NextEvo Naturals CBD Formulations Show Increased Bioavailability and no Negative Liver Function Effects in PK Study Results Conducted in Partnership With CSU

Updated on October 11, 2022

NextEvo Naturals (“NextEvo™” or the “Company”), a premium supplement brand focused on revolutionizing the delivery of nutritional compounds, announced today results from a new pharmacokinetics study that was conducted in conjunction with Colorado State University’s Department of Health & Exercise Science where NextEvo’s water-soluble cannabidiol (CBD) ingredient shows significantly increased bioavailability in humans when compared to CBD isolate and oil-based formulations of CBD. 

Additionally, the study published in the scientific journal Nutrients, showed that single doses of CBD did not evoke relevant changes to liver function and that NextEvo’s formulation has the potential to positively impact early insulin and triglyceride responses to a meal. 

The study consisted of 14 males and examined five formulations containing CBD including three water-soluble CBD ingredients (blue, purple, and green lines in Figure 1), CBD isolate (gray line in Figure 1), and CBD dissolved in MCT oil (red line in Figure 1). The goal of the study was to measure how circulating CBD concentrations differed in each of these formulations of CBD. Additionally, the study profiled how the formulations interacted with liver functionality and if there was evidence that food intake and metabolism were affected by the products. 

The results of the study show an over 500% (Cmax of .2 versus 1.5) variance in maximum blood concentration achieved between water-soluble CBD ingredients, such as the ones used in NextEvo Naturals’ products, and oil-based formulations and unformulated CBD isolate. The circulating CBD concentration variance represents a significant difference in the body’s ability to absorb and process CBD, which leads to the potential health and wellness benefits that CBD provides. The results show that consuming water-soluble CBD with food greatly increases the body’s absorption (AUC increased by 224% of CBD), and favorably modifies early insulin and triglyceride responses to a meal. Lastly, the study showed that ingestion of a single dose of various CBD’s taken at average doses, in this case, 30mg per dose, does not evoke physiologically relevant changes in markers of liver function, suggesting that CBD probably does not represent a risk to the liver. 

The results of the study are consistent with NextEvo’s belief that its Smartsorb technology and scientifically-driven product formulations offer the highest wellness value among product competitors. While many products contain simple CBD isolate or CBD dissolved in oil, the amount of CBD that the body is actually absorbing into the bloodstream is significantly lower than if water-soluble CBD is present.  This is one of the first studies to examine the potential benefits CBD has on digestion and whether it should be administered with food. The study provides significant evidence that consuming CBD with food alters the dynamics of CBD metabolism and increases systemic availability, favorably modifying early insulin and triglyceride responses.

“While the potential health benefits of CBD have been widely publicized, this new data suggests consumers should be very aware of the pharmacokinetic differences between commercial CBD formulations, for example, how the CBD you are taking gets absorbed into the body,” said John McDonagh, NextEvo Naturals CEO and President. “We set out to prove that the CBD in our product formulations may actually be able to offer the many benefits of CBD because they enter the bloodstream quickly and efficiently. We have always strived to be a rigorous science-forward company and participating in this study is another example of how we are putting our mission first, conducting the research that so many companies are lacking, and constantly improving our products through scientific research.” 

About NextEvo Naturals

NextEvo Naturals is a premium supplement brand that has found a new way to revolutionize the delivery of cannabidiol (CBD) and other nutritional compounds by creating formulations that increase the compound’s potential benefits and consumer value. Led by medical professionals and former scientists from large reputable companies such as Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, and Schiff Nutrition, NextEvo Naturals aims to bridge the gap between the many current low-quality CBD offerings on the market and the future of CBD supplements with proprietary technology and evidence-based data.

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