his cell phone nor in the Powerbank. Even somewhere in the woods or on an empty street he could – if there is reception – continue to use the Power Pod to make phone calls or do other things on his cell phone. He is no longer limited to the time that the battery is about to run out, but now he is free and makes calls until he wants to end by himself and not his cell phone. Additional customer reviews can be found by clicking this link!

Why do I need this phone charger?

An innovation in the field of powerbank had to come at last, because the well-known powerbanks, which are already on the market, do not always deliver what they promise. Their battery life is limited and mostly similar to the battery in the smartphone, which often drops too much anyway. The recharging time of the Powerbanks is often several hours if they are really completely empty. Moreover, the clunky big design of the Powerbank is far too impractical for on the road. All in all, the Powerbank needed a redesign and so now the Power Pod offers everything the previous Powerbank couldn’t: Handiness, durability, performance. 

So if you’re one of those people who are constantly stressed out with the battery of your smartphone and the battery in the Powerbank, Power Pod now offers you the possibility to make long and stress-free calls without losing the battery. The small charger can be stored on your keychain and does not take as long to recharge as regular Powerbanks. Power Pod is compatible with almost any device and provides you with enough battery power for long calls and other activities. Click here and discover the current discount!

Power Pod

Known FAQ about this product

  • Q: Can I store music, photos and other files on the Power Pod
  • A: No, you can’t store any other data on the Power Pod because it doesn’t work like a USB flash drive, even if it looks like one.
  • Q: How long does the phone charger take to charge? 
  • A: It takes about 90 minutes to charge or until the light on the device stops blinking.
  • Q: How long does the battery on the phone charger last? 
  • A: Normally the battery will last up to three months. If you do not use the phone charger during this time, you should fully charge it before using it again.

Where can I buy Power Pod?

The small phone charger can only be purchased online from the manufacturer’s website, where you can get up to 50 or 55 percent off your device and free shipping. 

The first step in the ordering process is to click on which device you want it to be compatible with, either iPhone/iPad or Android USB-C. Then you click on the quantity of chargers you want to buy. Here you can get special quantity discounts. The third and last step is to choose the payment method: PayPal or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). Here the manufacturer points out that this is a 100% secure payment method via this website. 

Finally, a 60-day satisfaction guarantee is provided so that if you are not satisfied with your phone charger, you can return it and get your money back.


Power Pod technical facts

The following technical data can be found for this product:

  • The Power Pod comes with a key chain and a USB cable. The cable is needed to charge the Power Pod after use.
  • The Power Pod measures 2″ x 0.5″ x 1.5″, weighs 0.6lbs, and fits comfortably through the key chain on your keychain.
  • If left unused and uncharged, it will last over 10 years. If the charging instructions are followed, you should not experience any loss of battery life beyond 10 years.
  • Power Pod has over 500 charge cycles and has 800mAh amps.
  • With a single charge, Power Pod will provide just over 2 hours of emergency power.
  • APPLE LIGHTNING: Compatible with iPhones(R) including lightning port: iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max 
  • USB-C: Compatible with almost all popular models
Power Pod Power Bank
Who is the supplier of the product?

Homepage: https://powerpodshop.com/

Email: Powerpodshop(at)rephelpdesk(dot)com 

Phone: 888-645-6496

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  1. Very unhappy with my purchase. I bought 12 of these for Christmas presents, and they are all useless. They advertise they are compatible with our phones, but when you try and use it, the plug does not fit. I contacted them and said i have to buy adapters. There is NOTHING in any of their advertising or anything else that says you have to buy a adapter from another place.
    At least give the information, they let the consumer decide if they want to purchase your product, then spent more money someone else for a part that should be included.
    I am stuck with 12 of them that are useless. i cant return them because i gave them as gifts.

  2. I purchased: 1 Power Pod for my Android phone. Its plug is too large for my phone’s outlet.

    I notified the seller and they merely sent me another Power Pod (free). Same problem!!

    Where can I obtain an adapter(s) to enable me to use this charger?

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