Bluetooth Scales; Finding The Best One For Your Budget

Updated on January 25, 2021

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Healthy living has become the goal of almost every person to ward off the lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. One crucial part to help you determine whether you’re sticking to a healthy lifestyle is by checking your weight daily or weekly. Bluetooth Scales allow you to do exactly this hence have a clear picture of whether your exercise or diet program is effective.

These Bluetooth scales are smart devices that differ from the traditional scales in that they measure a broad range of health indicators other than your weight. This includes body mass index (BMI), bone mass, body fat, standing heart rate, to mention a few. However, finding the best Bluetooth scale can prove to be a real challenge. To help you out, FitTrack has come to your aid highlighting the factors to consider when searching for a Bluetooth scale without breaking the bank.

  1. Metrics 

Before investing in a Bluetooth scale, you should first determine the metrics you want to be tracking. By doing this, you’ll be sure to get a scale that does meet your needs. The most important for most people are body fat percentage, muscle mass, weight, bone density, and BMI. Nonetheless, an advanced scale would be needed if you’re a workout enthusiast or athlete and wish to track many other metrics. Some of the advanced Bluetooth scales can track between 12 to 16 metrics, and the best part about all this is the price rarely changes due to a higher number of metrics.

However, it’s important to know that extra metrics reduce the Bluetooth scale’s accuracy. Having this in mind is crucial to decide whether you’ll go ahead and invest in a scale with a lot of metrics.

  1. The Bluetooth Scale’s Style 

The style of a Bluetooth scale is also a crucial factor to consider when considering to buy one. Doing this is necessary because scales should be placed in a location that you can see each day. Therefore, the last thing you want is an unappealing look scale that you might be tempted to hide away in the bathroom cabinet. With the scale-out of sight, the likelihood of using it is a lot lower. To avoid this, it’s best to opt for a scale with a stylish look and design.

Another important consideration to make is finding a Bluetooth scale that seamlessly blends in with your home décor. Fortunately, this shouldn’t be an issue because scales come in various sizes, materials, and colors. Some of the models are made from glass, stainless steel, while others have a wood motif. And because you’ll be seeing the scale each day, this wide array of choices ensures you can find a scale that matches your tastes and preferences.

  1. Accuracy 

The main reason you’re investing in a Bluetooth scale is to be able to track your weight, BMI, muscle mass, and other metrics. Therefore, the scale you invest in must always provide you with accurate readings, or else it will be of no use. And while many of the Bluetooth scales provide you with accurate readings, some aren’t very reliable.

Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in a Bluetooth scale that provides you with accurate readings. To gauge how reliable a scale is, you need to go through the user reviews. And with scales only giving you estimates for metrics such as body fat percentage, the most important thing they should do is giving you consistent readings. By doing this, you’ll have an easier time monitoring the gains and losses.

  1. Weight Capacity 

A Bluetooth’s scale weight capacity is a vital factor in determining whether it will suit your needs. Usually, the maximum weight capacity for many of the Bluetooth scales is around 150 kg. If the weight being measured lies within this range, then go ahead and buy the scale.

However, if you wish to measure weights exceeding 150kg, get a specialized Bluetooth scale. The maximum capacity for such scales is 300kg hence. Therefore, having in mind the weight capacity you wish to measure will be key in deciding whether to invest in a particular Bluetooth scale.

  1. Compatible Apps 

How compatible is the Bluetooth scale to fitness apps? This is another thing you need to ask yourself before making a purchase. Many of the Bluetooth scales are only compatible with one or two apps, whereas others are compatible with several apps.

It would be best if you asked yourself this when considering a scale since you don’t want to get one that isn’t compatible with a fitness app you find useful.  


The search for a Bluetooth scale can be confusing due to the wide variety of choices on the market. And when on a tight budget, this becomes even more challenging. However, you shouldn’t experience any such issue from now on after reading this in-depth post on how to find a quality Bluetooth scale while on a budget. Knowing these insights allows you to find a scale that will best meet your needs.    

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