Mindfulness – The Self-Care Practice for a Happier You!

Updated on March 7, 2021

Have you ever heard of mindfulness? In short, it is a really popular type of meditation. It requires you to focus on what you are feeling and what your senses are picking up, without interpretation or judgment. While it might sound easy enough, it can be quite challenging. That is especially the case if you are a total beginner. But that should not make you feel discouraged!

According to the latest research, meditation can induce physical changes in your brain and body. Thus, it can help ease symptoms of physical and mental ailments ranging from depression and anxiety to high blood pressure and irritable bowel syndrome. Because of that, it is an excellent investment in your health!

Now, bear in mind that you will not see all of these positive effects of meditation in an instant. It is more than likely that you will need to wait for a little bit. But if you are not keen on waiting, there are quite a few ways to get faster results. Do you want to know what they are? If that is the case, then keep on reading!

Start Using CBD Products

Some people who practice meditation regularly claim that getting high right before meditating can make it more effective. What they might not tell you is that it can be quite dangerous. For instance, certain substances that can get you high have the potential to trigger powerful panic attacks or seizures as well as affect your ability to work or drive. 

Luckily, there are quite a few products out there that can give your meditation practice a boost without getting you high, such as products that contain CBD without THC. Do you know what THC is? In a nutshell, it is the chemical compound found in marijuana responsible for getting you high. As you can probably tell, if THC is not present in a certain product, you will not get high after using it.

But what kind of CBD product should you try first? If you have never had a chance to use CBD products before, CBD oil would probably be your best bet. All you will have to do is either inhale it or put it directly under your tongue right before a meditation session. Consequently, you can use it even if you do not smoke!

Consider Finding a Partner

If you know that you will not feel motivated enough to stay consistent, you will probably not get the results you want. In that case, try to get a friend to start meditating with you! You do not have to do it at the same time if you do not want to or do not have the time. Instead, you can benefit from being in a similar situation.

Thanks to that, you will have someone to talk to about meditation or even ask for advice. For instance, imagine that you are simply unable to focus while meditating. If your friend had a similar experience, you can work on it together and share tips and tricks on staying focused. It will help you achieve the results that you want in no time!

Analyze What You Are Feeling

After you are done meditating, try to figure out what you are feeling. That applies to both your body and your mind. You can do that by asking yourself a few questions. Does your mind seem more clear than it did when you sat down? Does your body feel more relaxed? Once you do that, you will be able to form a connection between feeling better and your meditation practice. And the better you feel, the more motivated you will be to find time to meditate every single day.

It is also worth noting that you should not judge your meditation sessions. While it might be tempting to say that a meditation session was good or bad, it will also make you wonder whether you are getting any better. And that can be quite demotivating. Instead, it would be best if you focused on the positive effects of each meditation session, no matter how small they seem. Even feeling a little less tense is a great success!

Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Self-Care Routine Today!

All in all, you should consider incorporating mindfulness into your self-care routine. Unlike many other types of meditation, it takes just a few minutes a day. Because of that, you can practice mindfulness in the evenings before going to bed or during a lunch break, which is extremely convenient.

But what if you do not have a self-care routine? In that case, it is never too late to come up with one! Begin by developing a sleep schedule and remember to take time for yourself during the week. You can spend it on whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed, ranging from taking a long bath to watching an interesting movie.

Making yourself stick to that routine might turn out to be difficult. But there are so many potential benefits that there is no reason for you not to give it your best shot!

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