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Updated on October 18, 2020

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Neck pain is a real nuisance, which is mainly caused by sitting a lot during the day. Some diseases, however, also cause pain in the back and neck area, which can only be relieved by massage or painkillers. It is not always possible to use painkillers, as they often cause other problems that you have to deal with. Massage is a natural way, but there are also people who cannot benefit from such a treatment. Neck Relax is a product that can be used easily at home or in the office to eliminate neck pain. Its many adjustment possibilities offer an individual form of treatment and are therefore a good basis for reducing the difficulties in the long term. We would like to introduce Neck Relax at this point, discuss its features and check whether it delivers what it promises.

What is Neck Relax?

This device is a neck massager called Neck Relax, which can be used for the purpose of relief massage. It is suitable for pain relief and for relieving muscle tension and is extremely easy to use. Neck Relax alleviates back pain and is a considerable relief for the neck in particular. Here are the advantages that the manufacturer states for the device and which should be of particular benefit

  • Healing is guaranteed by infrared technology.
  • The handling is particularly easy.
  • Six different programs are available.
  • Flexible and ergonomically designed for optimal adjustment.
  • 16 different forms of intensity are available.
  • Ideal for the back and neck area.

Although there are alternatives to buy on the market, these neck massagers are mainly used for the back, others are only suitable for the neck. Neck Relax combines both aspects and is a good alternative for muscle relaxation, which is very easy to use and with which possible back and neck pain should be a thing of the past.

Neck Relax

What are the Neck Relax quality features?

Although there is no quality seal or similar for the muscle relaxation device, we were able to convince ourselves of the function of Neck Relax after we had the chance to try it out ourselves. The workmanship makes a high quality impression and therefore the device is a good basis for medical treatment. The infrared technology is adjustable, so that it can be adapted to any application. The product is easy to put on, can be operated without any previous knowledge and produces ideal results that relieve pain and achieve long-lasting effects.

Neck Relax evaluation and recommendation

We all know back or neck pain. They are not only a nuisance for the ongoing work, but also expensive if you need professional help. Painkillers and other alternatives are out of the question for many. Be it because of conviction or because of side effects that one has to live with. Neck Relax is a nice alternative that can be used perfectly to relieve any pain and to relax the muscles in depth. We would like to recommend the device to others and believe that it can have a very good effect when used correctly, just as the manufacturer promises. The neck massager is extremely easy to use and has the right conditions to solve any problems and avoid having to access painkillers.


General information about the neck massager

Those who work in the office or sit a lot in everyday life, sooner or later always have to deal with back pain. Muscle tension in the neck area is also conceivable and is often the reason for headaches. Those who want to find a remedy often call in a masseur or chiropractor, but these do not always deliver the desired success and are only really effective after a few treatments. A quicker help that you can easily get at home is the neck massager Neck Relax, which you simply use at home. At home you are more relaxed anyway and thus achieve a much faster form of healing. Muscle tension is released and the neck massager can also be used at work in the meantime. Neck Relax is so compactly built that you can use it easily without any concerns.

In addition, the neck massager provides all the conditions necessary for a relaxed massage. The individual setting of the intensity can be adjusted to many parts of the body, so that both back and neck can benefit from Neck Relax.

General Neck Relax reviews

We took a detailed look around on the Internet because we wanted to know if there are already users who have tried Neck Relax. The neck massager has been on the market for a while and so some users have already had their experience. The testimonials we found were extremely positive. Most of them praised the ease of use of the neck massager and the fact that different settings were possible to suit the individual complaints. Young and old alike could use Neck Relax and had good experiences. Especially outstanding were some reports in which the writers reported unbearable pain and experiences, from simple massage to surgery and nothing could relieve their complaints. When they finally used Neck Relax, the complaints were slowly but surely relieved.

After a while, some users were able to live free of complaints again, but still use the neck massager to relax their muscles now and then and take some prophylactic measures. All in all, Neck Relax was highly recommended. Additional customer reviews can be found via this link!

What advantages and disadvantages does Neck Relax bring me?

Like every gadget, Neck Relax has its own advantages and disadvantages. At this point we have summarized what you need to know. This can also help you to make a purchase decision if you are not sure yet whether Neck Relax is the right thing for you and your muscle relaxation.


  • Easy handling possible
  • Several programs and intensities allow optimal muscle relaxation
  • Suitable for neck and back
  • Massages and relaxes
  • Healing infrared technology without harmful effects


  • None known

As you can see, with Neck Relax you have only advantages to expect, but no disadvantages to fear. Therefore the product is very easy to use and suitable for different users. Neck Relax adapts itself to the user and with its many settings is perfectly suited for individual pain treatment. Although it is mainly applied to the neck, it is also excellent for back massage. All in all, with Neck Relax, good medical treatment can be achieved to relieve pain and eliminate it permanently.

Why do I need this neck massager?

The neck massager called Neck Relax is primarily aimed at people who have had experience with back or neck pain here and there and who want to ensure regulated muscle relaxation. This means that Neck Relax is aimed at a young but also an older audience that has no problem using a neck massager. Even those who are not particularly fond of technology will not have any problems with Neck Relax and can assume that a good muscle relaxation will be achieved.

Women and men benefit equally from Neck Relax. So gender is not an issue either. Neck Relax is also aimed at people who have already tried similar products on the market but have not been successful. Those who are looking for an alternative and who expect a significant improvement from the situation because they finally have a product that is as helpful as possible. As you can see, Neck Relax is aimed at a large target group that is hard to narrow down.

Neck Massager

Are there any problems with the product?

After reading the numerous opinions on Neck Relax and getting a picture for ourselves, we can answer this question with a clear “no”. When using the product, it is only important to follow the instructions in order to achieve the best possible effect with the neck massager. If you are familiar with its functions, you can use the device for muscle relaxation without any effort or problems.

Known FAQ about this product

Let’s now get to the point of finding information by looking at the typical FAQs. The questions that are left after all the information and that might still be on your mind:

  • Q: What technologies are used? 
    • A: Besides infrared technology, elements such as ultrasound and EMS are used. Things that come from the field of magnetic field therapy and that can effectively relax the muscles.
  • Q: Is Neck Relax also suitable for me? 
    • A: The collar can be adjusted easily and simply, so that it is suitable for every person. It can also be stretched up to 160 degrees for a comfortable and advantageous fit.
  • Q: Can I use the device only at the neck? 
    • A: No, the device is designed in such a way that the two impulse patches that are integrated into the device can be used on any part of the body, provided that tension or muscle pain has occurred there. Due to the individual setting options, everything can be adjusted in the operation here.
  • Q: How long should I use the product? 
    • A: The manufacturer says that one application can last up to ten minutes. Then the device switches off automatically. A treatment is recommended about two to three times a day to successfully eliminate the pain. However, it is also recommended to use the device over a period of several days or weeks to achieve a lasting effect.
Where can I buy Neck Relax?

Neck Relax is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. They have their own website on the Internet where they sell their products. The advantage that he clearly has is also the matching offers that he makes from time to time and which we will discuss in detail later. Neck Relax is ordered via the order form on the website, in which you only need to enter a few personal details. Afterwards it is possible to choose the payment option. This is either Paypal or credit card, or other methods that are as secure as possible. Once you have placed your order for Neck Relax, the neck massager will be shipped and will arrive at your home a little later. Then you can already try out the device for muscle relaxation. It’s as simple as that!

Now let’s get to the offers that the manufacturer has for the customer. Within the scope of these offers, the neck massager is available in several versions, but the customer only pays a lower price per device. Thus, a single order is somewhat more expensive than an order for a quotation. It is advisable to take advantage of these offers as long as you can, because they are time-limited and it is not certain that the manufacturer will make these offers available again afterwards. It is up to you whether you use these formats for Neck Relax alone or with several people. However, we clearly recommend that you take advantage of them whenever the opportunity arises.

Neck Relax Technical Facts

Normally we summarize all technical characteristics of the product at this point. However, only a few parameters are known for Neck Relax. Nevertheless, here is a summary of the points that we were able to determine for the neck massager:

  • Healing infrared technology is used
  • Several programs and intensities are available for the user
  • The construction is ergonomically designed so that it fits everyone
  • Pulse massage for ideal muscle relaxation

As you can see from these parameters, the neck massager has all the prerequisites for optimal muscle relaxation. Neck Relax is suitable for back and neck pain and combats it gently using infrared technology. The necessary technology to treat the pain is therefore always available to alleviate back pain and neck pain. Nevertheless, the neck massager can also be used to prevent possible pain.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The supplier is a company that is based in Spain and sells the neck massager around the world. Here is the complete address: ECOMM MOVADGENCY S.L., C/Dublin 1 28232 Las Rozas, Madrid. There is also a support email address for any questions you may have. This is: [email protected]. Important: If you are considering contacting the support address, it is recommended that you use English to obtain full information.


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  2. I do not like the quality of Neck Relax. The battery cover does not close properly and it is uncomfortable to wear. I’ve been trying to return it and can’t find any information on how to do this. When I contacted the company via the email address provided confirming purchase, I was offered 20% discount. I declined and requested refund. I have yet to hear back. Don’t buy this item.

  3. The Neck Relax is incomfortable to wear. The battery cover on my unit is difficult to ope and close and it does not close properly. I’ve tried requesting a refund and have not gotten a response. Buyer beware.

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