Nolah Mattress Review: Get to Know Everything About This Brand!

Updated on September 27, 2022

Do you wake up from your couch, and feel pain around the back, shoulder, or on the neck? According to a survey, 80% of the adults face lower back pain and due to prolonged wrong posture, it turns 20% of them to chronic pain.   

Have you heard of tumors, Osteoporosis, and Endometriosis? These are the diseases that are many times caused due to the wrong selection of mattresses. It, in turn, results in the back and shoulder pain on the body.   

In the Nolah mattress review, we critically suspect what makes Nolah mattress cushiony soft and cool at every season. Is it the right choice for You? From the foam material to replacement policy, we got you covered. 

Nolah Mattress Review | Brand Overview

With a vision of making “tomorrow’s mattress”, a Colorado-based company, Nolah Sleep is a direct-to-consumer retailer. Nolah Sleep dumps the manufacturing of mattresses from obsolete materials i.e., latex and memory foam, which is sadly, still used by many brands in manufacturing them. They innovated a material one of their kind named it AirFoam™. Nolah Sleep proudly states the issues such as heat resistant or painful to the back with the mattresses of the outdated material are now eradicated with their trademark AirFoam. 

On a mission of improving the quality of the sleep and the mattress shopping experience as a whole; they also contribute 7% of the profit to the Wildlife adoption. Doing business with empathy. 

You have now heard all about what the company says about, also, Nolah sells the mattress at 1/3th of the market rates, that makes the marketing message more tempting to order them. 

So, without any due, Let’s jump ahead in Nolah mattress review about what the material is made of, firmness of the mattress, and are the company’s claims on giving a better sleep genuine? 

In minutes we’ll find out! You can skip that and directly go to the takeaways if you are falling short of time. 

What is the Nolah Mattress Made of?

Moving ahead in the Nolah mattress review, the mattress comes in two variants, Nolah Original 10” and Nolah Signature 12”. They both offer a mid-firm cushion experience, while the larger comes with the flexibility to get a fold. 

Nolah Original mattress offers a 4 tier support, 

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(image source – Nolah Mattress Contribution)

The first layer, it wraps the matters inside. It is made of organic cotton cover i.e., viscose (or wood pulp) which makes the mattress water-resistant. Also, we all had slept in the sticky mattress especially it gets harsh during summers. But, now no more to bear, the viscose layer makes the mattress quick to reduce heat hence you’ll feel the cool of the mattress at any weather cold or warm. Also, according to the many leading experts, this organic fiber is far better in feel than the cheap synthetic one. So definitely a point here to Nolah Sleep.   

The second layer is the 2.5” layer of the advanced Nolah AirFoam™. It is the proprietary material of Nolah. It is the Air film layer which makes the mattress feather soft and 300% more durable, as claimed by the Norah itself. Also adding that you all must have slept in the mattress which does not get uneasy the unique body shape. This is eliminated by AirFoam™ which makes it self-adjustable to your physique. Unlike those glitchy spring mattresses, it regains back to its original shape. This property in the world of mattress is known as a memory foam type mattress.      

The third layer, a 1.5” firm foam layer, made of Avenia. It makes the mattress bouncy and responsive to your body. By, keeping the mattress bouncy would make sure that you do not get stuck to one part of the bed. You can freely change your position during sleeping. This would make sure you feel more relaxed and energetic when you woke up from the Nolah mattress.    

The final layer, the thickest of them, 7” support layer made of High-density foam. This layer acts as a support structure to whole frame design, and due to this layer, Nolah mattresses are more durable than its competitor mattress.

Nolah Signature mattress, it offers a 5 tier support with an added advantage to get flipped as per convenience.

The Nolah Signature gives you a cocoon of an extra layer. Here is the layer dissection of the mattress. 

Layer 1, the topmost layer is similar to the Nolah Original mattress. The viscose layer, and here as well to make the mattress waterproof and heat dissipator to keep the mattress cool at all weather.

Layer 2, the layer beneath, Nolah’s trademark AirFoam, is the same you read in the former variant. But here in the Nolah Signature, you get the 2.5” support which comforts even better to your stress muscles. 

Layer 3, Now the support layer of foam polymer, Avena comes in. This time even thicker that is 1.5” to the contrast 1” in the Nolah’s original. 

Layer 4, Now further support comes in and thickest of the all, 7” high-density polymer foam. It is used to provide necessary resistance and durability to the material.

Layer 5, Now the foam layer which makes the signature to give its characteristic flip. It is of 1” thick and it is placed tactically without compromising with the comfort of the mattress.

It’s show-time! 

Testing every claim Nolah made

Logan has done an amazing test, on examining the pressure relief, its bouncy nature and the motion transfer. He did the test for the main three styles of the sleepers 1) side sleepers, 2) straight back sleepers, and 3) for peeps who are good with the belly. 

We will look at how the mattress stands to the test and, also, how the properties vary depending on the style you sleep. By this, it will help you in making a better decision and that’s what the whole Nolah mattress review is intended to.

Pressure relief

To measure the pressure intensity, Logan used a pressure sensing device. Spread that on the mattress as a bedsheet and slept over it in three different aforesaid styles. 

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The device captured his body pressure and traced a pressure chart out of it, indicating with the blue for the least, green in the middle and red the alarming signals. 

In the test one thing was noticed, none of the body parts has seen a red spot on it. This symbolizes Nolah is easy for our body. 

But wait! The picture is left!

Side Sleepers – Buy it! Hands down! If you are the one of 74% of the side sleeper, Go get one for you. It is very comfortable around your shoulders and neck. Their unique AirFoam did perform the job pretty well in releasing the pressures around those stress points. Though in the snap you may find slight green around the hip and ankle region it’s nothing to worry about!

Back sleepers – Even if your body weight is uneven like many others, still you won’t feel any pressure whether it would be shoulders or head. Nolah mattress did a satisfying job here as well.

Good with the belly – oops! I have a bad story to tell here. Well, you may wonder, it is all blue in the chart then why would there be any problem. It isn’t a good sign to have. Surely, on the first, everyone thought the same. But, down deeper, it shows that Nolah’s AirFoam™ is too soft for you all fellas. Confused? It is simple, Nolah is too soft on hips that can’t provide a necessary resistance, it should around the hip region. This may lead to back bowing or stomach pain especially when you woke up. 

So, for people having >150 lbs should, it is advisable to get a more firm mattress

Now, the Bounce test

Well, this is an essential part of the test, nothing technical like the former one though. Just drop a heavy ball, can be steel or copper, from a good decent foot space. If it bounces back, then it is fairly bouncy else BIG NO. 

What we discovered. Our results conflict with the claim of the company. We found that it was not that much bouncy, Yes your hand may push back when you compress it with force. But, we at least expected a fairly bouncy mattress considering the company’s claim.

Nolah mattress may not be a good fit for those who tend to move a lot while sleeping. They require a bouncy surface to maneuver easily, so they would find themselves stuck at one corner of the mattress. 

Motion Transfer test

Now, this is very important to know how your mattress reacts when a couple is simply sleeping and one of them moves around or changes the position while sleeping. This is so because if the bed vibrates a lot, it can disturb your sleep and this may cause your beautiful kin to bombard on you the next morning. 

Watch out! Burnt bread coming in the breakfast!

 Ok! On a serious note, some good news to share. You won’t find any motion transfer that would make your partner disturb.

Logon in his, used a seismometer, to account for the movements in the mattress and the lovely old steel ball, to create the whole vibrations.  He dropped the ball at 4”, 8” and 12” heights and not much movement showed up from the mattress. This reflects that the mattress has a tendency to absorb your movement vibrations. This would help you and your partner to have a sound sleep and free to move without thinking to disturb the other. 

How long will the mattress last?

Keith and his team at in surveying the durability of the mattress. They said it depends a lot on the external factors, weight, and the number of heads sleeping to name a few. Considering the bed slept daily and used by a couple, you can expect the Nolah foam mattress to be fairly durable. 

Though, according to them finding the exact years to be fairly difficult. I would like to bring your notice, the company claims the mattress has a life expectancy of 20 years. That’s decent than an average of 8 years of other foam mattresses.    

Pro Tip –improve the life expectancy of the mattress by flipping it every 6 months. This works well for the mattress of any brand. You can thank me later!  

A mattress that remains Cool – Fact or Myth?

Foam mattresses have a history of being sticky and hot especially during summers. Well, that’s scary! Don’t worry, Nolah stood tall with the company’s claim of remaining cool even at the extremes of summer. As the top layer is suffused with pores, it allows the expulsion of heat quite rapidly. This altogether maintains a cool temperature of the mattress.   

Takeaways from the test –:

Works best for

  • Best mattress for the side sleepers. The Air Foam is feather soft and would feel no pressure around the hips or shoulder. 
  • The back sleepers. Comforts your back and without pressing hard against head and hips.
  • Couple sleepers. It offers almost vibrations as seen in the motion transfer test. This feature would ensure your loved one to change position while sleeping without disturbing the other sleeping next to you patiently. 
  • People who want both, the firmness of the mattress to last long but soft to relieve pressure from the overnight tired muscles as well. Nolah offers you a great blend, the best of both the worlds. 
  • People in tight budgets. Nolah mattress comes at a 1/3rd of the market prices. At this price range, Nolah offers excellent comfort that your 9-5 tired body deserves.
  • People who prefer the coolness of the mattress. As tested and verified above, Nolah’s AirFoam dissipates heat faster than its memory foam counterpart.   

Not suited for -:

In the Nolah mattress review, we suggest they should not go for Nolah else they can be vulnerable to chronic muscular pain. 

  • People over 150 lbs. They would find Nolah too soft for them, so wise to choose a firmer mattress. 
  • People who want the mattress to be bouncy. The mentioned test conducted didn’t find Nolah mattress to be as bouncy as they claim it to be. 

Nolah Mattress: Experts take & Audience rated

How they feel about Nolah mattress

It is always worth important to know what experts in industry said in their own Nolah mattress review, and experience customers shared they had would be fun to know. At the end of the day, it is you who have to decide, it is best to know things from other’s mouths as well!

On a hardness scale of 1 to 10, where 1 corresponds to the softest and the opposite 10 is the hardest. Do let you know about 6.5 is the industry standard.  

Logan took out a survey of his colleagues. Based on that, he rated 5 to the mattress and was impressed by the performance. 

Slumber yard commented it falls in between medium to medium-soft that falls to rough about 4.5. That would be a fair call!

Slumber search suggests Nolah Original lies in a mid-firm region of 5 to 6 on a scale. You can take that at 5.5. Another close. 

Taking the averages of all the vanity matrices, according to the experts’ softness of the Nolah mattress is 5/10.    

Now, experts have it, let’s see what customers have to frame about!

People on Reddit rated it medium soft. This comes out to be 5/10 according to the matric used.

Also, analyzing the reviews posted on slumber search sites, unlike experts, here approach would be different and to provide all the common words they spoke about during the product feedback to keep the Nolah mattress review crisp and short.  

“Loved it”, “firm mattress”, some also shared they’d spent the “best sleep ever”, “best comfortability”. So, by hearing all these can observe what Nolah mattress had offered to the past customers.

Choice Clear – Where can I order!

Glad, you got some clarity about the decision. 

You can place your order directly from the official site of Nolah Sleep. 

Bingo time for you, they are running a flat 20% discount on the mattresses, you can place the order from their official site.

Wait! Wait! Before you just click and enter the preferences, there are also a number of affiliates of Nolah Mattress who would be happy in giving you decent discounts as well. 

  • This is the one from the slumber search, click here
  • You can also check the prices out, one by Sleepopolis here
  • There’s another 20% off with an assured gift, hit the left click here. That was shared by a Slumber yard. 

Don’t forget to compare the prices. 

Select the one, which pays you the least! Simple!  

How does Nolah move the mattress to your house?

Nolah Sleep provides FREE shipping luxury, and that to commit to delivering under 48 hours in all the contagious parts of the United States.

Shipping would be outsourced to FedEx. They are in charge of delivering the mattress to your doorstep. Once placed the order, they send it down straight for the packaging and then provide you with a unique PIN delivery number to track the FedEx delivery anywhere from your mobile devices. 

Also, Nolah enterprises such as creating a better ecosystem to live. They contribute 7% of the profits to wildlife adoption. Even the cartons which are delivered to you are Eco-friendly. Obviously, you can’t sleep peacefully while destroying the environment.    

You are still confused, wanted to have a personal experience of using Nolah mattress, see down below

Any Free-Trials to check?

Yes, Nolah offers a 120 nights FREE trial or you can say 4 months on house. 

In that interim, you don’t find a mattress worth your sleep on it, You are good to return that! Many customers in the past have booked, used it as a couch but returned for their own reasons. 

What’s the return policy? Does Nolah accept returns?

No hassle, easy return policy. Nolah credits back your FULL AMOUNT PAID.

Free shipping and free return to and from all 48 contiguous United States. All orders are shipped with FedEx Ground and can be tracked from the factory to the front door using the supplied tracking number.

Thinking, what these returned mattresses are done with. Nolah donates all the return mattresses to local charities or recycled through local state programs.


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