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Updated on October 18, 2020

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At night it is particularly disturbing when you wake up and become aware that there is a mosquito nearby. At night, the buzzing noise is the last nerve-racking thing in your life. In addition, there is the danger of a mosquito bite, which is not only unsightly but also very painful. If you have several of them, you can hardly stand it in your own skin. Common products for mosquito repellent do not always bring the desired success. These include similar lamps and spray products that are designed to protect against insects. But even these may have side effects that can affect children in particular. We would like to introduce Buzz B-Gone below. A mosquito repellent product that works with a natural concept and is completely free of any chemicals. We have tested it and explain what is important.

What is Buzz B-Gone?

Buzz B-Gone is a mosquito repellent device that uses a natural concept to effectively repel mosquitoes. In addition to its bluish UV light, the lamp is also equipped with a kind of suction system that sucks in the insects and locks and collects them in a container. This container can easily be emptied from time to time and therefore has a high success rate, which destroys mosquitoes and protects against an annoying mosquito bite. The manufacturer places particular emphasis on these properties:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy cleaning
  • Particularly efficient success rate
  • No harmful effects for the user
  • Without any chemical substances
  • Applicable in all rooms

The primary aim is to enable the user to place Buzz B-Gone in any room where he considers a mosquito repellent device to be useful. No chemical substances are used, unlike other sprays and similar products. In addition, the device can be easily used by children and is absolutely safe to use, so that it can be used without any concerns.

Buzz B-Gone

What are the Buzz B-Gone quality features?

As far as quality is concerned, there are no quality marks for Buzz B-Gone, but the device makes a solid impression that you can work well with. It has everything you need to safely eliminate mosquitoes, but it is also safe for the user. The integrated lamp looks very pleasant at night and is by no means disturbing. Nevertheless, the handling is uncomplicated, so that the device can easily find its place in the children’s room.

In one of our tests, Buzz B-Gone scored very well and we can confirm that it is extremely easy and uncomplicated to use. Whether at home or on holiday, Buzz B-Gone is a welcome shelter that’s easy to set up, especially as it can be placed anywhere. At night you are perfectly protected. During the day, Buzz B-Gone can also be used in the office without you noticing much. Because even during the day the mosquitoes are very interested in the special UV light. The success rate remains.

Mosquito repellent

Buzz B-Gone evaluation and recommendation

We think that Buzz B-Gone is a good alternative for all people who want to protect themselves from a mosquito bite and want to purchase a system that does reliable work. We would therefore like to recommend Buzz B-Gone to others, as it is suitable for young and old alike. It can even be used by children without any problems. The manufacturer also has other offers that can save you some money. We will go into this in more detail later in this article.


General information about mosquito repellent

With regard to mosquito repellent, there are numerous possibilities on the current market. These include not only an anti-mosquito spray, but also other lamps and the like. However, these promise a lot of success, but do not necessarily provide the necessary performance. In addition, the use of chemicals in various sprays may cause allergic reactions or other side effects. Those who no longer want to rely on this form of mosquito repellent can benefit from Buzz B-Gone. Here the mosquitoes are also attracted by the UV light, but are also sucked in when they are in its vicinity.

Buzz B-Gone is simply recharged upon receipt. The integrated rechargeable battery ensures good performance and efficiency all night long. Once you’ve set up the device for mosquito repellent, you simply switch it on and can go to bed. Buzz B-Gone protects the sleeping person during the whole night reliably and as good as possible against a mosquito bite. By the way, it doesn’t matter whether you set up the device at home, use it during holidays or even during the day at work. Buzz B-Gone is a good companion that one does not want to do without anymore.

Pros and Cons of Buzz B-Gone

Like any gadget, Buzz B-Gone has its pros and cons, which you should be aware of. That’s why we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know about Buzz B-Gone so that you can make up your own mind. This list can also be a purchase decision for you if you are not sure if Buzz B-Gone is right for you.


  • Easy to use.
  • Very high success rate
  • Works with natural concept
  • Natural function without chemicals
  • Quiet working volume


  • A mosquito bite is not 100 percent excluded

As the manufacturer also promises, Buzz B-Gone is a good mosquito repellent, but it does not provide 100% protection against mosquito bites. On the other hand, the success rate is very high and those who have to count new mosquito bites night after night can be happy about it. Because they too benefit from the mosquito repellent function and record fewer and fewer of them. Another advantage is that Buzz B-Gone can be used at home, on holiday or in the office. It is not tied to a specific place of use.

General Buzz B-Gone reviews

While searching for information, we also came across reports from people who had already had their experiences with Buzz B-Gone and told us about the mosquito repellent device. We took a look at their testimonials and got the impression that the mosquito repellent product was very well received and customers are happy to recommend it to others. A mosquito bite is always annoying for everyone who comes into contact with it. Therefore, the users of Buzz B-Gone also reported their complaints and what relief the mosquito repellent device had brought them. Most people don’t want to miss it on warm summer nights, because they can then leave the window open without any effort to sleep at a comfortable temperature. We could not find any negative experience reports. Therefore we assume that the number of satisfied customers was very high and nobody had anything to complain about. Additional customer views can you find when clicking this link!

Why do I need this mosquito repellent?

The mosquito repellent device is basically aimed at anyone who would like to create a mosquito-free zone in their rooms. Those who also have children will benefit from it, as well as older people who no longer want to bear the pain of a mosquito bite. The mosquito repellent device is a great advantage for young and old, regardless of whether you are male or female. In addition, people who have already tried other methods of mosquito repellent, but were not so successful, can also benefit from it. Accordingly, Buzz B-Gone is interesting for a particularly large target group that cannot be clearly defined.

Are there any problems with Buzz B-Gone?

After we have been convinced of the quality and capabilities of Buzz B-Gone and read the testimonials, we can confirm that Buzz B-Gone will not cause you any problems. It is completely easy to use and the mosquito repellent device works reliably. However, you should also keep in mind that although the success rate is very high, this does not always protect you from a mosquito bite. Because a mosquito bite can also occur if you have illuminated the whole room with Buzz B-Gone.

Known FAQ about this product

Finally, in this section we would like to clarify any questions that may have remained open and that can still be obtained about the device.

  • Q: How long does it take to use Buzz B-Gone? 
    • A: Normal shipping takes up to 30 days. The manufacturer points out that it depends on where you order the device from and therefore the delivery time can be a bit faster.
  • Q: Is it completely safe to pay? 
    • A: With online services there is always a certain risk. But the methods used here offer the highest possible security, so that you can be sure that the money will arrive where you send it. Nevertheless, methods such as Paypal provide buyer protection that can be used in an emergency.
  • Q: Is the use completely harmless? 
    • A: Buzz B-Gone can also be used in the children’s room, which qualifies it to be particularly safe to use. In addition, the operation is so easy that even children can understand it.
Where can I buy Buzz B-Gone?

Buzz B-Gone is sold through a vendor that works with the manufacturer. Therefore, the mosquito repellent device can be easily purchased over the Internet or from an online shop. As a customer, you can also get special offers that you can use for your financial benefit and which we will discuss in more detail later. First of all to the order: This can be easily done over the website by entering a few data of oneself and then selecting in the form which payment option one wants to take. For this purpose, the manufacturer uses completely risk-free methods such as Paypal or credit card, where you can be sure that the money will arrive there. A few days later, the Buzz B-Gone is shipped and is then delivered by parcel service. You can also try it out right away.

Now we come to the offer formats that we mentioned in the beginning and that also prove to be worthwhile if one wants to install several devices for the mosquito repellent in the household. In these offers, most of the times, several of the devices are represented, but in total, one pays much less per device than in case of a pure single order. By this way, one can not only equip one’s own household but also place a collective order with friends. All in all, the customers will then get much cheaper. However, quick access is the order of the day. Because the offers only come on sale from time to time and last as long as there is a stock. When the next offers will be discontinued is then again questionable.

Buzz B-Gone Technical facts

Normally you would find here the necessary technical features of Buzz B-Gone, but about the mosquito repellent device you can hardly find anything, because the manufacturer is silent about how it works and the like. However, here is some information to help you find your way around:

  • Soft UV light, which doesn’t disturb the consumer
  • Particularly quiet running without disturbing noises
  • Easy to use at night

Unfortunately we could not find any further information that we would normally collect at this point. However, Buzz B-Gone has all the features that such a lamp should have and much more. This is because the intake system is not natural for such products and therefore offers an additional feature that is ideal in combination with the attracting UV light. Buzz B-Gone is also very maintenance-free. Cleaning is very easy by simply unscrewing the unit and removing the container it contains. The mosquitoes inside are disposed of and the container is put back in place. So the device can be used again.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The manufacturer is a company that was looking for alternatives for the current market. Someone who did not want to expose his children to the chemicals in the typical products and wanted to ensure a quiet night without mosquito bites. The company has the following address: Think Tech Sales Limited, Rm 709B, 7/F, Opulent Building, 402-406 Hennessy Road, WAN CHAI, Hong Kong. A support email address for questions is set up as follows: [email protected].

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  3. This is not a repellent. It attracts the insect to the light and traps it. It’s a trap which needs to be carefully placed.

  4. I used this product for three days [with no wind] and I was eaten alive by musquitoes every day. On the third day I let smoke float right over the machine and it blew right over it. If it can’t draw in smoke how can it suck in bugs? After three days I emptyed it and there where No Bugs! ZERO. This product is useless. You should be ashamed of such a scam.

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