BetterHelp vs. Regain

Updated on January 22, 2021

There can be many different reasons to receive therapy, such as stress management, pain management, and more. But regardless of the reason you have, therapy remains a beneficial tool. You will truly be surprised to know how even a single session can help cope up and effectively change the behavior patterns behind symptoms. 

But it cannot be denied that accessing in-person therapies is not that easy. Due to a tight budget, hectic and COVID 19 physical distancing restrictions, face-to-face therapies seem out of reach. But in today’s advanced Zoom age, virtual therapy services have become more accessible than before. There are numerous options available when it comes to online therapy apps such as Regain and Better Help. 

With the countless choices available these days, some might feel skeptical of online therapies. Questions like BetterHelp vs. Regain, which is better?” or “Is it better to subscribe or go?” or perhaps “Which offers a convenient and easy sign-up process?” and “Who offers the best therapy services?” 

There are many more queries that might arise. But at the end of the day, the best online therapy proves to be a better and more beneficial choice. 

BetterHelp vs. Regain-What Type of Credentials do BetterHelp and Regain Counselors Have 

BetterHelp has licensed, trained, experienced and accredited counselors. They also take pride in having their accredited clinical social workers, family and marriage therapists, and psychologists. To become a BetterHelp counselor, you need to be a Board Licensed Professional Counselor and must finish or complete the required courses, board exams, training, and necessary practice hours. One of the major requirements of BetterHelp is that a counselor must have at least 3 years and 2,000 hours of related and hands-on experience. 

Regain counselors, on the other hand, also have accredited and licensed social workers, psychologists (PsyD/Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselors or LPCC andaccredited marriage and family therapists. All cognitive behavioral therapy and mental health professionals in Regain have a master’s or doctoral degrees in the field. Their counselors differ in background and specialty, but all of them also have a minimum related and hands-on experience of at least 3 years and 2,000 hours. Regain counselors give more focus on relationship counseling to help couples and individuals who use their platform. 

BetterHelp vs. Regain-Types of Counseling Sessions Offered 

BetterHelp mainly offers three types of counseling, namely couples, teen, and individual counseling sessions. If you choose one of these therapy sessions, you will quickly be directed to online therapists and counselors with the best training for your needs. 

With BetterHelp, you can access four ways of counseling, such as video conferencing, live chatting, phone sessions, and messaging. The option that needs the least commitment from clients is messaging. You may send any query or message anytime since their message room is open 24/7. Counselors usually respond within just a few hours.  

However, if you prefer to live chat sessions, book a session beforehand. Video and phone sessions should be pre-scheduled properly and give the closest option or alternative to face to face counseling sessions. 

Regain specializes in couple counseling, so their platform is well-known as an online relationship counseling platform. Though they provide counseling for individuals, therapies remain committed to relationship issues and concerns. They give an initial questionnaire asking them about benefits they can get from situations like preventing divorce or separation, understanding a partner better, and more.  

Partners are also allowed to share accounts for couples’ therapy services. With such a set-up, both can access a similar chat room with a counselor. Either of the couples can also request individual counseling anytime. 

BetterHelp vs. Regain-Pricing and Response Time  

Individuals who are considering virtual therapies are concerned about the pricing of the therapy services they are planning to use. 

If you wish to use virtual therapy from BetterHelp, you will be billed monthly, and the counseling costs vary from $40 to $70 per week. These costs are usually not covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or health insurance companies. It takes 24 hours to be matched with a licensed counselor on BetterHelp. Nevertheless, you might wait a bit longer, particularly if you have specific requirements or qualification criteria. 

The cost of virtual couple therapy in Regain is between 40 to $70 per week, and clients will be billed monthly. ReGain has a monthly plan, and the cost of therapy services will depend on the duration of the subscription that you choose. The cost also includes unlimited messaging and optional video or phone sessions. 

The response time if you chat with Regain’s licensed counselor is longer than other online therapy platforms. Users usually have to wait a day or even longer to get a response from their counselors or therapists in the chat room. 

BetterHelp vs. Regain Virtual Therapy Interface

BetterHelp is known for its user-friendly, streamlined, and clear interface. The platform is also well-designed for desktop and mobile users alike. Users can enter directly into the chatroom with their counselors as soon as they sign in. The BetterHelp special app is available for those looking for counseling on the go, but you can also opt for logging into your account through the site. 

In terms of Regain’s interface, you can actually access this using any device connected to the internet, either through a mobile application or through the Regain website. Their streamlined and straightforward interface features an online chatroom that can be accessed by the client and his or her counselor. The chatroom is also simple to use both in two- or three-way chats.  

All these essential pieces of information about BetterHelp vs. Regain can help you learn and decide which of the two is the best service provider in the online counseling world. However, the best choice is still the one that perfectly suits the client or user’s needs. And though both have almost the same features and have the same drive and passion for delivering highly accessible, reasonably priced, and convenient therapy services, each has its own scopes that significantly shape every user’s ultimate experience. The good thing is both of their applications and platforms are now readily available and accessible to people who need the best virtual therapy services. 

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