Sexual Wellness Trends Around the World

Updated on October 11, 2022

The subject of sex is touchy, to say the least. Everyone has their own cultural, moral, and physical preferences, as well as their own sense of pleasure and desire.

As a result, it can be understandably difficult – if not impossible – to make generalizations regarding sexual health and wellness. What works for one person may be off-limits to another. All this variation adds up to sexual diversity spread across billions of people around the world.

Having said that, a series of sexual wellness trends appear to be taking shape worldwide. Let’s be clear: not everyone feels the same way about sex. But generally speaking, everyone benefits from more open and honest conversations about sexual health and wellness.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at six sexual wellness trends around the world:

At-home testing

Sexually transmitted infections affect people on every continent. No landmass is devoid of the risks associated with HIV, HPV, chlamydia, and other STIs. Fortunately, access to testing is increasing thanks to the growing popularity of at-home test kits. These kits offer a more private way of determining whether or not you or a loved one is infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Buy the kit online, wait for it to arrive in the mail, take the test, then send the sample to the lab. The results are determined within a week or so, sometimes sooner. Thanks to at-home testing, couples around the world can practice safer sex.

Online shopping

Products meant to enhance and improve sexual pleasure have been popular for decades. Unfortunately, the sale and purchase of these products were limited to brick-and-mortar “sex shops.” Many people were understandably reluctant to enter and exit such a store for fear of being spotted by a friend or family member. But thanks to modern eCommerce sites, folks can now buy items from an online adult store in Canada, United States, and elsewhere without ever leaving the couch. It’s no surprise the sale of sexual wellness products has exploded in recent years; people can now shop in privacy!

Digital intimacy

Another trend happening around the world involves couples staying in long-distance relationships. Whether it’s due to relocation for work, leaving for college, or people meeting each other online, it doesn’t take long before these folks try to achieve sexual intimacy. More often than not, this involves using private video chats where they can virtually simulate the act of coitus through simultaneous masturbation. It’s not ideal – nothing can replace the pleasure of physical intimacy – but it’s a sufficient substitute for the time being. As time goes on and technology becomes more sophisticated, we can expect digital intimacy to become more common and less stigmatized.

Solo practice

When it comes to stigmatizing sexual activity, few things have garnered such negative attention as masturbation. Most societies traditionally consider masturbation to be unnatural and unhealthy. These views couldn’t be further from the truth; most medical experts see masturbation as normal, healthy, and beneficial. Society is slowly catching up to the scientific assessment that masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of. As a result, more people are engaging in self-pleasure without experiencing shame or embarrassment.

Licensed therapy

Let’s not pretend the world has suddenly embraced sexual liberation and shed its existing hangups. The truth is millions of people still walk around worried about sex due to feelings of confusion, guilt, or inadequacy. But thanks to the advent of virtual therapy sessions, these individuals can finally get the professional help they need. Getting to the bottom of sexual dysfunction is the first step toward learning to love who you are and respect what you want.

Tech upgrades

Most of us know about smart technology thanks to our phones, appliances, and wearable devices. But smart tech also applies to various sexual wellness products. Simply put, these devices now come with digital monitoring and sensory inputs to provide meaningful information and data. They’re also used to help individuals and couples attain greater sexual pleasure by adjusting and optimizing based on customizable selections.

We all have our own thoughts, feelings, and desires regarding sex. We’re also all subject to a wide variety of cultural and societal pressures involving sex. But thanks to growing trends around the world, sex is becoming a subject we can approach without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

Julie Steinbeck is a freelance writer from Florida. She enjoys covering topics related to business, health, and travel.

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