5 Cardio Machines to Stay Fit and Lose Weight

Updated on October 28, 2021

If you are looking for ways to lose weight and stay fit, you might have found several exercise routines that can help you towards your goal. Whether you visit the gym or build a home gym, you tend to get excited and then lose interest as time goes by. 


With so much equipment available at your gym or in the market, the right machines will help you reach your goals and challenge you through your journey. Cardio machines are key in burning calories, sweat and ultimately losing weight. But before you do, this guide will help you manage your work, life and health balance before hiring or buying gym equipment.

To make it easy for you, we have accumulated some of the best cardio machines that promote weight loss and keep you fit. Read on to know more. 


A treadmill is the most popular and important cardio machine that will be found in any gym across the world. A treadmill has a conveyor belt that you walk or run on which is attached to a monitor display that can adjust speed and in some machines even offer incline levels. 

It is a perfect system to reduce weight by burning calories consistently. Some machines even have sets for beginners and intense workout freaks to amp up their exercise routines. Another great benefit of having a treadmill at home is that you can multitask and exercise at the same time. 


A great cardio machine that has become popular in the fitness market is the airbike. It is a great alternative to the traditional stationary exercise bike as it offers more movement and intensity for your workout. This cardio not only gives you a lower body workout but also an upper body workout as it comes with long moving handles. 

It is a great way to burn calories and lose weight all over your body with a sweat inducing workout. Air Bikes are excellent cardio machines because the harder you pedal the more wind resistance is generated. If you are looking for an airbike for your home or gym, see this review on the two best air bikes in the market, Rogue Echo Vs Assault Bike by My Phenom Fitness. 

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Rowing Machine 

If you are looking for equipment to lose weight faster and consistently, you must consider using a rowing machine. It is an excellent cardio machine that works on your whole body and strengthens your muscles. This weight loss machine is a good choice for elders as it does not put much strain on their backs, joints and muscles. 

The entire workout is done while sitting and brings about a full range of motion while using the machine. The machine also comes with a monitor display that tracks the amount of time you rowed and time spent on the machine. The best setting to make the most of your row machine workout is to keep exercising at a higher stroke rate.


Another great cardio machine that is common is the elliptical machine. The machine is designed to help you lose weight and minimize impact on your hips and knees. This machine is great for people coming out of injuries or surgical procedures as it has a very low impact on your joints. 

Even though it may not be as effective as many other cardio machines, if done right, it can help you burn a lot of calories without any pressure on your joints. So if you are looking for a cardio machine with low impact on your body, you can experiment with the elliptical. The different settings allow you to change the resistance level which can become a good addition to your intensity workouts.

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Stair Climber 

The last cardio equipment on this list is the stair climber that is a great calorie burning exercise. This machine emulates walking up the stairs over a moving belt that rotates according to your movement. If you have ever walked up multiple flights of stairs, you know how much it affects your lower body. 

These machines calculate the time, amount of stair, heart rate, and other important information while working out. There are many fitness levels which allow users to increase the intensity of the workout. Since you are focused on losing weight, you should set the settings for high intensity intervals as it increases the number of calories burned during your exercise routine. 

Final Thought

These are just some of the many cardio machines available in the market that can help you reach your fitness goal. Keep in mind that staying fit requires constant effort and dedication. A heart rate smartwatch can be an excellent tool that can help monitor and track your progress to stay fit, check out some of the best health tracking smartwatches here.

If you are looking to purchase any of these machines, make sure that you set your weight loss goal, understand your workout style, and ensure that you have enough space to make full use of your cardio machine. 

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