Follow These 5 Tips for Seniors to Stay Healthy in a Pandemic

Updated on July 20, 2021

As a senior citizen, COVID-19 may seem like such an unnecessary stress, correct?

Just when you had things under control with a comfortable daily routine, some exercise, household chores and your fav shows, a pandemic hits and suddenly you’re in another high risk bracket! 

Family gatherings got restricted, and you haven’t seen the grandkids for a while. It’s tough, we understand…

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way people are living their lives. As a senior citizen, you’ve had to be extra careful about your safety, health and immunity and you’ve done a good job so far! Well done!

But don’t ignore the need to take better care of yourself. You may have had to make a few lifestyle changes but believe us, they are all for the better. So, here we are to remind you to continue staying healthy and shielding yourself till we are completely out of the woods.

Using these 5 tips, create the best possible new routine for yourself that maximises your health and allows you to enjoy life, in your home:

Make your mental health a top priority 

So you seek tarot card readings for any dark news on the horizon? Not your fault. The pandemic has stirred a lot of negative emotions that are being faced by senior citizens all around the world. 

Given the amount of time spent sitting at home in the face of a deadly virus, we understand that your thoughts may have been a little more scary than you would like. It is therefore very important that you make your mental health an absolute priority. Keep your mind healthy, active and strong by engaging in activities that make you happy. 

Remember the childhood fascination with painting that was driven away by wanting to make a livelihood? You now have the time and the space to reconnect with creative hobbies!

Spend your free time by reading, playing games and interacting with close ones. If you have never tried meditation, now is a good time! There are a wide variety of guided meditations on the internet that are designed for different purposes – relaxation, more energy, positivity, and even good health. 

Try to take frequent breaks from social media and news updates. Don’t believe all the news you read  on the internet and know which sources are proven and credible. 

Remember that you are safe and sound and by taking just a few right precautions, you can live a very happy, healthy and fulfilling life. 

Do not neglect the power of a mask 

Yes, we know as much as you do, the discomfort that comes with wearing masks. Masks have now become the new norm due to their effectiveness. It is even more essential for senior citizens to don a protective layer on their nose and mouth, before stepping outdoors. 

The covid virus is air-borne and highly-contagious. Anyone who does not wear a mask is susceptible to infection. If you are above 60 and have health issues such as diabetes, breathing problems, obesity, and cardiac issues, a mask can save your life.  

Add a creative spin to this safety gear by making your own mask. There are multiple tutorials available online to refer to. You can turn this into a fun activity by using different materials to customize how you protect your face.

Understand what your body is trying to tell you 

Coming back to underlying medical conditions… If you have them, you must be aware that you are at a greater risk of complications from the virus. 

Therefore, before you engage in any outdoorsy activities, understand what the risks and vulnerabilities associated with your body are. Consider a quick and safely-executed visit to your primary health physician who can offer you with the right tips to maintain your health, as per your specific needs. 

Practice healthy and hygienic habits that you have brought your children up with – frequently washing your hands before every meal, getting the right amount of snooze-time at night, and staying properly-hydrated throughout the day. 

Try senior living aids available online, if you are immobile and not able to move, go out or meet people. Choose a support that best compliments your requirements and keeps you happy.

Socialize safely

There is significant research that has been conducted on how important it is for senior citizens to engage in social connections. 

The pandemic took away one of the most essential components of well being – socializing. This one seemingly-insignificant aspect that may have been taken for granted by us is now a key factor in determining surviving and thriving.

Use social media to connect with your friends and relatives spread out across the world. Knowing they are safe and healthy within their homes might bring about the reassurance that you are looking for.  

If you are considering connecting for a quick talk with Jim next door, make sure you are wearing a mask and maintaining a social distance of a minimum of 1 metre. Meet in small groups but ensure that you do not have any symptoms such as a fever, or a cold. While keeping all these details in mind may seem like a hassle, that’s what’s going to help you sail through this pandemic with ease.

Be active and be cautious 

The advantages that come with physical activity are plenty. Walking, light climbing and basic yoga provide multiple health benefits and advantages to the immune system. 

Depending on where you live, your outdoor activities may have been restricted.  Don’t let that stop your exercise routine. Find something you can do in your house. The top instructors in the world are conducting online classes for various age groups. 

But do not try to exceed your body’s capacity. Stay well within your comfort zone while you exercise and consult your physician on the best home exercise for you. 

With these tips in mind, we hope you are able to develop a healthier, safer and well rounded routine that allows you to take better care of your body and your mind. 

Finally, this is the opportunity to develop your self reliance, find some peace and pursue what you’ve always wanted to. 

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