How to Promote a Psychological Blog on Instagram

Updated on February 25, 2021

If you decide to create a blog on the topic of psychology, it is not enough just to provide your audience with useful information because you should be noticed among the mass of other similar specialists. The correct promotion of your Instagram account through free and paid methods, knowing the best site to buy Instagram followers will help you get the attention of new followers.

In order to attract customers, it is important to be able to interest the audience not only with informative posts, but also with high-quality visuals, which will be the business card of your blog. You can view other psychologists’ Instagram accounts, but we would not recommend focusing only on competitors, so as not to lose your own originality.

The creation of a psychologist’s blog on Instagram is the most relevant way to declare yourself as a specialist, present yourself to a large audience and find your first clients. I chose Instagram, because today it is the most demanded platform in promoting any services, from the sale of cosmetics to the provision of professional medical care.

Practice free online consultation

This does not mean that you have to conduct a full session with an entire audience. It is enough to publish a post at the beginning of the day, under which subscribers can leave comments with the most interesting questions. At the end of the day, you will randomly select topics that you can expand on your page, or you can briefly respond to all comments. It may help you find the first clients who will subsequently turn to you for a full consultation.

Collaborate with other bloggers who have a large target audience. This is another free way to promote a psychologist on Instagram. Create short posts about family therapy that other authors can publish on their accounts. Thus, more people will know about you, and your account will increase the number of subscribers.

What a psychologist should write on Instagram

Despite the fact that psychologists are in-demand specialists, this niche on Instagram is full of blogs on this topic, which complicates the process of promoting a psychologist’s account. However, if you feel you can give your audience something new, do your best to make your page the most creative and engaging.

Start by designing your blog first. Create a profile header that will attract and intrigue people, make a content plan for the week, think of ideas for future posts. When I ran into the problem of content creation, it was the planning method that helped me. I came up with 15 Instagram post ideas and photo templates that would fit well with the blog theme. This will save you a lot of time and you can devote yourself to the creative part of developing your blog.

Create a content plan

A content plan for a psychologist is not just a list of topics that you can talk about on a blog. This is a detailed document in which, in addition to topics, you reflect:

  • The stage of the sales funnel in which the potential consultant is. For example, a person with an unformed need will not read your story about how you brought a client out of depression, helped with alcoholism, or gave recipes for coping with a divorce from her husband. But he will be interested in general advice on maintaining psychological health.
  • Emotions of the audience from a specific material. What emotion do you want your audience to feel with your article? Interest in offering a person to sign up for a free psychologist session? Or inspire confidence and motivate you to bring your fidget child?
  • Content themes and format. You can write an article about fighting an inferiority complex – it will be easy to read. But a video format is suitable for reviewing you: a real person who tells his story.

Whatever information you decide to reflect in your content plan, carefully consider the search for topics that you will cover.

If you want to get new clients for psychological consultations and you need to differentiate yourself from competitors, show your advantages. When a person compares you to other psychologists, two types of content will work best:

Storytelling is an important tool which helps you tell what problems the client came with and how you solved them.

You can also tell about your approach and psychological specialization, but in simple understandable words. Tell us how you work with clients, why you think this particular approach is the most effective (for example, the Hellinger approach with constellations). How your session is going, show an office with a cozy sofa – the person will start to trust you and with a high degree of probability will turn to you.

On the other hand, if you talk about the technique of Ericksonian hypnosis, the audience is unlikely to be interested in the content. Your client wants to solve their own problems, not find out what they don’t need. The chances are high that your content will be read, for example, by aspiring psychologists who are unlikely to become clients.

Additional rules

In the process of promoting the psychologist’s blog on Instagram, I have deduced for myself several basic rules that will help you not to repeat my mistakes and achieve success in a short period of time:

  • Post photos in the same style or color.
  • Be sure to leave signatures under the photo.
  • Write short, creative, and helpful posts.
  • Prepare a content plan for at least a week in advance.
  • Think ahead about topics for future posts.
  • Analyze the accounts of other psychologists and find the most relevant topics for discussion with your subscribers.
  • Try to promote your psychologist’s profile on Instagram using not only free methods, but also paid ones. Don’t skimp on blog promotion.

These tips will help you become the most sought-after psychologist on Instagram and gain the respect of a wide audience.

Targeted ad for psychologist services

If a psychologist has formed services for different target audiences, then the task is quite clear.

On Instagram, you should use a look-a-like audience and segment them by age, gender, and interests. As a result, you will look open to potential clients.

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