How Important Is Exercise to the Le-Vel Thrive Experience?

Updated on March 5, 2022

Exercise. I don’t even like saying the word. And I know I’m not alone; according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, only one out of three adults gets the recommended amount of physical activity each week. Sure, there are those who derive extreme satisfaction from building up a sweat and tearing down muscle tissue, but for me (and apparently a lot of other people) it’s always felt like “All pain; no gain.” I’ve never experienced a runner’s high. I’ve never enjoyed the sensation of pushing my body to it’s limit. And I’ve certainly never actually used my monthly gym membership on anything close to a monthly basis. 

And so, when I first heard about Le-Vel Thrive, I was intrigued. I was introduced to the Le-Vel Thrive Experience by a coworker of mine. She and I had been talking about how November and December can somehow magically undo 10 months of responsible eating, and we drifted into the topic of weight loss products. She told me that her sister had started selling for Le-Vel, and that apparently, just by taking a daily pill, shake, and transdermal patch, a person could watch the pounds just melt away without having to exercise. 

I didn’t believe it at the time. And you may be surprised to hear that I still don’t believe it. Why is that surprising? Because I’ve been an active “Thriver” for over half a year now. 

Something for Nothing?

Yes, I hate exercise. But I also recognize that there is an intrinsic cause/effect relationship between working out and getting healthy. The way my friend relayed it to me, Le-Vel Thrive sounded like some sort of magic cure all. And I stopped believing in magic at around the same time I asked Santa for Transformers, and instead ended up with a bunch of Gobots (I don’t want to talk about it).

The point is that I don’t go for snake oil scams. But I was intrigued by the Thrive patch, so I did a bit more research. And a month or so later I was opening up my first box of the stuff. What changed my mind? 

Well, it was the research itself. You see, my coworker didn’t have all of her facts straight. Yes, she had a basic understanding of the 3-step Le-Vel Thrive process, but there’s an entire 8-week “Premium Lifestyle Plan” that she left out — and that plan naturally includes exercise

You Can’t Thrive Without Exercise

For those of you who are just looking for an answer to the question posed by this article’s title, here it is:

Exercise is a vital part of the Thrive experience.

Now, looking exclusively at Le-Vel Thrive reviews on social media may not make this point all that obvious. The positive reviews tend to focus on just how astonishing the results are (and the negative Le-Vel Thrive Reviews tend to get hung up on the fact that the company is an MLM). And I’ll be honest, in my own experience, it’s easy to get wowed by the almost instantaneous improvements. From week #1 I was feeling better, I was more alert, and I even started losing some weight. But part of that was that I had more energy and motivation to follow my fitness goals. And yes, that included working out.

Setting and working towards a goal is essential to the entire process, which is probably why it’s an 8-week plan (goals take time, after all). My first goal involved being able to run a mile under a certain amount of time, and to make that happen I had to do more than just take my capsules, drink my shakes, and wear my DFT patch. I had to start exercising. 

The good news is that Thrive nutrients and other ingredients help me move past my natural resistance to exercise. A little caffeine for energy, the right vitamins and minerals to help me get the most out of my time on the treadmill, some Forslean to help me shed some of the weight and stay motivated — Thrive helps me really invest in working out. And thanks to cause and effect, that means better health overall.

Thrive Supports a Healthy Lifestyle

Le-Vel Thrive is not snake oil, and it’s not a Gobot packaged as a Transformer. But it’s also not a miracle cure to a sedentary lifestyle. So, if you go into the Thrive experience thinking that you’re going to be able to see amazing results without any effort on your part, you might be disappointed. However, if you go into it with the understanding that Thrive is designed to support and supplement good habits and progressive health goals, then prepare to be impressed. I was, and I’ve continued to be impressed across three 8-week plans. 

And who knows, someday I might even learn how to say the word “exercise” without flinching. Maybe that should be my next Thrive goal…

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