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Updated on March 27, 2021

A big problem that can rob you of sleep at night is snoring. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. Actually, men are a bit more often affected, but more and more women are also complaining about snoring at night. There are numerous measures for this, but they are not always as effective as the manufacturer promises. Sleep Connection offers a good basis for this, which can be used without torture or similar. Today we want to introduce the anti-snoring bracelet and put it through its paces.

Snoring is an issue that usually starts once you hit the late-twenties. Have you ever felt tired even after waking up from an entire night of sleep? This is a major issue that has been reported by multiple experts. This is known as sleep apnea. You need to check with a certified doctor whether you are suffering from sleep apnea or not. Getting to the bottom of this problem can help you with your snoring woes as well. 

What is Sleep Connection?

Sleep Connection is an anti-snoring bracelet which works with a natural concept to free the sleeping person from snoring. It is a well-tried practice often used by spouses in a shared bed. They try to get the partner to turn around. Often this serves its purpose, but it has the disadvantage of waking both parties. Sleep Connection performs this task completely without the influence of a partner and is therefore perfectly designed for a quiet night. Here are some of the features that the manufacturer puts in the foreground:

  • Restful and regenerative sleep
  • No disturbance of the partner
  • Shifts the body so that you can breathe better
  • Better oxygen absorption is possible
  • The next day you’re more likely to sleep in.
  • Uncomplicated use on the wrist

As you can see, the anti-snoring wristband allows a good night’s sleep, which not only significantly supports health, but also lets both partners sleep in peace. You shift so that you can breathe better – a common problem, which always occurs anyway when you snore.

Sleep Connection

What are the Sleep Connection quality features?

There are generally no quality seals or similar for Sleep Connection. However, we can assure you that the anti-snoring bracelet does its job reliably. However, the efficiency depends on the sleeper himself. The manufacturer guarantees a reliability of about 60 to 70 percent and therefore for some people it can take a little longer until a reliable effect occurs. In any case it is worth a try to try Sleep Connection and check its effect. Only those who get an idea of the anti-snoring bracelet can determine whether they can benefit from it themselves.

We have taken the liberty of checking the device once, as we know the problem and think that there is a lack of possibilities that promise the highest possible success rate. During our first nights we found the device to be somewhat large. But as it is worn like a normal wristwatch, we got along with it very well and got used to it quickly. We didn’t wake up at night when there were electrical impulses, but in the morning we noticed that we were more rested and thus better able to get through the day. In general, the device seems to work, but it is different for everyone. One colleague who tried the bracelet was constantly woken up during the night because he had a very light sleep and thus noticed the impulses again and again. Accordingly, for him sleep was not particularly characterised by relaxation.

All in all, however, we can say that our expectations were slightly exceeded, because a certain amount of recovery is quite possible by means of the electrical impulses, provided that you are not already suffering from a very light sleep from which you wake up quickly.

Sleep Connection rating and recommendation

We would like to recommend Sleep Connection all in all very much. We believe that it is a good anti-snoring bracelet, from whose characteristics you can benefit and with which you can easily manage not to be woken up at night by your partner’s snoring attacks. The good thing is that it is an alternative for so many people who have already tried other products but have been unsuccessful with them. The anti-snoring bracelet is definitely worth a try. Therefore we recommend Sleep Connection in any case, because a try does not harm in any case.


General information about the anti-snoring wristband

It is important to charge Sleep Connection after receiving it. This is usually done within a few hours. Afterwards you can already use the anti-snoring bracelet. It is put on like a normal wristwatch and can also be worn overnight. If you then tend to snore, this is indicated to the anti-snoring wristband, which sends a light electrical impulse to your wrist with the help of its sensors. This finally tempts the sleeper to turn around. This concept has become a custom in many marriages and partnerships, but it often leads to both parties being awake at the end and not being able to sleep. Sleep Connection performs this action without problems and without waking the sleeping person. Via his subconscious it is signalled to him that he has to turn around and therefore all parties are undisturbed and one enjoys a calm and relaxed sleep.

Anti Snoring Device

General Sleep Connection reviews

When we were looking for information about Sleep Connection, we also looked for the opinions of others. In the process, we came across various field reports that we wanted to take a closer look at. Most of those who used the anti-snoring wristband first had to get used to the new events a little, but they quickly got it over with and were able to benefit from the advantages. Sleep Connection is an anti-snoring wristband that is easy to use and shows quick results. Most users praised this across the board and showed a high level of satisfaction. They were happy to recommend it to other users who had tried other products that did not help with snoring. Most of them had good experiences with Sleep Connection and would not want to do without it. We could not find any negative experience reports. The only thing we could read from time to time was that it sometimes takes a while before you feel an effect. However, most users were convinced of the bracelet’s function and think it’s definitely worth trying. Via this link you’ll find additional customer reviews!

Pros and Cons of Sleep Connection

As with any health product, it is important to know the pros and cons of the product before deciding to buy it. We would like to take this as an opportunity to explain all the advantages and disadvantages you can expect from Sleep Connection. This is the only way you can decide whether the anti-snoring bracelet is the right one for you.


– Easy handling

– Undisturbed night’s sleep

– Peaceful sleep

– Equally suitable for every age group

– Not only has a positive effect on your own health

– Also lets your partner sleep very well


– None known

As you can see, Sleep Connection has only advantages for you, so that you don’t have to fear anything negative with the anti-snoring bracelet. Not only does it allow you to sleep peacefully, but it also protects the person who is in the same bed with you. Your partner can now sleep well without any effort. You no longer have to worry about snoring. This is why the anti-snoring bracelet is so interesting for everyone who has such a problem with it.

Why do I need this anti-snoring bracelet?

The Anti-Snoring Bracelet is primarily aimed at everyone who has a problem with snoring and wants to get rid of it forever. It is absolutely irrelevant which age group you belong to. Young and old alike can benefit from Sleep Connection, because the anti-snoring bracelet solves the problem in every age group. Although it is more common for men to snore, more and more women are complaining that they can hardly breathe at night or have considerable problems during the day because they snore at night. In general, Sleep Connection is definitely worth a try. Even if you have already tested other products that you can buy at the market. With Sleep Connection you can generally have good experiences in every age group, regardless of gender.

Are there possibly problems with Sleep Connection?

What we see as problems with the Sleep Connection bracelet is its big appearance. It may be perceived as disturbing while you sleep. Especially sensitive people are addressed by this. Normally, this sensation will be regulated after a few days, so that you can sleep with Sleep Connection on your arm without disturbance. The anti-snoring bracelet neither sticks to the skin nor does it scratch. A long-term success is therefore possible. However, it should be mentioned at this point that it is not recommended to wear the Sleep Connection if you are equipped with a pacemaker. This could be negatively influenced by the use of Sleep Connection. Otherwise we can not find any problems with Sleep Connection.

Known FAQ about this product

In the following, let’s clarify the general questions that may have arisen in the course of the article about Sleep Connection:

  • Q: The bracelet does not work – What to do? 
    • A: Please check if the batteries are inserted correctly.
  • Q: What is included in the scope of delivery? 
    • A: The scope of delivery includes the anti-snoring wristband Sleep Connection, an English user manual, a conductive foil and a cable with which you can charge the device.
  • Q: How long is the battery life for Sleep Connection?
    • A: The battery life is about eight hours.
  • Q: What is the success rate?
    • A: Tests have shown that Sleep Connection has an approximately 60-70 percent chance of success.
  • Q: I feel the pulse is too strong – can I change it? 
    • A: The wristband offers the possibility to control the intensity of the impulse and to reduce it slightly if necessary. It is therefore recommended to test the individual settings. It is most helpful if the impulse is set as low as possible but as high as necessary.
Where can I buy Sleep Connection?

It is best to buy directly from the manufacturer who sells his product over the Internet. An own homepage explains the facts and also offers the possibility to order at the same time. Sleep Connection is also available in the form of various offers about which we will inform you later. For a direct order, just visit the website and fill out the order form. This can be done quickly by entering several details. Afterwards you will be guided through the payment process, which is mostly supported by options like Paypal or credit card. They are as risk-free as possible and offer you an easy payment. Afterwards the Sleep Connection is quickly handed over to the shipping department and arrives at your place by parcel post. You can try out the anti-snoring bracelet immediately afterwards.

Now we come to the offers we mentioned at the beginning. These are primarily time-limited. So they are only available for a certain period of time. Strike when you catch them, because it is not sure when they will ever come back. They usually contain several of the watches and provide you with an optimal use. Because you can put one on while you let the other one charge. On the other hand, these formats also offer the possibility of collective ordering if you want to do this with friends. The advantage: You pay less per anti-snoring bracelet than for an individual order. So it is worth it for all involved.

Sleep Connection – Technical facts

Now let’s get to the technical facts that make Sleep Connection what it is. All in all, we could find relatively little information about this that we can use. Here, however, we have summarized the most important facts for you, so that you can get a good impression:

  • Generates tiny electrical impulses on the wrist
  • Integrated bio-sensors that can localize snoring
  • Transmit the electrical signal via rubber elements
  • Simple operation thanks to integrated on/off switch

The manufacturer also guarantees problem-free operation of the anti-snoring device and therefore only equips the wrist strap with an on/off switch. It is important that during operation the two rubber elements rest well on the wrist in order to notice the impulses at night when the wristband signals that you should turn around.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The manufacturer of Sleep Connection has the following address: Sleep Connection Store, 2200 Dunbarton Dr. Suite E Cheasapeake VA 23325. If you have any questions or require further information, you can contact a support email address at [email protected]. It is important that you contact the dealer in English, as this is the best way to obtain the best information. The manufacturer also claims that it has already satisfied 120,000 customers so far and that it has given them a quieter night with Sleep Connection.


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