Ways Medical Facilities Can Prepare for COVID-19 Services

Updated on April 15, 2020

A lot of stress and uncertainty surrounds the spread of COVID-19, especially in the healthcare industry. That’s why it’s so important for medical practices to be as prepared as possible for the coming weeks. Healthcare workers are working harder than ever to take care of the public during this time, and the right plans and actions can turn their efforts into success. Here are a few ways medical facilities can prepare for COVID-19 services throughout this crisis.

Stay on Top of Communication

During times like this, one of the best things to do is to spread accurate, reliable information to every party involved. Communication is key to an efficient, effective system. Make sure you’re communicating any efforts, updates, and other information to both your staff and your patients. Give your patients clear, detailed announcements about policy changes or updated online or remote services. Make sure your staff knows about your plans and procedures going forward, as well as any updated safety guidelines and procedures. The more information everyone has, the more prepared and assured they’ll be throughout the entire process. 

Keep Your Facility Clean and Safe

Medical practices are always responsible when it comes to sanitation and cleaning routines, but it’s important to take extra care during this time. Manage inventory as best as you can, and do your best to restock your supplies on a regular schedule. Make sure waiting room chairs, clipboards, reading materials, and other communal items stay sanitary, or remove them altogether if possible. Additionally, do your best to enforce social distancing standards throughout your facility. Place waiting room chairs three to six feet apart, and utilize screens or other barriers wherever you can. Do your best to separate patients with symptoms from those without, and limit non-patient visitors to help prevent further infection and keep the patient flow as smooth as possible.

Create More Efficient Testing Services

Information is a powerful tool, which is why thorough and accurate testing is one of the best ways medical facilities can prepare for COVID-19 services. As potential patients grow exponentially, it’s important to provide the most efficient testing procedures possible. Drive-through testing has proven successful in many areas, but it’s important to set your facility up for success. When setting up your drive-through screening station, make sure you keep staff safety and patient accessibility at the forefront of your mind.

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