MindInsole Reviews – Best Insoles for your Pain Relief?

Updated on October 18, 2020

What is MindInsole?

MindInsole insoles are an innovation in the field of healthy feet and comfortable shoes. Thanks to their special technology and production, these insoles are suitable for every foot and can even massage your feet on the way. Their integrated magnetic fields cause areas in your feet to be activated at certain points on your feet, so that your feet are massaged while walking. Heavy feet after a long day are a thing of the past with these insoles.

The special thing about these MindInsole insoles is:

  • that they fit everyone, whether man or woman, due to their one size fits all,
  • that their integrated magnetic points massage your foot on the way by acupressure,
  • that walking becomes much more comfortable and heavy feet can no longer occur,
  • that the soles are breathable and prevent sweaty feet
  • that they were taken from the traditional Chinese and developed from it.

Why do I need these magnetic insoles?

Many people suffer from wearing too tight and uncomfortable shoes, often in the evening, having heavy and aching feet after taking off their shoes, or noticing on the way that their feet are aching and tense. Ordinary insoles usually only help that too big kicks fit better with these or that wearing them becomes a little more comfortable. But they cannot protect the feet from pain or blisters either. MindInsole soles with integrated acupressure, on the other hand, are designed to do just that; the magnetic fields in the sole massage the feet at very specific areas inside the foot in such a way that tense muscles are loosened and the entire foot is “de-stressed”. In this way, the pain after wearing the shoe for a long time is counteracted and permanently massaged against it. Because of its one size fits all, this sole is suitable for both men and women. Click here and discover the current discount!

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MindInsole evaluation and recommendation

These special MindInsole insoles are an interesting and helpful invention in contrast to all the other known soles available on the market. Especially people who are on the road a lot and have to walk a lot and often suffer from aching feet benefit a lot from these magnetic insoles which massage and relax the feet while walking. Their special fit and one-size-fits-all design make them suitable for really everyone, male or female. These soles were inspired by the traditional Chinese massage technique, which also works with pressure points that create stimulation at specific points in the body. 


MindInsole technical facts

Each MindInsole insole contains eight large, 120 medium and 270 small acupressure points, which are placed on the insole at different points to massage and relax your foot on the way.

The soles also feature a cooling system to cool down your overheated and overexerted feet. Moreover, excessive sweating of the foot is reduced because the eight large massage pressure points that have been heated up beforehand draw off the heat and thus also excessive moisture from the foot. 

MindInsole insoles can be adjusted and cut to fit any man or woman in any shoe. The soles are breathable, but the material from which they are made is kept silent on every website.

The acupressure soles not only provide relaxation for your feet, but the massage points that press on the foot also treat the entire body. If you have pain and tension in your back or neck or any other area of the body, acupressure on the foot can provide relaxation and wellbeing throughout the body. It radiates through the whole body. It is also said that acupressure in the foot orthosis can give you a boost in mood and energy because the stimulation in the foot releases special messenger substances in the body which can lead to this high.

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What are the MindInsole quality features?

The MindInsole insoles were designed by a leading physician of Chinese medicine, who, based on this traditional Chinese medicine, placed the magnetic fields in exactly those parts of the foot where relaxation and pain relief is triggered in the body and especially in the foot. The soles are also breathable and cool down overheated feet. The blood flow in the body is stimulated and pain is relieved. Users of these soles describe that they have the feeling of “walking on clouds”, because these soles are so light and soft that walking and standing all day long is hardly a problem.

General MindInsole reviews

  1. Because of all the many positive qualities of these soles compared to the ordinary and well-known insoles that are usually found in the stores, these soles actually offer much more to combat pain, heavy feet and legs, general discomfort or overheated, sweaty feet thanks to the acupressure. The range of what these soles are all good for is wide and none of the usual soles can compete with them. Usually, normal soles only offer a small improvement in comfort in the shoe and they make shoes that are too big a little tighter and more fitting. Some soles also offer an improved scent in the shoe so that it does not smell like “feet”. But mostly the “super power” of the sole ends here, which was by far not all at MindInsole! 
  2. One user of MindInsole soles writes that she finds that these insoles make the difference. She really has to admit that she was skeptical at first, but when she wears them, she is totally thrilled every time, how comfortable the soles feel and how much the foot pain subsides – the effect is still clearly noticeable the next morning. She was very happy that she had tried this product after all. Because the effect is so positive, she finally has the hope that her pain will disappear in the long term.
  3. Another user reports that when wearing MindInsole soles she feels as if she is walking on clouds. She has suffered from neuropathy for a long time and has a constant tingling and burning sensation in her feet. When she first wore the MindInsole in her shoes, it felt as if her pain had suddenly disappeared – and she was walking in the mountains. For her this was a totally liberating feeling. And when she would have taken off her hiking shoes, she could feel how her pain had really disappeared completely.
  4. One user of the soles says that he can really recommend these MindInsole insoles to everyone. He worked as a physiotherapist and every day many people with complaints visited him, which actually did not have to be at all. He himself was so convinced of these insoles that he got three pairs and he even considered ordering a few more.

Additional customer reviews can be found by clicking this link!

Where can I order MindInsole?

These special acupressure insoles can only be purchased through the manufacturer’s official website, where you can get up to 50 percent discount as well as various quantity discounts if you order more than one pair of MindInsole insoles.

You will also be given a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with MindInsole insoles. 

You can pay online via Paypal, Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. Everything – according to the manufacturer – completely safe and risk-free.


Who is the supplier of the product?

The following information can be found on the Internet on the manufacturer’s page about the supplier/manufacturer:

Able Look Online 62543, G/F Bamboos Centre, 52 Hung To Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Homepage: https://www.shopmindnsole.com/

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: United States (855 265 4612) and Canada (844 786 3444)

General information about insoles

Insoles are primarily used to reduce the size of shoes that are too large and to adapt them better to the foot. The soles are available in various materials, both real leather and synthetic or other materials. Some are just ordinary soles, others serve orthopedic purposes to relieve the foot and the whole body. Some soles help to keep the feet warm, while others serve to cool down overheated feet and prevent excessive sweating. Care should be taken to ensure that the insoles do not slip or stand up at the sides in the shoe, so that there are no pressure points that could lead to serious foot malpositions. If the soles already have too many pressure points, they should be replaced in time to restore the purpose of a sole, especially if the insoles are orthopedic.

Known FAQ about this product
Q: How do I cut the MindInsole insoles correctly? 

A: By cutting along the marked cutting line with sharp scissors. Ideally, you first guide a pen around your foot while it is resting on the insole, cut the appropriate size and then cut it to size.

Q: How do I clean my MindInsole insoles properly? 

A: You can wash the insoles with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Afterwards you can let them air dry normally. 

Q: Can I wear the insoles during sports? 

A: Yes, these insoles are especially suitable for activities where the feet are under a lot of stress. The feet are cooled, massaged and relieved by the acupressure. This makes sports even more fun and relieves your feet and your entire body.

Q: Are the soles suitable for men and women? 

A: Yes, they are suitable for everyone, because they are made in one size and everyone can cut everything for himself.

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