CBDistillery Review: Learn about the Brand That Started the #CBDMovement!

Updated on February 25, 2021

Before you start using CBD, it’s practical to learn more about a brand behind the products. This is often easier said than done because the information available online is largely biased and subjective.

You, as a reader, don’t get an objective picture when trying to learn about some brand, and that’s a huge disadvantage. After all, it’s difficult to determine whether their products are right for you or not.

The reason why this happens is the lack of knowledge by authors who wrote those posts. Another reason is the paid sponsorships, which may lead to generating a “too good to be true” vibe.

Considering how difficult it is to find reliable and trustworthy reviews of products and brands, we’ve decided to help you out.

Reviews of products and manufacturers we publish are a result of our experiences and dedicated research.

In this post, you can learn more about the CBDistillery brand and its products.

Is this brand as reliable as you think?

Are their products good enough for you?

Scroll down to get much-needed, unbiased info about CBDistillery.

CBDistillery Review: Brand Overview

CBDistillery is one of the most well-known brands in this industry. A group of Colorado natives founded CBDistillery in 2016 with a goal to provide easy access to hemp-derived CBD products to everyone. They also aim to educate the public about the benefits and importance of CBD.

Over the years, CBDistillery has become more than a regular brand. They started #CBDMOVEMENT that aims to inspire people about alternative methods of wellness. The movement has become quite a success, according to the brand, as indicated by:

  • Over 440k mentions
  • More than 37,000 downloads of The Ultimate CBD User Guide (free to obtain)
  • 26k+ verified reviews and testimonials
  • Over one million satisfied customers

CBD Source

CBDistillery uses high-quality, fairly priced, U.S.-grown hemp as a source of CBD for its products. Since the company is based in Colorado, all its products are manufactured in this state.

The brand focuses on quality and has strict criteria and standards that all plants must meet so they can be used for CBD oils and other products. All hemp is grown for high potency CBD concentrates.

The advantage of using U.S.-grown hemp is the adherence to strict agricultural regulations that ensures the highest quality and absence of pesticides and other pathogenic chemicals.

Lab tests

The lab testing is defined as a practice of sending CBD products to an independent testing facility. Those products are, then, third-party tested to assess cannabinoid content and verify quality.

Third-party testing confirms the products have not been contaminated and confirm claims by the manufacturer.

Lab testing ensures transparency, accuracy, and verify the potency of CBD products.

CBDistillery sends all its products to an independent third-party lab. According to one of the posts, CBDistillery was among the first manufacturers to provide customer access to the third-party test results of every product in their offer.

The third-party test results are displayed among the images of every product on the CBDistillery website. Additionally, customers can also access these results by scanning the QR code on the product label.

Results of third-party lab tests neatly display the order, collection, and report dates alongside information, whether specific to the type of the product. For example, when checking out the CBD oil, you can see whether it contains pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, residual solvents. Potency, terpenes, and water activity are also tested.

The results show the content of CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, other cannabinoids, and total cannabinoids.

Shipping and return policy

CBDistillery orders are shipped via UPS within 48 hours after payment is processed. Since orders placed on Friday are shipped the following Monday or Tuesday, the brand advises customers to order their products at the beginning of the business week for faster shipping.

Once the order is shipped, the customer receives the UPS tracking number on the email they provided. The expected delivery is within five to seven days after the order has been shipped.

Generally speaking, free shipping is available on all orders $75 or more after any discount code or sale price is applied. At the moment, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CBDistillery offers free shipping on all orders. It’s not clear until when they offer this useful perk.

The brand tries to be accommodating with cancellations and urges customers who have changed their minds about their orders to contact the customer service via email. If the order has been shipped, customers can contact customer support to arrange the return.

The return policy of CBDistillery is simple. Customers can return all unused and unopened items within seven days of delivery. Returns of opened and used products are not accepted. Per their policy, every customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

The process of returning products is straightforward. After the customer service representative confirms the return address, the customer ships the product, and emails the tracking number back to customer service. Upon the return of the product, CBDistilly issues refund and sends an email confirmation. The refund amount is posted within seven to 10 days.

CBDistillery Pros & Cons

Like other brands and products, CBDistillery has some unique advantages alongside certain shortcomings. Below, you can see the pros and cons to keep in mind when deciding whether CBDistillery meets your needs and preferences.


  • Reliable brand
  • Certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority
  • Third-party tested, results shown on the website
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • CBD obtained from U.S.-grown hemp
  • A wide selection of products
  • Natural farming practices
  • Non-GMO
  • Affordable prices


  • Some people complained about customer service
  • Shipping delays, especially around holidays or weekends
  • Broad-spectrum products may still contain trace amounts of THC
  • The website should be easier to navigate and get informed

CBDistillery Product Reviews

CBDistillery has a vast selection of products under its belt. On their website, you can find CBD oils, softgels, gummies, topical, and powder products. Further, in the post, we are going to focus on CBD oil, gummies, and cream made by this brand.

1. CBD Oil


The brand claims they sell only the highest-quality oils derived from non-GMO hemp grown in the United States. While many CBD brands focus on one type of oil, CBDistillery provides different kinds to meet the expectations of a larger group of people. That way, on their website, you can shop for:

  • Broad-spectrum CBD oils – containing all cannabinoids except THC
  • Full-spectrum CBD oils – includes all active hemp-derived cannabinoids including <0.3% THC
  • Isolate – all cannabinoids including THC are removed, containing only CBD
  • CBG – cannabigerol (CBG) is a less abundant cannabinoid, but delivers certain health benefits

All CBD oils come at different potencies and strengths, ranging from regular strength to maximum strength, max plus, and extra strength.


In addition to cannabinoids, CBDistillery also uses fractionated coconut oil (MCT) for its oils. Fractionated coconut oil is virgin coconut oil that has been distilled, thus allowing long-chain fatty acids to separate and solidify for removal.

The reason why brands like CBDistillery add fractionated coconut oil to their CBD oils is the high level of antioxidants, healthy fats, and beneficial for health. Additionally, fractionated coconut oil is flavorless, easy to keep, sustainable, and preferred carrier oil by many.

Let’s focus on each type of CBD oil offered by CBDistillery.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil tinctures are available in three potency levels, such as 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg. No flavors are available, only natural option. Broad-spectrum CBD oil is formulated to deliver all wellness benefits of full-plant extract but without THC. That way, the users can experience the entourage effect, without worrying about introducing THC to their system.

CBDistillery describes their broad-spectrum CBD oil ideal for everyday use because users have the flexibility to adjust the serving size easily. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains:

  • Fractionated coconut oil (MCT)
  • Broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract
  • Natural terpenes

The recommended intake is one serving (1ml) orally. Hold the tincture under your tongue for 15 to 20 seconds before swallowing. There is 17mg of CBD per 1ml if you get regular strength (500mg).

Full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures are sold at potency levels ranging from 500mg to 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg. There are also 150mg and 600mg full-spectrum CBD oils for pets.

The full-spectrum CBD oil combines naturally occurring plant proteins with minerals and vitamins to allow users to experience all the benefits cannabis plants offer. The THC content in full-spectrum CBD oil is <0.3%. Ingredients in this type of oil include:

  • Fractionated coconut oil (MCT)
  • Full-spectrum CBD hemp extract

The recommended intake method is the same as with broad-spectrum oil – one serving equals to 1ml of the tincture.

Isolate CBD oils are color-coded. Different colors represent different potency level, such as:

  • Green – 250mg
  • Blue – 500mg
  • Orange – 1000mg
  • Red – 2500mg
  • Purple – 5000mg

The isolate oils were specifically created to deliver pure CBD and 0.0% THC. In this case, the ingredient list is simple:

  • Fractionated coconut oil (MCT)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp extract

Only one CBG oil is sold by CBDistillery, and its potency is 1000mg. More precisely, we’re talking about CBG + CBD oil tincture 1:1, which gives users all wellness benefits of full-plant extract CBD with the added benefit of CBG, the mother, or stem cell cannabinoid. The tincture is dubbed excellent for everyday use. Ingredients in this product include:

  • Full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Cannabigerol
  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Natural terpenes

Customer Reviews

Users typically have positive experiences with CBD oils made by this brand. They report the oils to work great, helps them relax and sleep better, improve focus, and promote general wellbeing. Although no flavor options are available, the customers report these CBD oils don’t have a lingering aftertaste, and the overall taste is mild, not overly noticeable.

Should You Buy it?

If you are looking for affordably priced high-quality CBD oils, then you may want to consider the products made by CBDistillery. The greatest advantage of their tinctures is the selection of different types and potency levels. Users have positive experiences which could explain why these tinctures are among the most popular products of its kinds on the market.

2. CBD Gummies


CBD gummies have become a convenient and fun way to consume CBD for many people. The CBDistillery offers two options of CBD gummies: regular (could be easily considered as daytime) and nighttime gummies. Both options are isolates and contain 0% THC. Additionally, both types of gummies are suitable for vegans and vegetarians too.

The most important characteristics of CBD gummies from CBDistillery include:

  • Gluten-free
  • Allergen-free
  • Kosher
  • Variety of flavors including raspberry-lemon, raspberry, and strawberry
  • Convenient and portable


The formulation used to make gummies is more complex than ingredients in tinctures. In this case, a lot more ingredients are necessary to create a delicious gummy that people chew daily.

The CBD gummies, regular formula, are available in 30mg potency. One bottle contains 25 gummies. The brand used a new and improved formula to take these gummies to a new level. Ingredients used to make these gummies include CBD and tapioca syrup, sugar, water, pectin, natural flavors, sodium citrate citric acid, malic acid, fruit and vegetable juice (color), and tapioca starch.

The CBD Nighttime gummies, also come in 30mg potency and with 25 gummies per bottle. The ingredient list is the same as in the above-mentioned gummies, but with the addition of melatonin, 1.5mg to promote relaxation and sleep. Recommended intake is to take the desired serving before bed and chew.


Customer Reviews

Customers had mainly positive things to say about these gummies. Some of them even went so far to acknowledge CBDdistillery’s gummies are their go-to gummies now. Users describe these gummies as delicious and calming. However, some customers confess they wish the gummies came with 30 counts per bottle instead of 25. The great taste was also one of many things users liked about CBD gummies.

Should You Buy it?

CBD gummies by CBDistillery are dubbed delicious and effective. You may want to consider buying them if you’re not into adjusting doses and measuring CBD. Gummies are pre-measured and take away the “hard” work. This is particularly important if you’re new to CBD and have no experience in measuring and adjusting dosages.

3. CBD Cream


The popularity of CBD topical products keeps growing, and CBDistillery has a vast selection under its belt. Salve, lip balm, skincare cream, relief stick, CBD warming cream, and CBD cooling cream are available on the website.

Only salve and CBD skincare cream are full-spectrum products, while all other topicals are broad-spectrum. The main difference between salve and cream is the fact creams use a percentage of water in their bases while salves focus on oil and wax only.

The CBD cream made by CBDistillery is specifically designed to support the skin with the power of CBD and provide localized relief. That’s why the cream is suitable for people who deal with joint and muscle pains. The potency of skincare CBD cream is 500mg, and since it’s a full-spectrum product, it contains <0.3% THC.


The composition of CBD cream is expectedly more complex than in other products.

Besides full spectrum hemp extract, the CBD cream relies on coconut oil, hemp seed oil, olive oil, apricot oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, beeswax, self-emulsifying wax N, glycerin, essential oils (lavender, rosemary, frankincense, tea tree, and helichrysum), leucidal SF complete, rosemary antioxidant CO2 extract, and grapefruit seed extract.

The ingredients were carefully chosen to increase the absorption of CBD but also to nourish the skin and provide important nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents.

CBDistillery recommends applying a liberal amount of the product to the desired area. Make sure to massage the cream into the skin in circular motions.


Customer Reviews

Users like the results and report it helped lower neck and muscle pain. Besides pain-relieving effects, customers also praise the smell of this CBD cream. Overall, the cream had high scores in terms of product effectiveness, customer experience, and pricing.

Should You Buy it?

If you have arthritis or joint and muscle pain caused by injuries, CBD cream, and other topical products from CBDistillery could be a great investment. CBD cream could also be practical for active men and women who want to support muscle recovery after a workout.

CBDistillery Buying Guide

Back in time, there were not many options for people who wanted to use CBD. Today the story is different. Various CBD products exist to meet the needs and preferences of different people. Some brands focus on a specific type of product e.g., cream or tincture, but CBDistillery is one of those companies that offer a wide spectrum of CBD items.

If you’ve never used CBD before or you’re looking to get the most out of CBD experience, it may be difficult to decide what to buy. Luckily, there’s a way to make this process easier. This CBDistillery buying guide can help you out.

Consider the consumption method

The preferred CBD consumption method is the first and most important factor to consider when buying these products. Based on the effects you want or characteristics you value, choose the ideal product from CBDistillery. For example:

  • Fast effects – CBD tincture
  • Joint and muscle pain, skin problems such as eczema, headache – CBD topicals
  • Ease of use, accurate dosages – CBD softgels
  • Delicious flavors, accurate doses, discretion – CBD gummies
  • High purity and versatility – CBD powder

Type of the product

As seen throughout this post, CBDistillery offers different types of products, including isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD. If not use what to choose, the following may help:

  • Everyday use – broad-spectrum CBD
  • Full wellness potential of cannabis and optimal entourage effect – full-spectrum
  • Purest CBD – isolate

Always keep in mind that full-spectrum products contain <0.3% THC. If you don’t want to have traces of THC in your system, then opting for broad-spectrum or isolate could be a better choice.


CBDistillery offers its oils, gummies, and other products at different potency levels. Ideally, if you’re new to CBD, the best thing to do is to start with the lowest strength and work your way up if necessary. Bear in mind that higher strengths contain more CBD per 1ml.

The choice of a potency level also depends on the reason you want to use that CBD product. For instance, if you want to alleviate pain, then the decision should also take into account the severity of pain and discomfort.


One of the most important advantages of CBDistillery is the focus on affordable products. That being said, when choosing products on the website, you should still take the budget into consideration.

Browse through the website to check the prices of their products. Then, define your budget and combine it with the above-mentioned criteria. That way, you’ll narrow down the selection and get the ideal product for your needs and preferences.

CBDistilery FAQ

Do CBDistillery products have side effects?

Since the brand uses hemp grown in the U.S. and focuses on the quality and potency of CBD, its products are considered safe for consumption. Users report they experienced results without side effects. However, if you do experience some adverse reaction, consult your doctor, or lower the dose.

Is CBDistillery a good company?

CBDistillery is one of the best all-around suppliers of CBD in the world. Their status is a result of high-quality products combined with affordable prices and great efficacy. The vast selection of products allows CBDistillery to address the needs of a larger group of people. The brand successfully keeps up with the latest developments in the CBD industry, but also sets trends and encourages the growth of its movement.

Who owns CBDistillery?

CBDistillery is, in fact, the legacy brand under Balanced Health Botanicals, which was previously known as ELS Universal. The BHB owns and operates some of the biggest brands in the hemp industry.

Is there international shipping?

At this point, CBDistillery does not offer international shipping.

Is CBDistillery organic?

The brand sources CBD from local Colorado farms that are using responsible sourcing and organic farming practices. However, CBDistillery avoids using the term “organic” when describing their products. For that reason, it would be difficult to confirm CBDistillery is entirely organic. However, the brand uses its platform to educate the public about everything they need to know regarding CBD so they can make wiser purchasing decisions. Through their blog posts, CBDistillery wants to show everything it takes to make a quality product, and it goes beyond whether it’s organic or not.

What is CBDistillery used for?

People use CBDistillery products for different purposes. Some people want to improve their general health and wellbeing; others want to sleep better; some customers want to alleviate pain; reasons are truly numerous.

Is CBDistillery full-spectrum?

Some products made by CBDistillery are full-spectrum, while others are isolates or broad-spectrum.

Can I use CBDistillery products if I’m taking medications for my health condition?

If you have some health condition and are taking medications, it’s practical to consult your healthcare provider first.

How to contact CBDistillery customer service?

To contact a customer service representative at CBDistillery, you can use the live chat feature or send an email. The email address, [email protected], is the preferred method of communicating with customer service according to the brand.

Is CBDistillery legit?

CBDistillery sends all its product to the independent lab for third-party testing. In the spirit of transparency, they show all results on the website. These results confirm claims made by the brand about the quality and potency of their products. For that reason and due to thousands of positive user reviews, CBDistillery is legit.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy CBDistillery Products?

CBDistillery was founded in 2016, and during this relatively short time, the brand has managed to start its movement. Thousands of fans on social media, over a million satisfied customers, affordable prices, and high-quality products are some of the many reasons why CBDistillery stands out.

All in all, we are talking about a reputable and reliable brand that prioritizes quality and desire to educate. Their goal to educate masses about CBD and start a movement that would raise awareness to alternative treatment methods is noble and shows the brand has the wellbeing of the community in mind.

Their selection of products is truly vast, and users have the option to choose full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate products.

Alongside a wide range of advantages, CBDistillery still has a lot of work to do, especially in terms of providing more details about the exact mechanisms of actions their products have. The roles of additional ingredients besides CBD should also be elucidated in detail. This would help current and potential customers learn more about CBD, the product, and all benefits they can expect.

However, despite slight disadvantages, CBDistillery deserves its status as one of the best brands in this industry. Through education, quality of products, and constant work on upping the CBD industry standards, this brand has become one of the strongest forces whose CBD tinctures and other items are worth trying.

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