How You Can Use Fire TV Stick Apps for Boosting Your Streaming Service

Updated on December 26, 2021

Are you tired of old-fashioned TV? 

Do you want a smart TV in your home? Then it would help if you bought a smart TV.

But if you want to make your TV smarter, then you should go for Fire TV Stick. For this, you need a reliable and high-speed internet connection to turn your TV on. Fire TV Stick is very user-friendly, and it is available in different models with various options based on their cost and features.

 We all are aware of streaming services, and we can enjoy this service with a Fire TV Stick. This is the best device for use. When you connect this device with your TV, you can watch everything you need to stream from the internet. So when you have this device in your home, you can avail yourself of all options on the internet. There is an option to unlock your Fire TV Stick to improve its performance.

 Fire TV Stick is economically friendly, and you can get this at a low price for streaming your desirable channels or shows.

 Hope you surely want to get rid of your expensive cable connection, then you are at the right option to go for.

So don’t wait for anything; replace your cable connection with your new home-friend, the Fire TV Stick. It provides all kinds of streaming services or platforms like; Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, and many more.

Tips to Unlock Your Fire TV Stick and Enjoy Its Features

Best Fire TV Stick Apps have some hidden and exciting features to unlock for their benefits and usability. These features are incorporated deep inside the device. Manufacturers and sellers usually face a common issue that most buyers are not aware of the use of this device. Here some tips and tricks are explained to shed light on these hidden mysteries of the device

Display settings

Most users buy the Fire TV Stick and plug it into the switch without knowing the hidden and unique operations deep inside this device. It works well, but those hidden features remain hidden from the users. Sometimes some videos appear out of alignment. That occurs because the display option has not been appropriately calibrated. Fire TV Stick can optimise this problem.

For that, you have to go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Display > Calibrate Display. You will see four arrowheads are flashing on the four edges of your TV screen. Each arrowhead touches the respective edge and makes the video proper in scale and zoomed-out. You can also go for the up-down buttons of your Fire TV Stick to scale it. After the steps you have done, now you have to save the settings and enjoy your streaming. 

Audio settings

On your Fire TV Stick, you can have many sound monitoring options, but there are a couple of hidden sounds inside the device. If you want to unlock it, then you have to follow some steps. Some streaming channels use louder sounds that are too horrible. If you’re going to normalise it as per your hearing capability, you have to go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Advanced Audio. You will have there the Volume Leveller option. Switch it on. Besides that, if you feel that the voices or dialogues are not coming clear, you can turn on Dialogue Enhancer under Advanced Audio.

Streaming Music or an Audio Through Bluetooth

If you want to stream an audio piece or music, you have to go to Settings > Remotes & Bluetooth Devices > Other Bluetooth Devices > Add Bluetooth Devices. For the device you want to pair up, you have to place it near your fire TV. Once you get the option in the list of fire TV, you can add your device. 

Enjoy a Small Screen On a Big Screen By Casting

Whatever you watch on youtube, you can watch that on TV also. For this facility, you have to go for the cast option on your Fire TV Stick. Once you hit the button, you can see the Fire TV Stick option in your smart TV display, and you can then stream anything on TV through this device. If your mobile phone and your smart TV are linked with the same Wi-Fi connection, then you are good to go with your new device to enjoy every single program on the bigger screen. 

Casting Mobile with Your Smart TV

If you have Android or iPhone, you can easily connect your phone to firestick. This process means you are showcasing your mobile on TV. It’s just like a mirror effect. When you cast your mobile, you can watch anything on TV, whatever you use to watch on your smartphones, even on the bigger screen.

For this, you have to select the screencasting option from the setting, and to turn it on; you have to press the Home button on your stick. Then you have to choose the mirroring option to mirror your phone on TV.

Save Your Data and Expenditure

Many of us use limited data internet plans. When you are on your Fire TV Stick, this device will vacate your reserved data faster than you never imagined. To prevent this flaw, you need to turn on Data Monitoring and select a bit of low-resolution video streaming to save your data. You can find this option under Settings > Preferences > Data Monitoring. After turning it on, you can then set the video quality in high resolution. It stops the wastage of data and consumes a less amount of data. Video remains still worth watching. In short, it is an outstanding feature that is a bridge between quality and data consumption.


Fire TV Stick device is incredible in using and an outstanding entertaining device. You can enjoy any entertainment throughout the world. If you follow the tricks mentioned above, you can unlock the hidden features of your Fire TV Stick, and it will trigger your excitement to watch anything that you want on your smart TV. If you want a wonderful time, then go for this incredible experience. 

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