Blaux Wearable AC Plus Reviews – Your Wearable air cooler!

Updated on October 18, 2020

Blaux Wearable AC Plus Reviews  – Your Wearable air cooler!

Fans and air conditioners have been an integral part of every household for several years. However, both are considerable power guzzlers, which should cause many a surprise at the end of the year. A good alternative is hard to find. We would therefore like to introduce the Blaux Wearable AC Plus today. A fan that is simply placed around the neck, that runs for many hours, by battery, and that provides good ventilation without consuming much power. An alternative for at home, at work and on holiday is easily possible with it. In the following we explain what is important.

What is Blaux Wearable AC Plus?

The Blaux Wearable AC Plus is an air washer that can very well be used as a replacement for an air conditioning system. Fresh air is no longer a problem with it, especially because it is also worn directly around the neck. It runs on battery power and can be used specifically to keep a cool head. The manufacturer places particular emphasis on the following features:

  • High processing quality
  • Fresh air quickly and reliably
  • High running smoothness and low operating noise
  • Fast charging possible
  • Charging with the supplied USB-C cable
  • Constant fresh air, without high power consumption
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Plus Model with extra features described below

It has all the attributes you would expect from a conventional air conditioner, including low energy consumption. Increased sweating is avoided, and in addition the Blaux Wearable AC Plus is easy to carry and operate, and the user benefits from constant performance that can be relied upon.

Blaux Wearable AC Plus

What are the Blaux Wearable AC Plus quality features?

To check the more precise quality features of the Blaux Wearable AC Plus, we once ordered and tested one of the air washers. The order was placed quickly and easily, as was the payment. Within 14 days we had our model in our hands and first of all we inspected it. The workmanship of the air washer seems solid, so that even if it falls to the ground nothing should happen. Afterwards we charged the Blaux Wearable AC Plus and immediately tried it out. The quietness of the air washer is pleasant and the draught is by no means disturbing. The operation is carried out via a few integrated elements on the side and is very easy. Even those who aren’t particularly fond of technology should be able to handle it easily.

At the neck it lies pleasantly and does not appear disturbing at all. If you wear it longer, its weight becomes noticeable, but it’s not so bad due to the fresh air. The Blaux Wearable AC Plus does its job well and doesn’t seem annoying at all in terms of airflow. Those who are worried that it might cause a cold can rest easy, as the airflow is simply not hard enough for this. All in all, we were quite convinced by the device after the test. It’s very impressive.

Blaux Wearable AC Plus evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we rate the Blaux Wearable AC Plus with a positive evaluation and would like to recommend it to those who are looking for an alternative to the typical air conditioner and are not satisfied with the typical appliances. On the basis of the test as also the further experience reports, it is easy to see that the Blaux Wearable AC Plus actually has everything what one expects from a normal air conditioner and it also uses less electricity and generates a pleasant draught that is not at all unpleasant. Thus, it is definitely applicable as an alternative for the typical device.


General information about air coolers

Let’s now explain how the Blaux Wearable AC Plus is used at all. Once you have unpacked it, it is time to charge it. A normal charging procedure takes a period of approximately four hours, but afterwards, it also provides up to 30 hours of power, depending on the respective adjustment. Overnight charging is highly recommended for the Blaux Wearable AC Plus. Afterwards, the fan is simply put around the neck and should fit well. It is turned on by a button on the side, where you can also select the respective program. An intake filter now gets the necessary air, but this is done very quietly. Afterwards, the Blaux Wearable AC Plus creates a pleasant airflow, which cools the face and makes the heat more bearable.

The Blaux Wearable AC Plus can run all day long until the battery has run out. The 3000 mAh lithium battery is then simply recharged and can be used again. By the way, the manufacturer also gives a few cleaning tips that you can take to heart. For a professional cleaning, simply remove the ends of the Blaux Wearable AC Plus. They can be unscrewed and expose the propellers inside. Over time, some dirt and dust can collect in these propellers, which can be easily removed with a damp cloth. It is important not to switch on the unit during this procedure, as otherwise there is a risk of injury. After cleaning, simply screw the ends of the Blaux Wearable AC Plus back on and the device can be used again.

General Blaux Wearable AC Plus reviews

We also looked for information about the experiences of other users and wanted to know how they were getting along with the Blaux Wearable AC Plus. The testimonials we found had a very positive tone and the users were all very surprised by the air washer, which can easily be worn around the neck and fans fresh air. On the road this was a welcome change from the typical handbag fan. The air washer enjoyed great popularity, so that hardly any user wants to do without it. Especially in summer it is used more often, also during work, to keep a cool head. Via this link you can find more customer reviews!

Most users were happy to recommend the air washer to others, especially because it is so easy and uncomplicated to use and operate. However, we could not find any negative reports about the Blaux Wearable AC Plus.

Why do I need this air coolers?

The air washer is mainly aimed at people who like to have fresh air around them but do not want to use an air conditioner for this purpose. The age is irrelevant, as both young and old can benefit equally from Blaux Wearable AC Plus. It is also not important whether a woman or a man uses the air washer. It can be used at home, on the road, in the office or during holidays and provides fresh air. In any case, the Blaux Wearable AC Plus is a great advantage for anyone who wants to avoid the increased electricity costs and the loud operating noise of an ordinary air conditioner. Those who have already tried other devices of this kind and were not satisfied should also simply try the air washer. As one can see, the Blaux Wearable AC Plus addresses a widely diversified target group that cannot be clearly defined.

Blaux Wearable AC Plus Handling

Advantages and disadvantages of the Blaux Wearable AC Plus

Like every device, this air washer has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of before you buy the Blaux Wearable AC Plus. With the following list, we would like to give you a little security in this respect and explain what you can expect from the device. Nevertheless, it can be a kind of purchase decision aid for you if you are not yet sure whether it is the right thing for you.


  • Ease of use
  • Long battery life
  • Pleasant wearing comfort
  • Fresh air for several hours
  • Less sweating is possible


  • None known

The Blaux Wearable AC Plus has all the features you need to cool yourself down to a comfortable temperature. The fresh air produced by the air washer ensures less sweating in everyday life and allows you to keep a cool head. The air washer is ideal for warm days, and the use of a fan or air conditioning system is no longer necessary.

FAQ about this product

In the following we will answer the last questions that may not have been asked about this product:

  • Is there a money-back guarantee? 
    • If the manufacturer is dissatisfied, the device can be replaced without problems.
  • Is the Blaux Wearable AC Plus just a simple refreshment by air or is there more to it than that? 
    • The fresh air is also generated by the special cooling contact plates integrated in the air washer. In this way, the heat of the body is reliably dissipated and you do not sweat as much.
  • Are there any other advantages that the purchase has to offer? 
    • There is a lifetime warranty for the air washer, which the buyer can activate when ordering. This means he receives free upgrades, free replacement, and a monthly pack of filters that can be used. In addition, there are other services that benefit the buyer.
  • Is the Blaux Wearable AC Plus exclusively designed for home use? 
    • You should not wear the air washer during sports. Otherwise it is suitable for any activity. At home, on the road, in the office or on holiday, the air washer is an ideal supplement to keep you warm. It can be used simply everywhere where one longs for a cooling.
Personal Air Cooler
Where can I buy Blaux Wearable AC Plus?

It is best to buy it from the manufacturer himself, as only here you can assume that you are getting the original. The air washer is sold by the manufacturer through an own homepage in the internet, where there are also respective offers to be found, but we will come back to this later in detail. When ordering, it is important to fill in the required data in a form and send it afterwards. Afterwards you will get to the payment, where you will be given several options. Paypal or credit card is one of them. Both relatively risk-free methods. Within a few days, the Blaux Wearable AC Plus is shipped and delivered to your door. Then you can try out the air washer right away.

Let us now come to the explanation of the mentioned offers, which the manufacturer has in the petto. These are special, time-limited formats which the buyer can take advantage of and which usually include several units. The point of using them is that you not only always have fresh air around you, but you can also profit from the prices. As it is the case of the offers, one pays less per Blaux Wearable AC Plus than if one would place an individual order. Those who want can of course also use these offers to order something together with friends. The price-performance ratio is impressive.

Are there known problems with the Blaux Wearable AC Plus?

We have been able to convince ourselves in a test as well as through the user’s experience reports that there are no problems with the device to which one must adjust. Neither during the operation, nor during the cleaning or recharging, there are no problems if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which the manufacturer recommends. We have already mentioned that during the cleaning, one should take care not to switch on the device. Otherwise, the handling is very easy and uncomplicated, so that we assume that there are no difficulties at all.

Blaux Wearable AC Plus Technical Data

Let us summarize below what makes the technology of the Blaux Wearable AC Plus so special. Thanks to the following information, it is very easy to get your own picture of it:

  • 1.9 cubic feet of air per minute
  • Position of the airflow can be changed
  • 5 degree flex-fit for all neck sizes
  • USB-C charging port, charging time up to four hours
  • Thermoelectric cooling plate
  • Ionizer to reduce allergens and pollutants
  • Redcued in weight and loudness
  • Built-in antibacterial filters
  • closed ventilator for shooting hair or skin
  • 3 fan modes
  • LED display for power consumption and charging mode
  • 3.7 volt lithium battery
  • Battery life up to 30 hours

It is usually typical for air conditioning systems to consume a lot of electricity to produce the necessary freshness. However, according to the manufacturer, this is not the case with the Blaux Wearable AC Plus, as the energy of the battery is always used. This is sufficient with a running time of approximately 30 hours and only requires a very short charging time.

Who is the supplier of the product?

Strong Current Enterprises Limited 

68308, G/F Kowloon East Building

12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong

Hong Kong


E-mail address: [email protected]

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