5 of the Best Luxury Wellness Retreats to Visit by Private Jet in 2021

Updated on July 15, 2021

If you are missing your holidays, you are certainly not alone. 2020 was an extraordinary year for travel, and 2021 hasn’t actually started that well. However, as we hope to return to normal, it is clear that holidays in the upcoming future are likely to feature a large emphasis on relaxation and staying well. Holistic healing, wilderness escapes, and luxury spa breaks are all likely to be high on the list of travellers keen to get moving again. Many people enjoy travelling to these locations by private jet, such as those you can book via Jettly and similar websites, to really make their retreats worthwhile. Here are five of the best luxury wellness retreats you can visit by private jet in 2021.

Dominica: Jungle Bay

Why not head to Dominica, where down in the South you will find the Lesser Antilles island, which is known to locals as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean. It features some stunning natural beauties including sunken volcanoes, Hot Springs and waterfalls that offer some fantastic photo opportunities. You can also check out the second most extensive boiling Lake in the whole of the world. At jungle Bay, you will find a fantastic facility set up for Wellness boasting eco-lodges set in the amazing backdrop of tropical trees and banana plants. You also get to take in the calming and tranquil views of the crystal-clear waters. Whether you just want to lie on a sunbed and enjoy some spa treatments or fancy something a little more adventurous with diving and snorkelling available there is plenty to offer. This is a beautiful location where you can enjoy yoga before breakfast and even learn some local Caribbean cooking between a massage and a facial. 

Hawaii: Sensei Lana 

Four Seasons are well known for having luxurious spa resorts, and this one set in Hawaii has only been open for a couple of years. This Sensei well-being is a way of life that teaches people the tips and tricks needed for longer lives that can be lived with better health. The programme that you will follow has three areas to focus on being nourishment, movement and rest. Everyone who stays there will receive their own personalised plan including programmes to follow with fitness classes, activities across the island and sparse services. The accommodation is luxurious and restful, and you also have access to the various resources like the hot tubs, infrared saunas, and plenty of places just to sit and relax and allow the stresses of daily life to leave your body. This is a truly peaceful place to spend your time, and you will leave feeling rejuvenated and have a better understanding of how to keep yourself healthy and well for the rest of your life. 

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Japan: Aman Kyoto

Trees are responsible for the air that we breathe So what better place to spend your Wellness retreat than deep in the heart of an 80-acre forest which is renowned for Camilla, Cypress and Cedar trees. There are just two villas and 24 rooms at the arm in Kyoto, and the whole resort is surrounded by a small River. If you would like to explore the local area, you are just a short distance from the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Kinkaku-Ji Temple. This is a relatively new wellness resort, but it was designed by an award-winning architect to gently disappear into the incredible natural backdrop. Your room is likely to feature floor to ceiling windows giving you amazing views of the local area. The colours are neutral and meant to fit in with nature. There are plenty of spa treatments on offer, many of which take advantage of the amazing Hot Springs that are situated within the resort and feature mineral rich water. There is no shortage of outstanding facilities, and you are sure to leave feeling rejuvenated.

Ibiza: The Body Camp

Ibiza is one of the most underestimated holiday resorts in the whole world. People always assume it is all about the clubbing and the young people, drinking, and raucous behaviour; however, there is certainly more going on than meets the eye. The programme works on all areas, from mental health to fitness, as well as ensuring all guests are taught how to cook plant-based food in a delicious way. Ibiza is a particularly stunning island and has plenty of amazing scenery for you to get out and look at whether that is to go for a run or just a stroll. The Body Camp is quite a busy resort, and guests are expected to participate in the activities rather than just sit around and indulge in spa treatments. This is a boot camp body camp, and you should expect to work quite hard while you are here, but it is all for your overall benefit, and you will leave feeling pumped ready to take your fitness to the next level when you return home. 

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Portugal: Six Senses Douro Valley

If you are looking for something a little more relaxing then how about wine country, namely the Douro Valley. Their stunning spa has a fantastic set up with organic gardens and plenty of nature trails. The rooms are beautiful, and the whole experience is perfectly set up for ultimate relaxation. Each guest will also receive a tailor-made programme to ensure that they can take full advantage of everything the resort has to offer. So, if your Wellness vacation involves plenty of spa time, relaxing massages, and sitting in a hot tub, then this could certainly be the location for you.

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