Top 5 Cannabis Coconut Oil Uses


Coconut oil is one of the most versatile ways to consume cannabis. It’s almost like cannabis and coconut are made for each other. There are numerous ways you can use cannabis coconut oil to derive the health benefits of these super products. Let’s take a look at different cannabis infused coconut oil uses:

Cooking with Cannabis Coconut Oil

This is the most common of all cannabis coconut oil uses. Edibles have become quite popular, creating edibles with coconut oil infused with cannabis is very healthy and delicious. Among all oils, coconut oil is the best since it absorbs THC and CBDs and preserves them throughout the cooking process. This is because coconut oil has a high amount of saturated fat. Other oils lose some of the potency that comes from THC when exposed to high heat during cooking. Thus edibles made from coconut oil infused with cannabis are stronger, more potent and give you a longer-lasting high. However, you have to take care of these edibles since the onset of the full effects of the high can delay for up to 2 hours. Do not overindulge thinking that they are not potent. Other common uses of cannabis coconut oil in the kitchen include making smoothies, coffee, tea salads, soups, spreads, pasta, dressing, sauces etc. Basically, you can use it with anything that can be prepared with oil.

Cannabis Oil for Topical Relief

Cannabis coconut oil topical application is excellent for pain relief, muscle aches, sunburn, chronic pain, joint pain, arthritis and other conditions. It’s so versatile that you should have it in your medicine cabinet. It soothes our muscles and skin and relieves pain by going deep inside the skin and acting on the cause of the pain. Remember, coconut oil is perfect for massage when infused with cannabis; it derives all the beneficial painkilling compounds associated with marijuana to relieve our pain. For people who are hesitant to ingest or smoke cannabis, topical application is an excellent alternative. Topical application doesn’t lead to the psychoactive effects. Doctors reckon that cannabis topicals will be key to more people adopting cannabis as a viable medicine, especially as it relates to pain management. Once a patient gets to experience the soothing effects of a cannabis coconut oil topical, they will be open to consuming it in other ways that are more effective and immediate. The good thing with cannabis topicals is that they have almost zero effects as compared to other pain management medication.

Cannabis Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

Cannabis-infused coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for our skin. They are now available in a wide range of skincare products that have cannabis as part of their ingredients. Coconut oil has also been used as a skincare product. When combined, it becomes easier to use them as a beauty product either as part of other ingredients or alone. In addition to being used as a moisturizer, cannabis coconut oil is effective in fighting acne and wrinkles. If you have a particularly bad acne outbreak and have tried many products unsuccessfully, I would strongly recommend that you try cannabis coconut oil. Some people who suffer from migraines apply cannabis coconut oil in their temples for relief. Others apply it in their face during bedtime for better sleep. You don’t have to buy skincare products that list cannabis as one of their ingredients. You can instead have cannabis coconut oil and add to your usual lotion or balm during application.

Spice Things Up With Cannabis Coconut Oil Lubricant

Cannabis-infused coconut oil use isn’t just limited to the kitchen. You can use it to spice things up in the bedroom too. Yeah, you heard me right, cannabis has many uses, and one of them is that it is an aphrodisiac. Cannabis coconut oil is more than a regular lube. It combines the role of a lubricant and a stimulant. So we need to apply it before we start any activity. You can’t just use it in the middle of sex and expect to enjoy the benefits. Using cannabis coconut oil will make sex much better. It is useful for people who have trouble with dryness. For even better sex, try to combine this lubricant with other ways to consume weed such as vaping. Read this article to learn more about vaping devices. This is not all. It serves as good foreplay since cannabis has that soothing like effect to our bodies even when applied topically. Both men and women can use it safely. The only caution is that condoms don’t perform well with oil-based lubricants.

Take Your Capsules

The last cannabis coconut oil use we are going to look at is capsules. These are just like the regular capsules you find in medicines, but these contain cannabis coconut oil. They are taken just as you would take other drugs. Medical marijuana is widely used to help patients cope with chronic and painful conditions. CBD, the active medicinal compound in cannabis is easily extracted using coconut oil because it is highly soluble. Once it has been packed in capsules, patients can then take it as part of their medication. There has always been some stigma associated with cannabis, mostly because it is still criminalized in many jurisdictions. Some patients will hesitate to smoke or vape marijuana, even when they live in states or countries that have legalized medical cannabis. Packaging it in capsules is a better presentation to make it appear just like regular medicine.

Having looked at the uses for cannabis coconut oil, it is essential to add that you should not vaporize it. Coconut oil is not suitable for vaporization since its combustion leads to the production of some compounds considered carcinogenic when inhaled.