Medterra Review: How Are Their CBD Products?

Updated on February 25, 2021

The CBD market is expanding rapidly and gives us a vast selection of brands that may offer exactly what we need. Every brand promises their products are the best, but not all of them live up to the customers’ expectations.

If you have searched for CBD products online or in some stores, chances are high you came across Medterra.

Is this brand reliable?

What to expect from their products?

Our review focuses on every aspect of Medterra, ranging from the hemp source to shipping and returns. Scroll down to see whether you could find their products useful.

Medterra Review: Brand Overview

Medterra was founded in 2017 by a group of individuals who shared passion for the power of CBD products. The brand believes CBD-related products should be available at an affordable price to people who need them.

For quite some time, CBD products were expensive, and not everyone could afford them. As time goes by, the story is changing, and now we witness the rise of brands like Medterra that prioritize high quality at a reasonable price.

The whole brand’s existence lies in the three concepts:

  • Caring for others
  • Continual innovation
  • CBD for all

Medterra’s effort to create safe and effective products is best depicted in the fact they have a medical advisory board. The team of medical experts helps the company research, formulate, and create their CBD products.

1)  CBD source

Medterra sources CBD for all its products from American Hemp farms in Kentucky. This may come to seem unusual to you because most CBD brands work with Colorado-based farms.

Choosing Kentucky hemp farms wasn’t a reckless decision. Medterra explains that Kentucky is located in a region that hosts long growing seasons and provides rich soil for the best possible quality. The hemp used by Medterra is farmed in accordance with the strict guidelines set by the Department of Agriculture and the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program.

Medterra opted for Kentucky-grown hemp because the soil in this state is richer than in Colorado. This also means the quality of hemp is better as well.

2)  Lab tests

Medterra sends each batch of CBD for third-party testing to confirm quality and guarantee the products are free of contaminants. The results of third-party testing are available on the official website, here.

Additionally, each product page features the Lab Purity Testing section, where current and potential customers can check the latest testing results. Third-party tests show the level of cannabinoids present in the product and whether there are heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents.

3)  Shipping & returns policy

Medterra CBD sells its products on the official website and in some stores. The website has a Store Locator feature where you can enter the city name or ZIP code to find the nearest store with Medterra products. For instance, some of their products are available at CVS and 7-Eleven.

Besides the US, Medterra CBD products are also available in other regions, such as the countries of the European Union. Just select the right flag on the top right corner of the official site, and you’ll be redirected to the page for your region.

Orders placed Monday-Friday before 12 PM PST are dispatched the same day in most cases. Medterra suggests customers should order a new batch of their favorite products when half of their CBD is gone to delay shipping delays.

Shipping is not free. At the checkout, you can calculate shipping costs based on the shipment option you select. Shipping times may vary from four to seven business days.

Shipments within the U.S. territory are sent via:

  • USPS First Class
  • USPS Priority Mail
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Express Saver
  • FedEx 2 Day
  • FedEx Standard Overnight

The brand advises customers to check the products immediately upon arrival. In case a product is damaged, you need to make a claim within 72 hours of receiving by sending an email to the customer service.

Customers who aren’t satisfied with Medterra’s products may request a refund of the full purchase price minus shipping costs within 30 days of the product receiving date. When returning a product, you are required to pay shipping.

Medterra Pros & Cons

The thorough analysis of the brand highlighted both the good and the not-so-good side. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Medterra CBD.


  • Reliable brand
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-GMO
  • 0% THC
  • U.S. Hemp Authority certified
  • Third-party laboratory test results are shown on the website
  • Positive user experiences
  • Rewards program


  • No products for vaping (which is inconvenient as vaping has become incredibly popular)
  • No full-spectrum products

Medterra Product Reviews

Medterra has various CBD products in its offer, and nearly all of them are isolates i.e., they contain all 99.6% of CBD and no THC. In fact, the brand prides itself on being 0% THC, which is important because most products out there contain traces of this cannabinoid.

On their website (or in stores), you can find products such as CBD immune boost, Broad Spectrum + CBG tincture, CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD supplements, and CBD topicals.

Below, we’re going to focus on oil, gummies, and supplements. 

#1 CBD oil

The CBD oil tincture made by Medterra is an isolate. In other words, it contains 99.6% of CBD, unlike broad-spectrum products that contain all cannabinoids but THC or full-spectrum that delivers all of them. Since the tincture contains CBD isolate, its potency is significant.

CBD oil comes in three strength levels, such as:

  • 500mg – 16mg of CBD per 1ml dropper
  • 1000mg – 33mg of CBD per 1ml dropper
  • 3000mg – 100mg of CBD per 1ml dropper

This is the most popular product made by Medterra, and it was specifically created with ease of use in mind. You can take this CBD oil sublingually day or night.


For the purpose of making this CBD oil tincture, Medtera used CO2 extraction processes that allowed them to draw CBD from the plant and filter out unnatural substances.

Since Medterra’s CBD oil is isolate the list of ingredients is simple. The product contains CBD and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT). The reason why coconut MCT is added to CBD oils like this one is simple – this healthy lipid or fat allows CBD to be more effective and diffused for absorption.

Customer Reviews

Users report this CBD oil works great to provide clarity and focus, promote sleep, and alleviate pain. They also say this CBD oil doesn’t have a nasty taste. Based on customer reviews, the tincture supports general wellbeing and quality of life.

Should you buy it?

As the most popular product made by Medterra CBD oil isolate has a lot to offer. Powerful, safe, and effective are probably the best adjectives to describe this product. Besides affordable prices, the tincture also comes with different potency levels.

However, if you are looking for CBD oil with different flavor options, this may not be a great choice. It’s useful to mention, though, that absence of flavors doesn’t indicate bad tastes as many users say it’s not nasty at all.

You may want to give it a try.

#2 CBD gummies

CBD gummies have become a popular and fun way to consume this cannabinoid. Medterra decided to jump on the bandwagon but still wanted to stand out. And for a good cause! The brand didn’t want to offer the same gummies as everyone else. Most gummies on the market use high fructose corn syrup and are laden in sugar. A vast majority of CBD gummies use animal gelatin which makes them unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians

Medterra wanted to make their CBD gummies entirely different. Three options of CBD gummies are available, and they are Stay Alert, Sleep Tight, and Keep Calm. Each gummy has 25mg of CBD. Also, these gummies don’t contain high fructose corn syrup and sugar.


Since three forms of CBD gummies are available, their ingredients list is different.

Keep Calm has a natural tropical fruit flavor and, in addition to CBD, it contains 50mg of l-theanine, which promotes a natural sense of relaxation and calm without drowsiness.

Sleep Tight has a strawberry flavor. Besides CBD, these gummies also contain natural sleep-aides such as lemon balm and chamomile. Each serving also contains 3mg Melatonin, which is well-known for its ability to promote sleep. Other ingredients in Sleep Tight CBD gummies include l-theanine, passionflower, and 5-HTP, which works to improve sleep by increasing melatonin production.

Stay Alert gummies have a citrus punch flavor. Besides CBD, these gummies contain a powerful blend of natural ingredients such as green tea, guarana, and ginkgo biloba. The premise behind these gummies is to help users take control of their minds, improve your focus, boost productivity levels, and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on customer reviews, CBD gummies made by Medterra do what they promise. Depending on the product, they either promote calmness and relaxation or provide energy and focus on going through the day.

Should You Buy it?

CBD gummies made by Medterra are worth checking out. They don’t contain sugar, gelatin, and high fructose corn syrup. Instead, entirely natural ingredients are used to make sure you get delicious yet effective gummies with decent CBD content.

#3  CBD capsules

Medterra’s CBD capsules are dubbed the easiest and fastest way to introduce CBD to your system. The capsules contain CBD isolate and come in three forms Gel Capsules, Good Morning, and CBD + Melatonin. While Gel Capsules strengths include 25mg and 50mg, other types of CBD supplements are available at 25mg strength only.


Just like with the CBD gummies ingredients depend on the product you choose. What all of them have in common is the CBD infused with organic MCT oil.

Gel Capsules contain only MCT oil and CBD, but capsules are made of bovine gelatin, meaning they are not suitable for vegans.

Good Morning capsules contain a proprietary blend that combines energizing boost of caffeine, vitamins B6 and B12, l-tyrosine, and l-theanine to give you mental clarity.

CBD + Melatonin, as you can conclude, relies on 25mg of CBD combined with 10mg of Melatonin to help you sleep better. These capsules also contain spearmint, magnesium stearate, d-mannitol, and other compounds, including crospovidone, for better absorption.

Customer Reviews

Users say CBD capsules from Medterra do what they promised. For example, CBD + Melatonin improves the quality of sleep significantly. Good Morning capsules are described as effective in helping people do better at their jobs. Besides these effects, capsules are also described as beneficial for pain relief.

Should You Buy it?

If you are looking for daily and convenient CBD support, then capsules are a great option. Although not the best option for vegans, these capsules still offer many people much-needed calmness, energy, productiveness, and even pain relief.

Medterra Buying Guide

Medterra has a great selection of CBD products. The experience with some brand depends on many factors, including your ability to choose the type of product from their offer. These tips can help you out.

Clarify your goals

Nobody buys a product just for the sake of spending money. The reason behind every purchase exists, and you need to find yours.

What do you want the CBD product to do?

Clarify your goals, and you will get one step closer to finding the ideal CBD product from Medterra.

What’s your favorite method?

The best way to get the most from a product or brand is to consider the favorite CBD consumption method. But, what if you don’t have the favorite method of taking CBD? Then try the following:

  • Tincture/oil – you want fast absorption and versatility, or you aren’t a fan of gummies, and capsules aren’t working for you.
  • Capsules – you want a product with a pre-determined dose to take daily, on-the-go support.
  • Gummies – you love to try new things and look for a fun way to take CBD.
  • Topicals – your main goal is to find CBD products to tackle joint and muscle pain, address some skin conditions.


Now that you have determined the ideal CBD method based on your needs, it’s time to go one step further. You need to choose the right potency. Medterra offers products with different strength levels. If you’ve never used CBD before, start with the lowest potency.

Check Reviews

Medterra’s website has thousands of user reviews that you can check. Look for people whose stories are similar to yours. See which products they liked the most.

Medterra FAQ

Is Medterra CBD legit?

Products made by Medterra CBD are certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, confirming they meet strict quality standards. The quality of their products and positive user experiences are enough to conclude Medterra CBD is legit.

Will Medterra’s products get me high?

Medterra’s products do not contain THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis plants. The regular use of their products won’t make you high.

Do Medterra’s products cause side effects?

Medterra focuses on the quality of their products to make sure users experience all the benefits without side effects. Customers didn’t report adverse reactions, either. While it’s unlikely, Medterra CBD products will cause side effects; you should still adhere to the instructions provided by the brand.

Is Medterra CBD oil good for anxiety?

CBD oils support general health and wellbeing. Many users report it helped manage their anxiety.

How does Medterra’s rewards program work?

Medterra has a special program that rewards customers who join, buy on their website, and refer a friend. For every dollar, you spend you get 2 points. When you collect a certain number of points, you can get a discount on your order. For example:

  • 250 points – $10 off
  • 500 points – $25 off
  • 1000 points – $60 off

Members of the rewards program can redeem points for gift cards to use at checkout. You also get 250 points by signing up.

How to contact Medterra’s customer service?

Customer service is available via:

The working hours of customer support are Monday-Friday, 6 am – 5 pm PST. On Saturdays, customer support works from 8 am to 2 pm PST.

You can also use the contact form on the official website to send a message.

Conclusion: Should you Buy Medterra Products?

Medterra CBD has become a well-known brand among CBD enthusiasts. In only a few years, Medterra has done a lot to take the CBD market to a new level. To ensure the quality and safety of its product, the brand advises experts and sends every batch for third-party testing.

The selection of products is great, but if you’re into vaping, then you won’t be able to find something for yourself. However, we can’t rule out the possibility of creating vaping products as more and more people vape every day.

All in all, users have positive experiences with Medterra’s products, and prices are affordable. This fits easily into the brand’s core philosophy that quality CBD products should be available to all.

However, it may be inconvenient for some people that Medterra has no full-spectrum products. But if you’re looking for 0% THC, this brand is great as many companies admit their products contain traces of this psychoactive cannabinoid.

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