Health Benefits of Using PEMF Mats

Updated on January 22, 2021

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. In PEMF therapy, an electric current runs through a copper foil to create a pulse magnetic field. There is a lot of ongoing research for PEMF therapy that proves it as a wellness technology benefiting multiple health conditions and preventing diseases. A PEMF mat is one such device that boosts body functions and improves overall health. The top 5 health benefits of the PEMF mats include:

Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

PEMF mats therapy is primarily known for reducing pain and stress. Lying down is the most effective therapy that has been advised by our elders in the past. You could well imagine how positive and relaxing it could be, something that can charge your body from within by just lying down. The PEMF mats have various add-ons like a sound system, heating technology, pillow, etc., that provide an all-around relaxation to the users.

People who deal with anxiety, stress, or sleep disorders are constantly looking for solutions that can calm them down and ease their bodies. Many PEMF mats come with sound options that can relax your mind while in therapy. This can even cure those who have terrible headaches more often. Unlike the other therapies in the market, these are known to provide the maximum results for reducing anxiety, depression, and relieving stress.

Full Body Therapy for Pain

The PEMF mats provide all-around therapy options with the help of technology. Many options in the market provide for multiple healing options and provide for various therapies along with PEMF therapy. 

The Infrared Ray therapy and Hot Stone treatment in these mats can provide for the best of results. The process goes as – the heating system of the mat heats the semi-precious stones like amethyst, jade, tourmaline, and then starts emitting infrared rays that can penetrate up to 3 inches in your body. Similarly, these can come with additional Negative Ions therapy and Photon Light therapy.

The range of these can be quite far-reaching frequencies. Some options can go as far as 1000 Hz for higher intensities. Earth-like magnetic energy can be set up with hours of electromagnetic protection. There are multiple wave options in these mats like sine, sawtooth, NASA square wave, etc., each with a purpose with an intensity of healing.

Sleep Management

The PEMF mats are also known to be effective in sleep management. People prone to sleep disorders, in mild or higher levels, are always sleep-deprived, and this can lose their focus on essential tasks and impact their overall decision-making. 

Apart from the difficulty in decision-making, sleep deprivation can also result in mental alignment while driving, leading to some dangerous situations. Distorted sleep management also affects the overall daily activities and can also hamper one’s digestion. 

For better sleep management, effective sleep therapy is needed, and PEMF mats can help with that up to a great extent by relaxing your mind and body towards better and uninterrupted sleep. Some of them come with wake up alarms where you can set the timer accordingly.

Strengthens Immune System

With all the health benefits that they provide, a PEMF mat can improve your digestion and overall immune system by preventing several diseases with the positive effects of electromagnetic therapy. 

Quick Recovery

For those suffering from pain and bleeding, the best PEMF mats reviewed by experts can be very relieving. The heating technology of the mat can provide relief to pain for prolonged hours. In some of the options, there are included accessories such as a pillow, wherein you can keep the pillow on the body part that requires more attention and relieves pain in that particular area. Also, this can help you in a quick recovery.

There are pre-programmed setting options available, and you can also customize them as per your convenience. So, get a PEMF mat today for you and your family’s well being.

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