List Of Easy workout for beginners at home


It’s so hard to leave your toddler at home and rush to gym. Sometimes as the age counts on you and you are no more a social bug, you simply want to stay at home. You want to focus on some basic exercise tasks without using tedious exercise machines, then try these basic tasks. 

Workout types 

  • Low intensity workout 

These are simple basic exercises at home. They include basically stretching and strengthening exercises. They are meant for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body. They work on increasing the flexibility and mobility of the joints and muscles for better quality of life as body ages.

  • High intensity workout  

They basically rely on cardiovascular workouts. They not only improve working and stability of heart and lungs but also work on burning calories and shedding weight. 

  • Customised workouts   

They are designed according to an individual needs and status. They can be altered if the beginner is a person with chronic health issues or has resistant weight loss body structure. 

Advantages of workout 

There are a lot of advantages of these workouts. A healthy routine for  a healthy lifestyle is maintained. It strengthens your body, mind, heart, bones and lungs. It builds your stamina. Your immunity is boosted. You can fight the depression better. It adds quality to your life. If this  is not enough to convince you for trying your beginners workout then take motivation from a good friend. You can together start it.

People who prefer to workout at home  

  • Ladies who cannot manage to go to gym daily or even thrice a week. 
  • Affordability is an factor. This includes gym fees, transport fees and the time required to manage it all.
  • Corona virus nowadays has limitise people within the home. So you can enjoy staying home by starting simple exercise steps. 
  • People with chronic health issues. They cannot coop with the strict gym routine so they prefer to follow something easy at home. 

Prerequisites for work at home 

  • A peaceful and quiet corner of the house is the basic thing you need. The place should be kid proof. Try to tell everyone that no one should interrupt, interfere or intrude while you are working. 
  • A yoga mat and few weights. 
  • Simple exercise equipments should be handy there. They can be skipping ropes, abs wheels etc. 

Warm up exercises:    

You can simply warm up your body by simple walking or jumping. You can warm up your self by stretching full body. 

Exercise options:

We will basically discuss options at home with or without equipment. We will try to keep simple equipments. Which are easy to manage and operate. 

Without equipment 

  • Simple body movements: You can start with any dancing moves or anything that keeps your body in motion. As one basic rule is that any movement in any frequency and intensity is better than sedentary and immobilized body. So, an active up on toes agile body is the first step for further workouts. 
  • Simple push ups: You lie flat on your belly. Fix your toes on the floor and your palms on either side of the head. Balance your body weight on your palms and toes and start lifting up your body above the floor. Hold for some seconds and come back. Repeat as many times as possible. 
  • Planks: They are of various types. Each type basically works by balancing weight and keeping the body aligned. They can be forearm, mountain climbers or side planks.
  • Squats: In simple terms it’s a sitting posture with back straight and knees bend. You hold yourself in that position, stand up and repeat. You can modify it by using weights. It helps to strengthen bones, muscles and flexibility. All these eventually assist in mobility and agility. 
  • Shadow boxing you can try it by simply boxing and repeating the movements at a better speed slowly. 
  • Workouts with chair: These are meant for people who cannot stand for long. They maybe obese, have some chronic diseases or other health issues. They sit on chairs placed flat on a floor with knees bent. Your back should be straight and face uplifted. 
  • You can do a number of workout with or without weights. You can simply move front back or sideways. You can also do leg extensions. Simple thigh squeezes. 
  • Lateral raises: You can simply do this by holding small weights at your sides. keep your wrists straight and elbows bent. Now lift the weights up to shoulders and down. 
  • Head press: You can do this simply by pressing the weights overhead. Hold it there and bring back down. Repeat as many times as convenient. 
  • Crunches: You can do abdominal crunches by lying flat on the yoga mat. Now try to touch your hands to your feet without bending your knees. You can modify it by bending the knees and trying to touch it with head.

With equipment 

  • Skipping ropes: You can simply use skipping ropes at home. You can start with ten jumps initially and then you can increase them gradually. 
  • Abs-wheels: This consists of a simple small rod with two small wheels for rolling front and back. You fix your toes, hold rod at two ends firmly and try rolling forward and backwards. 
  • Lat pull using stretch bands: You can simply do this by stretching the band in your hands as far as possible. You can do a number of different moves using. 
  • Using a medicine ball: A medicine ball helps in innumerable exercises. You can even replace a yoga mat with it in certain moves. You can simply tap on the ball with both feet alternately. You can squeeze both thighs against it. you can curl back and forth on it. You can do chest squeeze with it. Lie with your belly and chest pressing it. Now squeeze it down by bending your elbows as much as possible and then slowly back. Repeat as many times as possible. 
  • Treadmill: These simple exercise machines help the beginners at home. 
  • Indoor Cycling: A simple bucks spent on a simple exercise cycling bike helps in shedding calories easier and earlier. It has the advantage of being user friendly. 

Weight loss plan  

An excellent weight loss plan should have restricted calories intake, combined with exercise and lifestyle changes. 

Stop exercising 

If you are feeling dizzy, headache, nauseating or have recent surgery. You should consult your doctor if you are known diabetic, known asthmatic or suffering blood pressure illnesses. 


You should have an exercise routine. You can start with beginners level and gradually build up. Consistency in workouts and healthy  habits take you a long way on a quality living. Remember you cannot extend the quantity of life but surely you can improve the quality of your life. Healthy habits lead to healthy living.