How COVID-19 Affected The CBD Oil Market

Updated on July 2, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is causing many people to reevaluate their wellness plans. CBD oils can help many people deal with physical and psychological afflictions during the crisis.

There is ample evidence that the pandemic has caused online CBD oil sales to rise sharply since the beginning of the crisis. Experts are still debating the exact impact the virus has had on the CBD market. However, it seems clear that more people are purchasing pure CBD oil for sale to deal with the crisis.

Covid-19 is changing the market for CBD oil

The Brightfield Group conducted a study on CBD sales during the pandemic. They made some interesting, albeit not surprising findings. CBD retailers reported online sales have increased by 30%.

Here are some reasons the Brightfield Group and other researchers speculate that CBD sales have increased.

Stress management

The Brightfield Group study found that anxiety was the biggest concern consumers reported. The poll showed that 53% of respondents felt anxiety was the biggest challenge that they faced during the pandemic.

These findings were not a fluke. Research from the Kaiser Foundation proves that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on our mental health. Their survey found that 45% of all American adults reported that their mental health had been adversely affected by the pandemic. Kaiser said this was concerning because around one in five Americans already suffered from mental illness before the pandemic.

Although most people don’t specifically identify the reasons that they use CBD, a significant portion probably uses it for anxiety treatment. Recent studies show that CBD oils could be effective for treating anxiety. Most of these studies have been uncontrolled, so additional follow-up research will be needed to confirm their conclusions. However, the research is strong enough for many people to feel confident that consuming CBD oils can take the edge off their symptoms.

Even if CBD is not strong enough to treat an extreme anxiety disorder, it can likely make a big difference at treating environmental anxiety problems caused by the pandemic. This could be one of the main reasons that CBD oil sales have risen in the last couple of months.


Insomnia is another likely reason that many people are turning to CBD oil and other CBD products. Sleep disorders have become more common during the COVID-19 crisis.

Even during normal times, around 35% of all Americans report having sleeping issues. According to research from the Harvard T. H. Chan school of public health, there is growing evidence that sleep disorders are becoming more prevalent during the crisis. Donn Posner, an expert with the Chan School of Public Health, said that under normal conditions, 72% of all sleep problems resolve themselves in a short period.

However, that statistic is not so encouraging during a pandemic. Sleep problems usually subside as underlying stressors fade. The pandemic is an ongoing problem that is causing tremendous uneasiness among most sectors of the population.

Since many people are struggling with sleep problems during the pandemic, they might be taking CBD oil to get the rest that they need. Recent studies have shown that CBD seems to help with sleep issues. One study published in the National Institute of Health tracked 72 subjects. A number of these participants experienced sleep issues, so the researchers sought to determine whether CBD would be helpful. After undergoing CBD treatments, 67% of them reported that they were able to sleep better. 

The best CBD oil might be more popular as a growing number of people experience sleep issues. Many people might have trouble changing their sleep hygiene, which requires them to get up earlier and have a consistent sleep schedule. The pandemic has made this more difficult for people because they don’t have the same structure that they used to. If they have the flexibility to wake up at a different time every day, then they might be tempted to do so. This creates problems with their circadian rhythms. People that don’t understand this or don’t have the discipline to create a more fixed schedule might turn to CBD instead. 

Many sleeping problems are also caused by factors that cannot be fixed as easily as sleep hygiene. Anxiety, loneliness and depression are some of the biggest and more complicated causes of sleep disorders. Since these underlying psychological problems are more common during the COVID-19 crisis, they are probably a huge cause of sleep problems for many people. 

Since people can’t erase the pandemic to get rid of their anxiety and depression, they might be more likely to use CBD oil as a sleep aid. 

People don’t have to visit their doctor for a prescription 

CBD products can treat many different conditions. These include pain, inflammation, anxiety and many other ailments. 

CBD was always an attractive alternative to people that wanted to avoid traditional pharmaceuticals. However, the COVID-19 crisis has made CBD oils appealing to another group of people – those that are uncomfortable visiting their doctor due to the risk of infection. 

Healthcare facilities are a major source of community-based infections. Since almost everybody that is exhibiting clear symptoms of COVID-19 will visit their doctor’s office, this is one of the places that you’re most likely to get the virus.

People that are skittish about getting COVID-19 don’t want to take the risk. They won’t visit their doctor’s office unless they have to. They won’t go in to get prescriptions for minor issues like insomnia, anxiety or moderate pain.

Instead, they prefer getting alternative treatments that they can purchase online without a prescription. This is probably another major reason that CBD oil sales have risen during the pandemic.

Covid-19 could cause CBD oil sales to rise sharply in the coming months

The CBD market is growing during the pandemic. Many people are turning to CBD as an alternative treatment for anxiety and other mental health issues caused by prolonged social isolation and concerns about the future. This is a great opportunity for companies selling CBD products. 

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