How to Start Your Own Medical Lab


Like any start-up, it takes a good plan, hard work, and passion to start a successful medical lab. If you decide to open your own laboratory, there are a few key steps you need to prepare for. Make sure you have an ideal location, a strong team, and all the requirements and resources you need to make your new lab a success. To help you start this journey, here’s our guide for how to start your own medical lab

Plan Your Location Wisely

Your physical location influences the type of work you can do in your lab. Make sure the building you buy, lease, or build fits your laboratory’s goals. Consider the equipment and systems you’ll need in your lab and make sure you have the space and access for them. This includes a dependable HVAC system, plumbing, refrigerators, and more. You should also decide whether you want to rent a pre-existing lab, build your own, or rent a space to convert into your lab. 


Certifications and regulations are crucial in the medical field. Make sure your laboratory is legal and responsible from the very beginning by meeting the inspection guidelines of relevant organizations and agencies. The federal agency of Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) is responsible for inspecting new labs and making sure they meet all relevant requirements and codes in order to function safely and productively. Make sure your lab gets the accreditation it needs through the CLIA and any other necessary organizations.


Even if you know everything about how to start your own medical lab, you won’t get far without the right technology and gear. Make sure you outfit your lab with all of the essential equipment to keep your workers safe, productive, and successful. Try to focus on the reliable basics rather than shiny new innovations. This will help you save money and cut unnecessary expenses when your lab is first starting out. 


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