What’s Included In Commercial Cleaning?

Updated on August 3, 2022

Commercial cleaning is a professional cleaning service that is specifically for public spaces and businesses. Many industries can benefit from commercial cleaning, and this is a vital service at all times, but it has become even more important following the covid-19 pandemic.

The standards for cleaning are higher than ever before, which means that commercial industries need to keep up with the demands from both their clients and their employees.

Commercial cleaners have always provided an excellent service and one that is in demand for most industries. Depending on the needs of your business, a commercial cleaning team can offer regular cleaning of the workplace, which suits the schedule of the business, as well as seasonal cleaning where a deep clean is performed.

There is a lot of work that goes into commercial cleaning, which is why it is a job best left to professionals. If you need help with maintaining the standards of your workplace and keeping it safe, then you will need to hire commercial cleaners.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Professionals in commercial cleaning are highly trained and work with specialist cleaning equipment to provide a deep clean to commercial spaces. So many businesses and facilities are included in the commercial industry, and professional cleaners can provide an excellent service to them all.

Commercial cleaners work to provide a consistent and professional service that will ensure workspaces, public areas, and other facilities are safe for all to use. They perform a range of tasks to ensure that commercial spaces are kept clean and tidy, which is why many places in the city hire them for daily cleaning.

If you work in an office, retail space, school, or even hospital, then you will have some experience with commercial cleaners.

These are the professionals that attend the site either daily or weekly to ensure it is maintained, clean, and tidy for people to use. They work to ensure that these spaces, which are used by members of the public either for work or leisure, are accessible. Commercial cleaning involves a range of tasks and skills, such as vacuuming, window cleaning, surface sanitization, and waste removal.

In the current times of covid-19, cleaning has never been more important, and commercial cleaners can provide the deep levels of sanitization which many companies are now looking for.

Can I Hire Commercial Cleaners?

Anyone can hire cleaners to offer support and ensure their space is maintained to a high level, but there are different kinds of cleaners to suit each job. Commercial cleaners are professionals who specialize in the cleaning of commercial spaces, such as businesses and public facilities, which means they will work differently from a house cleaner.

Even though many of the skills required in cleaning are the same across the board, such as vacuuming and surface sanitization, there are different regulations in place for commercial cleaners. When working in a business, there are certain rules that must be followed when cleaning as well as different tools which are suitable to use in the space.

Commercial cleaners have access to some of the best tools in the business, including government-approved chemicals to deal with covid-19. 

There are certain items of cleaning equipment and tools that cannot be used by a house cleaner, which is why when running a business, you need to hire a team of commercial cleaners as these offer the expertise you need.

Many businesses and facilities are considered to be suitable for commercial cleaning, including:

  • Schools and playgroups
  • Gyms
  • Office buildings 
  • Warehouses
  • NDIS facilities
  • Medical

As they have access to the most powerful tools and effective chemicals, commercial cleaners can provide an excellent service to businesses. They work to remove the germs and debris that can come from being a heavy traffic area, such as an office with hundreds of workers. With regular commercial cleaning, infections can be prevented, which can increase the productivity of the workplace.

If you work in or own a commercial business, then you will be able to hire these professional cleaners. It is possible to arrange their services to suit your schedule, with many commercial businesses opting for daily cleaning.

The Best Commercial Cleaners In Syndey

While there are a lot of companies out there that offer commercial cleaning, not all of them work to the same standards. This may be something you have experienced in your work and have found it difficult to find reliable commercial cleaners that work to the standards you desire.

Finding commercial cleaners who are reliable, which means they will turn up to your site on time and work to meet the needs of the business, can be tricky. Even in a large city like Sydney, where there are many options for professional cleaners, there are many companies that would not be recommended.

When it comes to finding the best commercial cleaners for your workplace or business, there are some things you should look into. 

Commercial cleaners can be accredited, and this is a good way to determine the quality of their work before hiring. Many commercial cleaners will work with government schemes, such as Safe Work Australia, to ensure they are providing the best service possible for their clients.

A commercial cleaning company that is accredited has access to better tools and equipment for cleaning, meaning they can do a better job than a company that does not have the same certifications. This is because, in order to use the industry-strength chemicals required in commercial cleaning, a company needs to be reputable.

Likewise, you can determine the quality of a commercial cleaning company by how many years they have been in business. A company that has worked for decades in the field is going to offer much better services than a start-up business simply because they have experienced almost everything there is to know in their work.

Commercial cleaners that are still working in the business after decades are certain to be reliable and trustworthy. With a lot of years of experience under their belt, it is clear that these cleaners take their work seriously and are passionate about the services they provide.

Finally, it is possible to search for reviews regarding local cleaning companies. 

Commercial cleaners with a good reputation will not be afraid to share their reviews and comments with new clients, and in fact, this is often something they encourage. It is always a good idea to get another opinion before hiring someone, and this is especially important when hiring commercial cleaners because the work they do is necessary for health and safety.

Before choosing a commercial cleaning company, make sure that you do your research to see how other clients have fared through the same team. A company that has good reviews is a great option, as you can rest assured that you are receiving the quality service you desire.

What Services Are On Offer?

As commercial cleaners work for a lot of clients, it can be difficult to determine what they do and the kind of services that they can provide for you. This is why hiring professionals is such a good idea, as these cleaners are highly skilled in all forms of cleaning and can offer your commercial premises the attention to detail that is required for safety.

There are many kinds of commercial cleaning services that you can find in your local area. The best cleaning companies will offer a variety of services, as they will have a large team of professionals on their side who can offer their skills and expertise in each area.

Commercial cleaning companies will offer a full, complete cleaning service to their clients. Many of the local companies specialize in office cleaning, as this is the service that is most in-demand, but this does not mean it is all they can offer. 

Other services on offer by commercial cleaning companies include:

  • Business cleaning
  • Deep cleaning for covid-19
  • Industrial cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning
  • Cleaning after builders and renovations
  • Disinfection
  • Janitorial cleaning and maintenance

This is why hiring a professional cleaning company is the right step to take for your business, as all areas will be taken care of. There are likely jobs that will have been forgotten about by employees that commercial cleaners cover, ensuring the highest standards of safety possible in the work place.

With access to strong chemicals and powerful cleaning tools, commercial cleaners can not only do a great job but can also help you save time. This equipment is designed for a powerful clean to be done quickly, which is why many commercial cleaners can complete their work within the hours following business opening hours.

Professional cleaners offer excellent service and can get the job done faster than anyone else, meaning there is more time to focus on the goals of the business. Cleaning is something that all companies need to be concerned about, but when there is a lot to do, it can get left by the wayside. 

This is why hiring commercial cleaners is the right step for all companies to take, as it can keep their workspace safe and productive at all times.

Commercial Cleaning For Covid-19

Commercial cleaning companies are in higher demand than ever before, following the worldwide pandemic. In a bid to prevent further spreading of infections, commercial cleaners are required in all spaces, and regular sanitization is common to see.

It is now possible to hire commercial cleaners to perform a covid-19 deep clean following closure of the premises or an outbreak. This is something that all companies will need following a covid-19 case in their premises, and commercial cleaners can help businesses open up quicker following an infection closure.

Deep cleaning is something that requires a commercial business to close so cleaners can get into every area of the space and sanitize it. This is something that can be done in the days following a covid-19 closure of the business and is a way to get the company up and running again quickly.

Professional cleaners who are accredited by the necessary authorities will be able to use government-approved chemicals for covid-19, which is how they can help businesses open quickly following an outbreak. 

The same measures and tools are now used during the regular cleaning services offered by local commercial cleaning companies to be proactive and prevent infections from spreading in public spaces.

If your business has suffered a closure due to covid-19, then you will need to hire commercial cleaners immediately before you can open your doors once more. This is now a common service and one that can be done well when hiring a reputable cleaning company in Sydney.

Request A Free Quote Today

Commercial cleaning is a professional service which means it can be an investment your company has to make. As there is a lot of work and skill that goes into commercial cleaning, many companies charge high rates for their services.

When hiring a local company, these fees can be reduced as there will be easier access to your site and shorter travel times for the cleaning team.

Before hiring commercial cleaners, it is recommended for you to get multiple quotes from companies in your area to see which is the best deal. Clean Group is a leading team of commercial cleaners in Sydney, and they can provide new customers with a free, no-obligation quote for their services.

Using the website or the telephone number, you can get in touch with these commercial cleaners to discuss your needs. Based on the services you require, they can offer a free quote, and you will soon see that commercial cleaning does not have to be so expensive.

It is possible to hire professional commercial cleaners for a cost-effective rate without having to compromise on quality. Consider how long the company has been in the business of commercial cleaning and other client reviews before making your decision. 

There are excellent commercial cleaners available in Sydney who can ensure your business is safe, clean, and productive even during these challenging times.

Contact Clean Group today for a quote. 

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